Is this group still active??

BurnCT Posts: 4 Member
I am looking for an active group to join on MFP.


  • spade117
    spade117 Posts: 2,511 Member
    Not really. But there is plenty of info available if you want to read through the older threads.
  • BurnCT
    BurnCT Posts: 4 Member
    Thanks for the reply. I'll look for into it.
  • GrannyCrayCray
    GrannyCrayCray Posts: 71 Member
    Lots of GREAT info to be found within this Group. Excellent bookmarked posts that I return to frequently in order to restore focus towards my health goals. And, when someone does post -- there will generally be a response :smile:
  • heybales
    heybales Posts: 18,830 Member
    It's not that everything has been said that needs to be said.

    But enough of the major stuff has been - now it's merely application of it.

    And really the reason why more doesn't need to be constantly updated is unlike the industry trying to vie for people's attention by saying new things (actually it's usually old repackaged) that are not good or true, the well put together posts here are based on info that really doesn't change.

    And what may change is usually the info that only affects about 5% of your results - after you are doing the other 95% correctly for awhile. Then the 5% may matter, and it may change as to what is best or current info.
  • Doberdawn
    Doberdawn Posts: 732 Member
    I think if you have a new question not covered by existing posts, someone will still answer. So, it's active in that way. Do you mean daily idle chit chat or do you mean quality responses when you need it? What does active mean for you?
  • bostonwolf
    bostonwolf Posts: 3,051 Member
    Look up the group on Facebook and you will find more activity