Share you wheels

Always love to see what people are riding

Here is my baby



  • AsthmaticHippo
    AsthmaticHippo Posts: 62 Member
    My baby is sat on the turbo and I am on my beast of a mountain bike (feels like moving granite)

    Wife has promised me new wheels this season and a power meter 😃
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,811 Member
    I've got a spare wheel you can have - may need a little work to get it straight and true though. ;)
    The hub is still between the broken off forks.

  • AsthmaticHippo
    AsthmaticHippo Posts: 62 Member
    Yikes what happened?
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,811 Member
    Yikes what happened?

    A car driver tried (quite successfully!) to drive right through me at a junction. Luckily me and the bike went over the car rather than under it. A few bumps and grazes and jangled my wrists up in a 3 point landing (head and hands) but got away pretty lightly considering the impact.
  • TakeTheLongWayHome
    TakeTheLongWayHome Posts: 816 Member
    Love this bike
  • TheBigYin
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  • MNCyclist2021
    MNCyclist2021 Posts: 3 Member
    This is my 2019 Trek Emonda with the 105 groupset...I call it Spartacus after my favorite former pro-cyclist.

  • Sioranth
    Sioranth Posts: 306 Member
    This is my 2012 Giant Trance X (aka Mudsprocket #2) which has served me well for coming up 10 years (in March). I also have a few other steeds in my stable including an older Giant mountain bike, a Trek hybrid, and a newer Giant hybrid. Mudsprocket is my go-to.j60ehd54ftbv.jpg
  • PapaSmurf1216
    PapaSmurf1216 Posts: 6 Member
    Mountain Bike - Trek Marlin 5 - around 50 miles

    Road Bike - Trek Series 1.5 - around 950 miles



  • GrindGravel
    GrindGravel Posts: 49 Member
    My main ride 2019 Kona Libre. Just bought a set of 700c Hunt carbon gravel wheels to swap out the stock 650b's with.

  • jnieuwerf
    jnieuwerf Posts: 4 Member
    Here is my bike, a Giant Defi with mountain gears. Much needed where I live. In the distance you can see the Mediterranean and this is taken 2 miles into an 8-mile climb above our house.

  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,811 Member

    My current best bike. Got a good trade in price for my old Specialized Roubaix at a local cycle store that deals in quality pre-owned bikes.
    This BMC Roadmachine 01 with Ultegra Di2 was a year old but in immaculate condition and a huge saving over new price. I love it.

  • Xtopher9
    Xtopher9 Posts: 11 Member