Hiking with your dogs

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Do you take your dogs on extended walks or hikes? Personally, I do whenever it's feasible. Do you keep your dog on a leash? I trained Daisy on a check cord early and she usually stays close. I prefer to let her run when there is no danger from traffic.

We did a moonlight hike last night. The desert is a spooky place in the dark. Daisy did well - she flushed some quail - she could smell them and hear them, but I don't think she could see them. I surely could not see them. Also heard some coyotes yipping off in the distance somewhere. Was plenty warm, despite the night breezes. We're talking about doing another moonlight hike in the fall or winter.

Daisy does need some work on trail manners, though. Some of the trails are steep and rocky and she can be a danger when passing closely at speed.


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    Shadow goes for walks on a leash everyday. Here dogs have to be in leash in trails.....Those night hikes must be wonderful!
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    I take Darwin for an hour long walk through our neighborhood each morning. I don't know if that qualifies as a hike. Maybe next summer I will be in good enough shape to do that. Here is a picture of how he looks at me when it's time to go...qbun7ux7axhk.jpg
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    What a cutie! How old is he?
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    He was a rescue dog so we don't know for sure....we think about 5 years old. He's a great dog; well behaved, good with other dogs and people, but very protective. We think he is beagle and terrier.
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    I have had three German Shepherds and have always hiked with them. But last year on a backpacking trip I blew out my back and have been unable to hike since. My fitness journey includes getting back in shape so i can take my boy Kelso on the hikes he deserves!
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    What a bummer! You seem to be walking a lot lately, is your back better?