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  • brown6267
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    12/11 steps 12636

    Maintenance weight 134.8
  • goingape
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    Hi all, goingape’s Saturday weigh in
    Previous weight 146.6
    This week 145.6
    Loss of one pound.
    Total loss - 73.8

    It’s been a week of stress! Had my job interview earlier in the week and then my son had his wisdom tooth surgery yesterday. Poor thing was swelling up like crazy. And of course in lots of pain. I’m ready to do bust some stress so I’m going to work on the gift for my cousin today - a hand crafted small photo album.
  • annliz23
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    annliz23 wrote: »
    PW 121
    CW 121
    Sun 11,561
    Mon 4,260
    Tue 11,315
    Wed 10,178
    Thur 13,414
    Fri 12,613
    Sat 10,567

    Added this a day early sorry was rushing this morning with grandchildren and forgot the day was sat not Sunday lol
  • 1theresamcvean
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    edited December 2020
    Username: 1theresamcvean
    Weigh-in week: Week 2
    Weigh-in day: Friday (one day late)
    Previous weight: 148.0
    Today's weight: 148.5
    Loss to date: 28.9

    I was experimenting, making homemade hummus (thinking of you, Sheryl @lennoncpa ), tahini sauce, muhammara, and eggplant salad the past couple of days. I love Yotam Ottolenghi and just realized he's on Masterclass. He's all about making your own condiments, so I made pickled peppers, herb-oil infused garlic cloves, lemon paste (salty not sweet like lemon curd), and something else I may have forgotten. Honestly, washing the food processor so many times should have a step equivalent and calorie count. So good though.
  • lennoncpa
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    @sleepymom5 I had no idea your husband owned a bar/restaurant. I have a few clients that own restaurants and I feel terrible for what they are going through trying to safely stay open. I understand many businesses are having a rough time but I know that one of my clients is trying to stay open with carry out business but they have a hard time predicting how much food to order and end up donating or throwing out a ton of food each week. I noticed when restaurants got shut down here again in Michigan how the lines at the fast food restaurants got worse than the already terrible lines. Is that a sign of the horrible diets that a lot of Americans have?
  • kiane50
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    I Missed my weigh in yesterday. If I add it now it will probably throw off our win for the team. Here’s today’s weight though.

    Original starting weight (Pryor to MFP) 8/21/20 232
    MFP starting weight 10/8/20 216
    Last week weight 12/4/20 204.4
    Today’s weight 12/12/20 204.2
  • sleepymom5
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    Check in for Friday
    Food-logged and under
    Water-over 64 oz
    Exercise-20 min stationary bike, PT, strength and stretching

    First of all, my dog is sleeping on the chair next to me and is snoring Lol! It is a little distracting...

    I slept in so late today! I went to be around 10:30 and woke up about 12 hours later! I must have needed it, I was so tired yesterday. I pushed myself to workout. It was my longer PT and strength which takes about 45 min. After that, I really didn't want to go on the bike but forced myself to do 20 min. Usually when I say I will just do 20, I end up doing the whole thing but I was counting down the seconds to 20 min. So, today I am already very behind on everything.
    I plan to use this weekend to catch up with everything so maybe I am ahead, I caught up on sleep! Lol! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

    @kirsten11872 Chocolate is a trigger for me too. I am interested to hear about your new approach! Good luck!
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx You look beautiful and what a great idea! Very Stevie Nicks! It sounds like it was so much fun plus you did so great while you were there. Bigger plus, feeling good today too. :)
    @1theresamcvean I love that sign! What an awesome neighborhood you live in! Thank you for always sharing with us.
    @lenka1 Nice loss! The girls are probably so much fun, especially this time of year!
    @kandi3570 You are doing so well! Almost out of the 190s! Hopefully I am not too far behind you.
    @tryingagain5 I am sorry that this back pain is taking so long to manage. Sounds like you are doing everything you can. Hang in there. I know it is easier said then done but remember this is not an excuse to eat. It may temporarily make you feel better but in the long run it really isn't helping. Sending hugs.
    @goingape Another loss even with a busy week. You got this! I hope your son is feeling better soon, I looked like a cabbage patch doll when I got my wisdom teeth out Lol! Good luck on the photo album, I would love a gift like that! I am sure your cousin will too! :)
    @Zumba_Luvah Nice loss this week! You will be in the 140s again before you know it!!
    @1theresamcvean I told Janice from Sole Mates that I wished I lived closer so I could learn how to do all the home renovation, now I am thinking I should also live by you to learn cooking! Lol! Sounds like a busy but productive day!
    @lennoncpa Yes the food orders are hard to predict. My daughter Shannon works there PT and always gets called to run to the store. I think they are going to see how it goes and do the temporary shut down if it isn't worth it. They put so much money into the outdoor space that it would be a shame to close.
    @kiane50 Look how far you have come! Amazing loss!
  • tryingagain5
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    Thanks! I'm guessing I've really messed myself up this time. Today my time has been spent resting, walking around my living room (it's been raining all day and now it looks like it's snowing a little) for 5 or 10 minutes at a time and alternating ice and heat, while watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. Feels strange not being able to do more than 10 minutes at a time and having it make me so tired. I asked my chiropractor if the tiredness was coming from the pain. He said that most likely it was.

    Thanks. I'm doing my best to remember that too. Haven't eaten much yet today but ate way too much yesterday.

    Thanks for the hugs! I can feel them through the miles.😊

    Glad you slept so long! Sounds like your body needed it. Sometimes pushing through and doing things we don't want to is good for us, especially when it comes to PT. Glad you did it.
  • CassieGetsFit2013
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    User ID: CassieGetsFit2013
    Week Number: Week 1
    Previous weight: 211.8
    Current weight: 214

    User ID: CassieGetsFit2013
    Week Number: Week 2
    Previous weight: 214
    Current weight: 213.2

    User ID: CassieGetsFit2013
    Week Number: Week 3
    Previous weight: 213.2
    Current weight: 212.6

    Haven't been doing too well with everything, but I'm still trying and I hope I'll see another loss next weigh in. I've been trying to enter in my diary and submit it, but near the end of the day, I rail off and have more junk so I don't enter anymore and just x it away. When I can submit it and stay within my calories, that is going to be my true day 1 and then I can do day 2, day 3, etc. I want to work on having a streak, but not going to count it til it's true! Also, I have my MRI on the 16th, my Dr. Said it's a lumbar spinal MRI. I hope it can find out what's going on with my problem areas and then I can see what kind of help I can get to treat it!
  • hope002
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    PW 180.3
    CW 180.3
  • kandi3570
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    Greatest NSV so far!! I kinda want to dance in the streets and announce how proud I am of myself. I won’t, but part of me wants too. 😉. It’s been 11 years since I’ve worn a size 11. They are stretchy. But the 2 14s I bought have to go back because I can put them on and take them off without unbuttoning them.

    @sleepymom5. You are doing awesome and will be in the 180s soon. I know it. The scale barely moved this week. But I feel thinner so it’s just one of those things.
    @kristen11872. You’ll get back to it! I know you will! I haven’t made any cookies yet because I know what happens when there are cookies in the house. But we can do this!!! Chin up it won’t stay there forever. 💪
  • melaniedscott
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    edited December 2020
    Boy, am I tired. A coworker's MIL passed and his cousin arranged a 'meal train' which is basically a bunch of people bringing food (normal for funeral/loss of family) but scheduled over time! How cool is that?!?

    So I volunteered for the cabose (today) and kinda went overboard...made lasagna (mine always makes 20 servings or something, so I figured it would save us from 10ish servings, but somehow still have 13 big portions) and decided to do a couple nibbles too: mac & cheese bites (yummy and dangerous) and zucchini tots (hubs says they taste like stuffing and need gravy. he is so weird. they're nice. different but nice).

    So my kitchen is a disaster and my fridge is full of lasagna. Good lasagna. So is my tummy. 😆 I resisted a second piece and had a small salad. Sigh.

    I see lots of you have NSV's! Congrats! @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx cute costume! And all that dancing burns a bunch of calories, so fun and productive!

    @lennoncpa I've made it a habit to order from a local restaurant once a week during this crazy and generally hate fast food (except Taco John's, which I should avoid...) so I don't get to see the lines. Most places really gross me out. Support local!

    @sleepymom5 if I was near you, I would totally throw support your husband's place's way...Philly, right? Last time I was there to see friends, I made it a point to only go to local places and I can think of a couple that were super cool. There was a really cool restaurant/bar that specialized in only locally sourced food that we really enjoyed, really noisy but good. But that was...2012?

    Sounds like a few people are injured and/or sick! Feel better!! I'm off to see a new ENT Tues...hope he has some recommendations.
  • debbiewsharpe
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    Debbie Sharpe
    Current weight 127.6 (a pound down from last week, that is better)

    Sunday – 13571
    Monday –9510
    Tuesday – 12171
    Wednesday – 9888
    Thursday –15378
    Friday –16461
    Saturday –17735

    Step totals are not as good as last week, but still over goal, I did manage to do more strength this week.
    Good morning everyone,
    I do still exist! I am reading but not having spare time for commenting. Once I get this computer work done for our church year ending and next year beginning I hope to be back on track. Covid 19 seems to have "thrown me for a loop." I should be caught up this week and can then focus on some Christmas tasks, a lot more enjoable than sitting at a computer.

    I am trying not to do as much baking and candy making this Christmas but will probably do some to share with my neighbors. I have given them all Christmas bags/boxes every year and they will probably be expecting my goodies. I plan to do just a few items that we really like. I always have to do cheese straws, fudge, pumpkin bread, chewey cookies, turtles, peanut and pecan brittle and white and dark chocolate peanut clusters. I will start today with the fudge and cheese straws (time consuming) and save the easy stuff for later. My absolute favorite is the brittle, I can’t stay out of it so I won’t make as many batches this year. I am sure January will find me back in DIET mode but I have learned that I can work in a piece or two each day and stay on target. WE shall seel
    Keep on keeping on friends……………………………………………………….
  • brown6267
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    12/12 steps 5269
  • sleepymom5
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    Check in for Saturday
    Food-logged and under
    Water-over 64 oz (sometimes I lose count after I hit 64)
    Exercise-30 min walking video, PT and stretching

    Not too much to report. I am getting close to some major milestones. Usually this is where I get tired and go back to old habits. Not this time! I finally understand what lifestyle changes mean. It is hard to go off a diet if you are not on one. It has taken me years, maybe decades to understand. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

    @kirsten11872 This is a hard time of year. Just get back into your routine, you will get that right off.
    @tryingagain5 I think I am a little older than you but it just seems like I never had any issues and in the past few years all of the sudden my hip, knee, back etc are acting up. It is frustrating. I hope the appointment Monday helps. xo
    @CassieGetsFit2013 It may not seem like a lot to you but look how your weight has gone down this month. It all adds up. Just keep trying, you can do it!
    @KUMEcyclingteam Nice loss! I am glad that your hunting trip was a success! Congrats on your hunting outfit success too! Wtg!
    @kandi3570 How exciting!! What a great feeling to actually see with sizes how far you have come. I am hoping I need to go down a size in about 10 pounds.
    @melaniedscott I think the food train is such a good idea. When Jim got sick we had people dropping off so much food. We were overwhelmed (and I gained 9 pounds Lol!) About a week in someone called me about a meal train and I declined because we just had so much already. I think if it started as a meal train, the food wouldn't have been so overwhelming. We appreciated everything and it was all delicious(once again 9 lbs) but just so much at once. I guess if you are the caboose, you are the last one? What an amazing meal you made. It also sounds like they will have enough to freeze for another time if they want. Lasagna doesn't last long around here Lol! Thanks we are right outside of Philly. We had a good first day for the shut down in the tent so the neighborhood is being supportive. Hopefully it is a good sign. The food is really good if I say so myself. Good luck at the ENT this week.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Wow! The end of the school year already. You have some moving on to college I think? Wasn't your daughter trying to finish up early and you convinced her to stay? Hope this week goes smoothly and quickly so you get to your well deserved time off.
    @debbiewsharpe Hope you can get all the computer work behind you so you can start enjoying the season. Your baking/candy making sounds so yummy! I would have a difficult time staying away. Sounds like you have a good plan for sending them out and then rationing what is left. I am sure you will be successful.
    @GingerPwr Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was a good one! I am sure you will have that right back off! I am glad you enjoyed your day!
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