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We meet here to explore, share, celebrate and (sometimes) agonize over how we do (or don't) incorporate weight loss guidelines into our daily lives. "It's a lifestyle, not a diet" is easily and often said, but sometimes not so simply put into practice.

This is a thread for everyone. If you're new to GoaD, or to weight loss, your questions and comments are always welcome. If you're maintaining, or a long-term loser, your thoughts on the topic may be just what someone else needs to hear. If you're reading this, join in the discussion!

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Today's Topic: Counter Influences

Are there certain things that are counter influences to your ability to stay on track?


  • beachwoman2006
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    I'm going to wait to see some comments. Interested in seeing whether something I've noticed has happened to others. :)
  • podkey
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    Uh...peeps and I don't mean the candy. When I was riding with a group (Team in Training for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society) I always overate no matter how far we rode. Didn't lose weight and maybe gained slightly that part of the year.
    Boredom? perhaps. I need to eat less carbs right now for sure.
    MASSRUNNER_FRANK Posts: 192 Member
    Not this round. But I am only 18 months in.
    However, recalling my previous round with WW, it was definitely no longer tracking and the accompanying portion creep that not only threw me off track, but in the ditch and run over.
  • beachwoman2006
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    I have found that watching TV could cause me problems. I never realized how many food commercials there are. Seems like every time I'm watching something in real time (as opposed to DVR), I'm bombarded with food commercials. Pizza? Want it. Burger King. Want it (and I don't even LIKE Burger Thing). Olive Garden? Want it.

    Fortunately, I live in an area where it's not easy to just "run out" and get something.
  • steve0mania
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    COVID is currently a big one! The issue is that I have so much more easy access to food at home than at work, and so at the beginning of the shut-down I found myself (see, not my fault!) wandering into the kitchen just to poke around the pantry a bit. I had to make a real commitment to stop doing that.

    It's similar with my kids home. My wife wants to pamper everyone since they're not usually here, so she's cooking everyone's favorite foods a lot, making extra servings, and bringing all of the food out to the table "just in case" the kids want seconds. As with the pantry issue, I had to actively commit to only taking one reasonably-sized serving. Likewise, I did express my concern to my wife, and she understands. As such, she'll often make sure there's some chicken or fish available as an alternate to meat.
  • gadgetgirlIL
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    The isolation of working offsite was leading to more unplanned and unneeded eating. I'm finally back to about 40% of my normal workday as we reopened the fitness center at the retirement community last week. My incidental activity has gone back up! My unplanned eating has gone down. The scale is starting to show signs of a downward trend.

    I still need to lose a few more pounds before I can be within the LT WI limits. And now I read that we have to keep our shoes on for WI. I need to find some of those cheap flipflops.
  • Al_Howard
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    My 3 day weekend flings. Almost every weekend is a total bust out (by plan). I realize I need to gut down, if not out, these romps, but I utterly enjoy them. Am trying to curb it a bit, but damn, guys just wanna have fun. ;)
  • 88olds
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    I’ve dealt with this since day 1. But sometimes its pretty obvious that there are times when I would have an easier go of it living alone. Controlling what’s in the pantry just isn’t possible for me. Generally I get by on the mantra that the junk food is “not for me.” But sometimes I have lapses. Just how it is. The covid19 cabin fever is getting to me I think.
  • cakeman21k
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    The grocery store! I do most of the grocery shopping and too many times the bakery section with the single serving of cake or pie, or god forbid the candy rack next to the checkout register becomes overwhelming for me.
  • beachwoman2006
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    88olds wrote: »
    I’ve dealt with this since day 1. But sometimes its pretty obvious that there are times when I would have an easier go of it living alone. Controlling what’s in the pantry just isn’t possible for me. Generally I get by on the mantra that the junk food is “not for me.” But sometimes I have lapses. Just how it is. The covid19 cabin fever is getting to me I think.

    Trust me when I tell you that it's no easier when living alone! LOL
  • imastar2
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    <Long post>

    Right now health I believe is my biggest counter puncher. Mainly the heart. With the pacemaker surgery on January 22nd there seem to be an improvement and my weight dropped then 5 weeks later as planned I had aortic valve replacement done @89 on scale of 1-100 no option. Complications (bleed out) during surgery ie; serious tape tear (over 3" long and very deep) plus two large hematoma(s) and a puncture wound in the groin area one of which tape tear I'm still dealing with. The wound now 14 weeks later with weekly visits to hospital wound clinic is just about done. Hoping to be released by the end of this month. However I've not felt terribly bad except for the first 2-3 weeks these past 2.5 months.

    Medications added. Back last year around September added Avorstatin drug for calcium build up ie Cardiologist. Then the day of discharge this year 3/4/20 Metoprolol added to keep heart beat from spiking upward

    I really don't know how these drugs have affected me weight wise.

    The 2nd counter punch would be the 6" between my ears or is it
    8" 😀. Memorial day weekend I really overate and then there were a couple of other times also that didn't last too long maybe a couple of days.

    Now this week yesterday had a echocardiogram requested by Cardiologist for ejection fraction
    "(EF)". Treatment if any yet to come as far as results. My EF was 44 at discharge from hospital 3/4/20 and standard range is 50-75 so consultation is forthcoming.

    Mentally I try not to beat my self up but sometimes it's just plain difficult to figure everything out.
    I'm working with a nutritionist (registered RD) and a phycotherapist trying to cover both nutritional basis and keeping an open dialogue about benging.

    One thankful thought. "I'm alive and I'm up to the fight whatever the spiritual or physical battle I'm dealt."
    GoaD quote:

    Tracking days June 11 Yes 11 /No 0😀
    SW/CW/GW 06/12/20 Friday
    400.8/313.0/185 [-0.2] 🙂🤔 WI Daily
    Total Loss 87.4 bs
    WI today up 3.2 lbs☹
  • gadgetgirlIL
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    @imastar2 - Metoprolol is a beta-blocker. Beta-blockers negatively affect your metabolic rate. They can also leave you feeling more tired and in turn, less inclined to do more activity. But you need to follow the advice of your physician as being alive to enjoy your friends and family is very important.
  • imastar2
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    @gadetgirlIL thank you for those words. I was prescribed this drugs almost 4-5 years ago while in th operating room waiting to have a colonoscopy and a cardiologist from my group saw I had afib and prescribed metoprolol not really knowing my situation. (I never had a racing or excelerated heartbeat with the fiber as most patients do. Anyway that following week they put a monitor on me for 48 hours over the weekend and my Cardiologist called on Monday and said your heart rate very low at sleep 27. We stopped the metoprolol that day.

    Moving years later to this 3/4/20 surgery the day after my aortic valve replacement 1 hour prior to being discharged my heart rate spiked to 244. As fast as I could glance at the monitor it dropped back down both the ICU nurse and I saw it at the same time. I don't like the drug for the reasons you mentioned but as you said I gotta take their advice. I just gotta wonder if all this doesn't have an effect on my metabolic function of my digestion system. We'll see I had an echocardiogram yesterday as mentioned to check out my EF ejection fraction a new term for me. Thanks for the feed back. 👍🙂