Mini Goal Challenge - Week of November 4th to 10th

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In the weekly Warrior Mini-Goal Challenge focus on your "short term goals"

Focusing on one week at a time, when the big picture seems too overwhelming. Small changes can bring on big results!!

Choose one or more things you want to work on for just this week. Don't set it too high or unreachable!!

Please, make sure your week works for you. Sun to Sat or Mon to Sun, whatever is YOUR week!

You can reach your main goal if you break it into small actionable steps. It could be as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Choose something you know you can do easily.

2) Add more difficult tasks to your plan.

3) These small steps will get you started, motivated & help build routine for long term success!!

Anyone interested in joining us for another week, or a first week, or a get back on track week?

Check in often, have a great week and do the best you can! :)


  • clicketykeys
    clicketykeys Posts: 6,568 Member
    Goals for the week

    1. Finish Rage Becomes Her. Update Goodreads. Write a blog post. Organize jewelry.
    2. Plan meals THE DAY BEFORE after school and LOG THEM that afternoon. Stick to the log. EAT LESS.
    3. Bodyweight strength exercises. Run on non-lifting days. Aim for 1 mile without walking.
    4. Finish grading poetry projects and research essays. Input grades. Return work. Workshop Wednesday. Meeting Thursday AM.
    5. Update Friday AM. New goals Sunday.
  • forestrose910
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    Hi clicketykeys- thanks for starting a new thread. Good goals. Good luck with them.

    Molly- hope all is going well with you.

    My goals
    1. 3 workouts
    2. Steps 6,000
    3. Do Hip exercises
  • IsMollyReallyHungry
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    Hello Warriors!

    Hope all is well with you both. I am doing fine. I am finally getting back on track with the help of my therapist who I see every 2 weeks. I will pop in on you guys from time to time, but I will not be doing the goals with you anymore. I found a challenge/group that is more active daily and what I need to keep me motivated right now. I am still with you guys in spirit. I just wanted to let you all know what happened. I quit weight watchers also since it was not working for me either. This is not good bye because I am still fighting the fine fight. Thanks for your continued support! and keep up the good work! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • IsMollyReallyHungry
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    Long time no hear! Hope all is well.

    I recommend you try it! If you don’t weigh daily, then this challenge may not be for you :) The challenge starts tomorrow but you can jump in anytime. There are many studies that show weighing daily helps with weight loss and maintenance. But it is not for everyone. Here is the link for the challenge if you want to give it a whirl…Have a great day!