Finding it hard to drink water



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    jpFairland wrote: »
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    Is it just me or is it hard to just drink water on it’s own?
    I know I need to drink 8 glasses a day. I can hardly manage one.

    What’s the secret?
    What helps you?

    I just add a splash of lemon or lime juice and lots of ice. You get use to it.

    Great suggestion 👍
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    nikkib0103 wrote: »
    A squeeze of lemon. Or I like to make iced tea, no added sugar.

    Sounds good Nikki . I give it a try xx
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    i was introduced to's an all natural flavoring...It makes getting my water in so much easier. check it ou.
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    I don't know - I like water - I have a good tasting well - I do squeeze lemon into the water like the previous poster said