New-ish WFPB needing ideas and support

I like to cook, but hate the clean up. This makes variety difficult, imo. I’ve basically been eating potatoes (sweet and white) or rice with sautéed onions, carrots, celery, and spinach for lunch and dinner. Breakfast lately has been avacado (lemon juice and salt) with tomato, either in a bowl or on toast.

Any quick, low maintenance meals to add to my boring, but tasty, day? While I would like to lose 30+ pounds I’m more interested in being healthier. Thanks!


  • robingmurphy
    robingmurphy Posts: 348 Member
    I'm a fan of microwaving some frozen veggies, throwing it together with a pre-cooked grain (brown rice, farro, etc) and maybe some beans, plus my favorite seasonings
  • annie5904
    annie5904 Posts: 85 Member
    I find making a big batch then freezing is good. Just the one mess for a few meals
  • SeriousPC
    SeriousPC Posts: 23 Member
    Do you have an instant pot or pressure cooker? Worth the investment. Google instant pot vegan or plant based meals and hey presto! is an awesome site for recipes!
  • Eleted
    Eleted Posts: 121 Member
    Yes. Instant pots are wonderful. They save so much time. Beans, rice, soups, all cook so quickly. Worth the investment.