motivation needed

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Hi Lisa,
I'm in the same boat. i had lost 80 pounds and have put at least 40 back on over the past 3 years. i don't want to go any higher....i need motivation to get back on track, logging in my food, staying away from fast food. leaning to meal prep....and the list goes on. we can do this!!!


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    For some reason most of the groups on MFP don't seem very active, maybe I'm missing something. Would be great to have a smaller group to check in with everyday and support one another. :smiley:

    I have a 50lb weight loss goal. I really need to get healthier.
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    Yes I agree let's do this I'm already accomplished a huge goal for myself and that was to give up Soda I'm going on 20 plus days without Soda and I can tell you I feel so Much better
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    @healthylisa2 - that's awesome, I'm trying that right now also. Had half a Coke yesterday, doh - but gotta cut as much sugar and inflammatory ingredients out of my diet as I can.

    I went blueberry picking last weekend and brought home a couple of pounds, I hope I can go again in a couple of weeks. They're so tasty straight from the berry bush, totally different from frozen / store bought.


  • healthylisa2
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    I'm doing Hawaiian Punch Sugar Free Singles and that has helped me stop Soda I was drinking between 6-8 cans a day if not more and now I drink 5-6 bottled water and my drink mix you can do it im here for you
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    Had a green smoothie for lunch. So far so good today! On track - how's it going?

    Like the idea of Hawaiian Punch Sugar Free, used to drink that as a kid but hadn't thought about it in years. Good stuff.

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    I’m in! Need some motivation too. Just had my second kiddo at 35 years old this year. I didn’t gain much during pregnancy, but afterwards the weight has started piling on! 😭 I have to stop this and change this pattern. I don’t sleep well, I get short of breath at times, and I think my blood pressure is trying to creep up. I need to do better for myself and my kiddos. Nice to meet you all!
  • Hi all! I am looking to lose 70 total to be at my goal weight. My short term goal is 50 in 3 months. I know this is a lot and I will be happy if I lose 30 in that amount of time. My husband and my son return the end of October and I want to surprise them with a healthy wife and mom! I am doing Clean Keto and I have dropped 8 lbs in a week. I know this is most likely water weight and inflammation, but I am happy with that. I am 5'2'' and my starting weight was 188. My highest weight was 190, a weight I said I would never get to. My frame cannot handle this much weight. I have lower back problems and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia... not fun. I believe if I lost this weight the majority of my issues would severely decrease.
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    @Jenna4813 - Have you had blood work done to rule out underlying health issues? How many children do you have? I have two but they're grown now so I baby my cat, he is a hunter and doesn't really appreciate it, lol. I also have a deer that comes up and visits me everyday and he's a bit of a pet.

    @Sweetsarencibia2020 - My husband is Keto and I'm low fat. So I guess we're that old childhood rhyme about "Jack Sprat could eat no fat his wife could eat no lean..." ;-P He's just getting started.

    @Healthylisa2 - You said you've lost 70lbs previously? What was your strategy?

    I'm trying to build a really simple routine I can easily stick to and enjoy. I think the more monotonous, repetitive and automatic the more likely I'll stick to it.

    Have a good day!
  • PositivePanda7
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    Pretty good day today, Yoga again, no Coke yesterday or today and 20 minutes of cardio. I also was able to get some housework done.

    Quiet group, maybe nobody really does the online group thing anymore, I'm pretty outdated.
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    @Sweetsarencibia2020 @Jenna4813 @mrsdi3 @PositivePanda7 Hi star , i`m new in the app and I joined this group , but I noticed that the person opened is not here anymore, any way like I wrote in the other post if you need motivation i`m here , I`1m a holistic coach , and |I can help to loose weight in a right way. @Sweetsarencibia2020 be careful , the ketone is not a long run diet and is very controversial , if you think that for burn you have to eat fat and make fat your leaver , is not very sensible. If interested let me know . we will start a challenge in septemberand I can add you for free in our support group in Fb.
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    Hi all, just found this and also looking for some community as I try to lose 50lbs. I'm 2 yrs postpartum and finally trying to make this round stick! Got in 45 minutes of cycling today and working on my 100oz water goal for the day.

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    How is everyone doing with this? Any interest in restarting this?