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Hi everyone, what are your strategies for keeping the sweets at bay? Do you go cold turkey nothing sweet, or do you replace dessert with fruit or naturally sweet things? How do you stay on track?


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    One thing I really crave when I cut out sweets is soda. I don't normally drink soda, but when I cut sweets from other things, I want them in my drinks for some reason. So I substitute for a Zevia Carbonated Water. They make a Dr. Zevia, which tastes similar to Dr Pepper, and a Ginger Root Beer which is my favorite. They have several flavors including cola and cherry cola. The only ingredients are carbonated water, Stevia extract, and natural flavorings. I believe they are 0 calories, but I'm not 100% sure. I count carbs, not calories. ..

    I cannot go cold turkey or I feel miserable, and if I feel miserable I'm more apt to fall off majorly.
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    One of my strategies is trying to make my own desserts with natural sweetness. But unfortunately I caved with discovering a new bakery and ate these scones that really interrupted my progress. When my sugar intake is high I go through bouts of hunger and then eating more and then headaches. It’s a whole cycle that doesn’t stop until I cut out the refined sugar in my diet.