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3/20 Friday weigh-in + chat

dancerinadeux Posts: 19 Member
Good morning ladies!

Well, I have some good news to report. I am down to 196! WHOOHOO!

Some interesting results this week: as my gym was closed, I could not do Zumba. So I went out for walk/jogs. Mostly walking. I went for about an hour each time. On one day, I interspersed jumping jacks and squats at 3 intervals. Then I did a kickboxing vid at home last night.

What was interesting was that even after ONE WALK I dropped weight. I thought that was really curious. Maybe the effect of doing something new?

Bonus: remembered how much I love walking. Jogging, meh. I'm not great at it and don't love it. Maybe that will change as I improve. I plan to continue walking in addition to Zumba once things are back to normal. Trying not to think too much right now about when normal will return, although I am confident it will return.

I was surprised at how good the kickboxing workout was. I really worked up a sweat! Going to continue that as well.

I am really pleased about this because I felt like my Zumba classes weren't really helping me burn calories. They used to be really good but the instructors changed their style and I don't like it as much now. Maybe I'll look at a new gym once they are open again too.

I did really well with food. I am constantly fighting the urge to have 'just a few crackers' or whatever strikes my fancy. But I think I am back in control with it as I'm not giving in to that any more as I have been since basically December.

I sometimes feel like I have to parent myself with food. I never got good parenting - with food or anything else, actually - so maybe that is true. Anyone else experience something similar?

I mentioned this on another thread but something else I use is my 5 minute rule. If a craving strikes, I say: okay, I'm going to wait 5 minutes and it will pass. If it's still there, okay, I will get through 15 minutes and not give in. In the mean, distract, distract, distract with something you're really interested in or really enjoy. I often find that once I get past 15 minutes... craving gone.

I hope everyone is doing okay with the virus situation. If you find yourself giving in to food comforting, don't beat yourself up for it. These are unprecedented times and it's totally understandable. Just know that you'll get back up and get back on track if there is any stumbling.

If working out is part of your weight loss plan and you are facing total lockdown, find ways to work out at home. There are MILLIONS of workout videos on YouTube and a lot of them are really good. I'm seriously considering ditching the gym entirely, to be honest. Save some money, avoid germs during cold/flu season and some of the ladies in Zumba aren't that nice, lol.

Feel free to post your weigh-ins, successes, challenges this week. Staying connected is a really good way to stay on track with your weight loss plan. Don't let the fear and panic that is swirling around us all derail you. We will all get through this, hopefully with minimal damage or loss.

Be strong, be true to yourself, honor your commitment to lose weight and BE AWESOME TODAY!!!


  • rabblescum
    rabblescum Posts: 78 Member
    I weighed in at 265.8 yesterday. Trying to be happy about saying that out loud instead of still cringing. That as a 1.2lb lose for me this week. So 18.2 from my starting weight at the doctor's office beginning of the month.
    It wasn't the best of weeks for food and exercise. Last weekend I needed a day off thinking about food so didn't log Saturday and Sunday I was very long day and I went over. The rest of the week was better and in the long run the rest day helped. I am no longer resentful or tired of logging. Being home more I am focusing on cooking different lower cal dinners.
    Exercise has been a challenge. My main exercise was walks on my breaks at work. I have a respiratory bug, most likely not CV as fever is low to non existent, but still can't be at work. I managed a walk with the dog today, was snowing a little so no one was out so I didn't have to worry about getting anyone else sick. When at home I have the space and things to exercise but is harder to justify when could be doing household chores. With my pain issues is hard to keep up on those so when have time/spoons they seem to win.
    Hope have a productive week. Keep up good work.
  • dancerinadeux
    dancerinadeux Posts: 19 Member
    1.2lbs is AWESOME, way to go. And 18.2 in one month? Girl, that is ROCKSTAR category. I would be super pleased with that.

    I know the struggle of take care of me vs. take care of all the rest of the people/stuff/to-do-lists. Struggle is REAL. One thing I've done with that is play with time to see how I can fit things in. I've noticed that if I make sure to do certain things early in the day, I end up with more time on my hands. I have also started leaving the things I hate to do (clean my kitchen up) for the end of the day. I give my best energy to the best hours. I also wake up to a clean kitchen which is really nice :) Maybe there are times when you less pain than others and you can structure around that?

    Anyway, congrats on a great week and I hope this one goes as well. BE STRONG :)
  • stacey_bindi2288
    stacey_bindi2288 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi everybody! I been looking for a group like this....I need support to keep me in line....5’6 and currently 61kgs....was doing a challenge with a gym with only 2 weeks to go when everything got shut down. 🇦🇺...I don’t have much to get my goal I want to get to 60kgs and just maintain that while building muscle tone just want someone to keep tabs on me and shall do in return. I just don’t want to undo all the hard work I’ve done.
    Stay stafe everyone
    Peace and love
  • 123e123
    123e123 Posts: 29 Member
    Hello all! I haven't posted in here yet but I have been losing weight for several weeks.
    SW: 231
    CW: 218.9

    This week I lost 1.6 pounds, which I am proud of because I would like to lose between 1-2 pounds per week. I have been eating lots of fruit in the form of smoothies and I've been finding that it's been giving me great energy. Fruit has always been something I've lacked in my diet. I have been adding the smoothie to my breakfast or as a dessert since it's so low calorie. I have also started a 12 week home workout plan that focuses on strength exercises since my gym is closed and I just finished week 1 of that.

    My go-to smoothie recipe is:
    1 cup of frozen strawberries (maybe some mango and peach chunks thrown in too)
    1 tbsp ground flax seed
    1 splash of orange juice
    Water to cover the frozen fruit in the blender
  • rabblescum
    rabblescum Posts: 78 Member
    123e123 wrote: »

    This week I lost 1.6 pounds, which I am proud of because I would like to lose between 1-2 pounds per week

    You should be! Way to stick with it despite crazy times.

  • rabblescum
    rabblescum Posts: 78 Member
    Completely spaced on posting about Friday's (March 27th) weigh in. Almost forgot to weigh in at all. Being off work sick had my days all skewed up. I weighed in at 262.8. Which is a 3lb lose for me. Was glad for it but only get partial credit as was sick for part of the week. Though I am proud of the dog walks once I was more recovered. Hope you all had okay week and remembered to be kind to yourselves
  • nwoutdoorgrl
    nwoutdoorgrl Posts: 167 Member
    I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit. My weight has been going up and down by a pound to a pound and a half. Not losing like I’d like to be. My logging has been hit and miss. I’ve been a bit stressed in adjusting to this new normal. I hope you’re all doing well. ❤️