There hasn't been any activity since I joined and I was wondering if any of you want to weekly update posts?


  • FishyK
    FishyK Posts: 151 Member
    I'd be up for it. This group is quiet! As of yesterday I was down 6 pounds since January 1. F62
  • lisamarieb64mfp
    lisamarieb64mfp Posts: 18 Member
    Congrats on the 6lbs FishyK!!!!

    My start date was Jan 6 - I'm down 2.5lbs so far. Ended up doing at least 16:8 M-F last week. Will be doing 6 days of (at least) 16:8 this week (Sat morn breakfast place not the greatest so why waste the cals).
  • lisamarieb64mfp
    lisamarieb64mfp Posts: 18 Member
    Good luck everyone! Hopefully these groups will get more active and provide support. I'm going back to CarbManager!!
  • Luckee_me
    Luckee_me Posts: 1,429 Member
    I’d be up for weekly posts.
    I’ve lost 34 pounds since 1/1/20.
    20:4 clean fast but not to picky about macros but try to keep under the calories MFP says I need.
  • ljswisc
    ljswisc Posts: 4 Member
    I do 18:6 IF weekdays and try to stick to low carb. I fast in the evenings, works best for me.