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    lennoncpa wrote: »
    ... I wish I could eat like a “normal “ person, but I just don’t.

    I don't really think there is any such thing as eating like a 'normal' person. We're all just us.
    @1theresamcvean Your grandson is really too cute. I had a dog and have interacted with other people's dogs off and on for years but I'd never understood the updog/downdog name until my sister died and I spent a lot of time with her wife--her dog did both all the time and it was hilarious. I stopped calling her by her name and started calling her Yogadog.

    Happy New Year! Let's all hope 2021 is substantially better than it's predascesor. We decided to have a Chinese buffet last night and have a ridiculous amount of leftovers. I probably over did it a bit but not much over maintenace. We used to have a party every year with all manner of snacks and beverages, games & movies but quit about 10 years back. We decided to do a 2 person party and have spent the day playing games, watching movies and eating snacks (some healthy, some less so). Back on the wagon tomorrow.

    We got a good sized snow over night and today. We may go out and take snow & Xmas lights pictures tomorrow. If I do, I'll post one maybe.

    Again, welcome to all the new people!

    @minstrelofsarcasm my highest was ~230 or 233.

    That sounds like such a fun New Year's Eve!
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    Was I supposed to post in this thread for my weigh in?

    KUMEcycling team
    PW 205.0
    CW 205.0
    LTD 45.0

    Also posted in January’s thread.....
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    PW 184.1
    CW 188.5
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    On track yesterday! That is day six in my string of days following my plan. Consistency is important. I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was satisified. I left bites behind for breakfast and lunch. I got in 7266 steps. I drank more than 64 oz of water.

    @rachelrjh I was at my highest weight, 196 pounds, in January of 2017, by February of 2018 I was down to 152.5. By October 2018, another 8 months, I was at goal of 137 pounds. So to lose 59 pounds it took me 1 year 9 months. Problem was, I didn't lose the weight mentally. Just physically. I put back on the weight, in April of 2020 I weighed 174 lbs. At that time I found a life coach and have put in ALOT of work on losing the weight mentally. I am gonna lose it for good this time. I will have patience while I work on the habits I need to keep me in maintence. Its all about habits and processes. I lost the weight before but continued to live my life the same way. This time I am changing my life.
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    Week 5
    Pw- 156.6
    Cw- 155.6
  • kandi3570
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    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW: 189.6
    CW: 187.0
    Loss this week 2.6 lbs
    Overall Loss 81.6
  • kandi3570
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    This weeks steps
    Sun 2435
    mon 14052
    Tue 13847
    Wed. 13334
    Thu. 7177
    Fri - 0 didn’t wear my step tracker.
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    I weighed in in the wrong day!! Can you update me please ?
    Goingape’s weigh in
    Previous weight 146
    Today’s weight 148.4
    Gain of 2.4
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    Wow! You miss a few days and you are behind in this group! Which is good-that means we are active!
    I planned to get through the holidays with allowing myself to eat what I want but not eat if I wasn't hungry. I also planned to keep up with exercise and water. I did well with the exercise and water but wasn't moving as much during the day as evidenced by my low step count. As far as food, I didn't do as well. I did have a few over eats and snacking when I shouldn't have. I also ate more carbs and junk than I usually do plus alcohol. A good thing though, I got through last week avoiding treats by saying I will bring the ones I really like with me to the shore. Knowing I could have them at the shore did help me avoid them for the rest of the week. I have been snacking on them down here and this morning I didn't even feel like eating them anymore. I ended up throwing the rest of them out. That is pretty big for me. I am sticking to my meals and if I want a snack, I will have one of my bars. Today is our last full day down here and I still plan to have a nice dinner out, order the healthiest I can and stop when satisfied. I also will have 2 drinks tops. It is a beautiful day here, I am going to head up to the beach and take a walk. I was able to on Thursday too, it is so peaceful there. Yesterday was a washout so I did a walking video.

    I am not sure if I will be able to get on tomorrow with Mass and getting packed up and out but I will definitely see you on the new thread on Monday!

    @callsitlikeiseeit Awesome loss this week! Nice job!! And-OMG! I just LOVE those dog pics! What cuties! My dog looks like the fake dog on your Christmas decoration. Lol!
    @cyndiesstuff I am good with the "wasting" food now. It actually cuts out the drama surrounding food for me. I have to sit down and get my goals in writing, they are swirling in my head. I am working on hunger myself and am still shocked with how little I really need to eat to be satisfied. I am doing well for the most part but still overeat at times but they are getting further and further apart. I also usually learn from the overeats and move on.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx The story with your son and eating children's leftovers made me think of how much our children see without us realizing it. I wonder how many of these type of things we don't know about. I am sure out of 5 kids, one of mine has similar thoughts. I loved your New Years "welcome from the future" Lol! I remember New Year's eve 2000 I was working night shift in the ICU. I don't know if you are old enough to remember the Y2K scare but they were afraid the computers would have trouble going from 99 to 00 and it would cause widespread problems. I wasn't too concerned but working in an ICU where my patients' lives depended on electricity, I was relieved seeing all of you in the future going into 2000 without a problem. On a side note, the supervisor showed up at 11: 30 and gave us each a flashlight smh.
    @podperson1 I am always happy to see you checking in. Hope you had a nice new year and we see you more in January! :)
    @pacsnc6 Nice job! I was thinking about you and the protein yesterday (I really need to increase my protein) I learn so much from this group. I hope you enjoy yoga. People love it! I have tried but I get nauseas.
    @lennoncpa I would consider that weight a maintain. You are doing great. You certainly have been in a consistent routine with your workouts. It also sounds like you have a good plan for eating. You are going to have a great 2021!
    @mxlaw90 That is awesome! You are set up for success in 2021! I hope you love your new workout equipment!
    @RoseyandReady You are also setting yourself up for success in 2021! I think it is a good idea to start at 20 min and get into a routine, like you said, it will motivate you to add. Good job with the batch cooking and looking into other snack ideas. You are going to do great!
    @jedaschultz Sounds like you have a good plan for 2021! If I remember correctly, you do well when your family is on board too so I am glad your husband is also making some changes. You got this!
    @justmeagain275x , @lemonaid7 and @BlueSkyNomad Welcome!! I am glad you all are part of our team!
    @minstrelofsarcasm Business first-I am back to Friday for weigh ins now. My highest weight was 221. Thank you. I hope you have a co captain soon. I am glad you are back home and getting back into your routine. Looking back, you put into words what some of my issues were with when I visited my parents, lack of control. Interesting but I did go through that too for a long time. I have nothing wise to tell you, I am just having my own revelation here ;)
    @annliz23 Cats are so funny. My friends sent me a picture of her cat just plopped down on the middle of her computer. She is working from home and her cat wasn't happy Lol!
    @debbiewsharpe Lol! I love that cartoon! I know with your plan and goals for 2021, you will be back where you want to be before you know it! If you don't like the habit tracker on F2F, I use an app called habit share that I recommend.
    @goingape I gained during the holidays too. I can't have the sweets around but they are gone now. Sounds like you have a good plan going forward. Let's start 2021 strong!
    @ljdanny I have noticed that you have been getting back to being consistent with your workouts since your surgery! Good job, I hope you are starting to feel better. I don't want to say back to normal because you want to feel better than you did. Many of us are off from the holidays, get back to your normal eating and drinking and I bet your weight drifts back down. Remember that you also had that surgery recently. You can do it!
    @1theresamcvean OMG! I love the pics of your grandchildren doing yoga! They are the cutest! Daisy does the downward dog too! Maybe it got it's name because the dogs do that.
    @melaniedscott Hope you had fun in the snow! We don't get enough snow here in Philly.
    @hope002 Hope you enjoyed the holidays. Hope all is well :)
    @Zumba_Luvah Nice loss! Especially this time of year!
    @kandi3570 You are amazing! Another nice loss my friend, and during the holidays!
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    PW 164.2
    CW 166.2
    Oh well. Do we continue on here for jan ??
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    lennoncpa wrote: »
    I wish I could eat like a “normal “ person, but I just don’t.

    What's a normal person???? Where does one find a "normal" person? I've certainly never met one.

    goingape wrote: »
    I weighed in in the wrong day!! Can you update me please ?

    Not a problem! Wonderful loss!

    kos33 wrote: »
    Do we continue on here for jan ??

    Nope! The new thread is here: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10819656/weightnomore-january-2021-team-chat#latest

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    Weigh-in day:Saturday
    Previous weight:166.4
    Current weight:167.4
  • kirsten11872
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    Hello all! Happy New Year!!😁

    Not exactly ending the year where I wanted to be, but only 1 pound since Christmas, I’ll take it!

    I’m starting a 4 week challenge on Wednesday to lose 5% of my weight. This is definitely going to motivate me to stay on track! If all goes well I should be at 159 lbs or less!

    Ready to get back on track!

    Have a great day!😁
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    @sleepymom5 I was just finishing University at the end of 1999, took a few IT papers and fully remember the Y2K kerfuffle. I am LOL at the flashlights! I remember the panic, but also the general consensus in NZ at least that it would most likely be fine. NYE 1999 I went to the beach, stayed until the sun rose and my best friend and I wrote "Happy New Millennium, 2000" in absolutely huge letters in the sand.

    Since it is Sunday here, I am going to jump into the new thread for everything else.
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