How are we all coping.

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Hard times guys ...more so for those who need to travel for work.
I am very very part time self employed . I can easily stay at home. We should have been in Athens last week. Had a productive week at home getting other things done. OH working from
o home as of next week so I will be cooking lovely vegan food. <3 Exercising. Found a good 30 min walking video. Will do every day. Today I thing I will che k out the Blogilates Utube workouts. There a monthly calender with different workouts each day.
Of course will do housework :s:s
Beng older means it is not so hard. I hope the rest of you are keeping safe and well.
:D Keep in touch Annie


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    Much love to you and your partner, Annie. Such a shame about your trip to Athens - hope you can go again soon once the world has settled!

    I'm in the UK and feeling very fortunate to still be able to go out and run here, and I'm getting very creative with seemingly odd ingredients! More than anything, I'm beginning to learn that anything goes with vegan food - and leftovers all taste delicious together. Plant based cooking is an endless gift. 🤲🙏

    I've been seeking new employment for the past two months, and the pandemic has made any chance of that very slim for now, but I'm very fortunate to live with (and be useful to!) my mum and sister who are currently working from home, and can keep in contact with my grandparents and aunt. I'm very fortunate to have little in my life affected by the virus, but thinking and wishing so much wellness on others who aren't. 💖 Lots of love to the rest of this community!
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    Hi BetanOmae
    Such a shame that your career prospects are on hold. As you say many ppl are in a worst position.
    We are lucky to live in a village not a big city.

    My OH has become flexitarian but we are mostly having lovely vegan food at the moment as it is easier. I am making lovely soups. Today I will make flat breads to serve instead of naan.

    You sound like you have a lovely family, which is everything at this time. We can see our children and grandchildren on skype.

    Should be off to the Midland in Manchester with my daughter for the weekend on the 4th. Obviously itis cancelled but I am feeling very lucky as they have offered a full refund.

    My OH is working from home as of next week. We are living in a strange world at the moment Let s hope it is over soon and asmany ppl re over as possible.