Starting to lose motivation...

So my life got busy and which ball did I decide to drop first.. the weight loss ball! I am still losing but I’m at about 1lb a week.
I’ve sort of abandoned the calorie counting, I’m just trying to be mindful about what I have. Unfortunately the next few months I can’t afford my gym or swimming classes so I know a mindful diet will only work for so long....
But, I have YouTube!! So I’m after recommendations, what type of exercises would be good to find and tone up with?? Any movements good movement so I’m thinking if I get back on track with the food choices I’ll be alright. I’m thinking find some Pilates videos?? Start trying to tone up because I’m noticing some more saggy bits on my upper thighs and arms.
I feel like I’m back where I was a year ago, the fact I’m 3.5st (49lbs) lighter means nothing at the minute because I’m feeling like I’ve failed and it’ll all go back on *sigh*


  • ConfidentRaven
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    First, congratulations on having lost 49 pounds so far. Next, a 1lb a week weight loss is nothing to be ashamed of, good for you to keeping to any sort of plan during a rough stretch. I do agree that a couple of weeks of maintanence may be in order and could do you a lot of good.

    While a gym and exercise is nice they aren't needed for weight loss. It does help though in that you can have a little more to eat in a day and helps with your overall health. So don't worry that your lack of gym access automatically leads to a gain. It only will if you don't either a) eat less to account for being less active or b) find some activity to take the place of the gym.

    Since you have access to your gym currently (if I'm reading correctly) see if someone can show you how to do a few dumbell or kettlebell exercises, yoga, or even pilates exercises that you can do at home. Buying any needed equipment for your home will be far cheaper than the gym. Also even just a walk is awesome, I pace my living room and kitchen for up to 30 minutes at a time. I wish I had some Youtube links for you but I haven't found any that I've liked and I've been happiest just doing my own thing. Good luck to you and hang in there.
  • Jackie9003
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    If you've "taken your eye off the ball" yet still losing 1lb a week then you're obviously doing something right so well done!
    Keep this at the back of your mind and just keep doing what you're doing without any additional self inflicted pressure.
    Don't worry about the gym, I lost 4st and my only exercise was walking to work.
  • NovusDies
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    You don't fail because you stop your process. You do put yourself in a vulnerable position if you have no plan B. Even if unplanned you seem to have a plan B, at least for now, because you are still creating a calorie deficit.

    Logging is a safety net for me. I do believe I could lose weight for a period of time without logging but it is not a theory I have any interest in testing. Some people when they feel mentally taxed let the logging slide but I believe it would tax me more not to do it. So I have to ask is not logging adding to your stress or relieving it? I am in your corner either way.

    When someone brings up the motivation word the first thing I wonder is if there is anything that can be done to simplify or ease their process. There is a post around here somewhere in which I said something like if you are climbing a hill don't load up your backpack with bricks. Are there any bricks in your backpack that is requiring you to feel more motivated to keep climbing? Is there anything you can do to ease your burden and require less motivation to continue your process?

    If you are feeling fatigued and you need a break from it all I support that too. You tell us how you believe you can get through the next month and we will help you in any way we can.

  • TwinThompson
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    The not logging my meals or tracking calories actually doesn’t have me too stressed, but the lack of exercise does. I don’t know if maybe taking a break from calories counting and just making sure I stick to healthier options for a while might get me back on track.
    I think the real test will be Christmas! There’s a lot of family meals planned and people gift sweets etc, I’m going to have to really keep myself right.
  • conniewilkins56
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    When you start losing motivation, think of all the reasons you began your weight loss journey...look in the mirror and see if you are really where you want to be!...think about your goals, your health,your looks, your family...whatever it is, eating is not the answer!