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Men and women over 50 looking for support and motivation.
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  • New members
    Welcome all new group members Feel free to tell us a little about yourselves. Your goals, ambitions…
    Announcement 2.6K views 267 replies Most recent by DebbieKar1968
  • Fabulous February
    Oh my word! Can you believe it’s February tomorrow? Let’s make this Fabulous February. How would y…
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  • Finding it hard to drink water
    Is it just me or is it hard to just drink water on it’s own? I know I need to drink 8 glasses a day…
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  • Jump into January
    January 2020 A new year A new start A new you Whsf goals do we want to achieve this year? How do we…
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  • Delightful December
    Here we are finding ourselves midway through December. The final month of the year 2019 What have y…
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  • Calorie counting or IF
    Which one is better to lose weight? Or do both?
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  • November
    Where has this month gone? Time flies when your having fun What’s been your successes What’s been y…
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  • 1000 + members
    It's lovely to see we have lots of new members This is a lovely group of like minded people who wan…
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  • All Discussions
    For those of you that are new to MFP groups - if you haven't found this already, there are more dis…
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  • September arrives...
    Is it just me or has this year just flown by? September arrives... The beginning of Autumn is the …
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