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  • debbiewsharpe
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    My water trick is still working (small juice class at designated times). I even added a water app to my phone to remind me. I don't really like the app I chose so if anyone has a recommendation let me know.

    I was called by our county office to see if I would start back substitute teaching. I went to my school this week to get an idea of how safe they were being. I was amazed at what I saw! Total social distancing, all wearing face masks properly, shield around every desk, each student uses the same Chromebook all day, each student was given their own bag of supplies (nothing to be shared) the halls were divided by cones with big colored circles to make off every 6 feet and EVERY middle school student was following all the guidelines. I think they are so happy to be back they would do whatever it takes. They know if they don't comply they will be sent home for virtual learning. I will go back and sub and judge how I feel. I can always take my name off the list if I don't want to be there. second covid shot is scheduled for the 24th :)

    @ljdanny - congrats on the weight loss!

    @rachelrjh - 2 pounds a week sounds good. Not starving, getting proper nutrition, exercising all sure does sound like you are doing it right to me.

    @kandi3570 - healthier choices, cutting back on fast food, doing great!

  • debbiewsharpe
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    TODAY IS FRIDAY---- Stick with your plan this weekend; wise food choices, hydration, exercise, and definitely don't forget to do something for your MENTAL health. KEEP ON KEEPING ON..............................


  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    pw 208.8
    todays weight 212.5

    Friday weigh day and a not so lovely water weight gain on the scale this week (up 3.7 pounds) from a 2 hour long swimming session Wednesday (part laps, part some random water exercise class that was going on, and part me just making weird movements in the water that I cant do on land LMAO), which my body is still complaining about and no doubt also, the sodium laden (but oh so yummy) Mexican food comcast made me eat (don't ask) LOL its not real weight, so its not a biggie, but it still makes me sneer at the scale and say '*kitten*'.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    I DID IT!!!! I weighed 127 this morning, my magic number. I hovered around 127 for several years then Covid hit. I did great through October. I was a bit depressed during Thanksgiving and Christmas and ate like a field hand (southern reference).
    I will do my best in 2021 to maintain again at 127. I think my new drinking habit is helping. That doesn’t sound right, my WATER drinking habit! I placed a juice glass on my kitchen windowsill. It holds exactly 8 ounces, yep I measured it. I drink a full glass of water at 4 with thyroid medicine, at 6 with blood pressure medicine, at 10 when I go to kitchen hunting for a snack, at 12 with vitamin (dr. just told me at my age I need a multivitamin) :o at 3 again on my snack hunt, at 6 when I take allergy pills and at 9 when I just know I have to have a snack. That adds up to 7 glasses of water! I also have coffee in the morning and iced tea at lunch and dinner, remember I am a southern girl. We love iced tea! I tried the pitchers of water in the refrigerator, the fancy water bottles and Tervis tumblers but the site of that much water was overwhelming. That little glass is becoming my friend.

    take those shoes off and clothes and you'll be even less!
  • pacsnc6
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    This morning the scale says 160.7 so I'll take the 161.? from yesterday as my weigh on for the week. It means I'm on the right track for the next week. I have been close to my goal for protein this week and plan to stick with that as I think it has helped.
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    podperson1 wrote: »
    @minstrelofsarcasm - I feel exhausted just reading your exercise routine lol. Is def inspiring though :)

    It's the only way I get any significant amount of movement or socialization in! I live alone, no kids, no one to take care of or worry about besides me... think I'd go insane without the gym haha

    rachelrjh wrote: »
    What do you guys think? Should I be hard on myself for losing more than 2 pounds this week? I’m not starving myself, and I feel I’m getting my nutrition in. I know everyone says don’t lose more than 1 to 2 pounds a week, but I don’t see the big deal unless you are underweight. My BMI is still currently obese. What are your thoughts?

    Just like Shelli ( @podperson1 ) said, 2 lbs a week is a great baseline to be losing. When I first started losing (234 lbs was the first logged weight, although I was definitely heavier before that), I think I lost 7 lbs in the first week, most of which was straight water weight. Didn't hit my first plateau until I was just above 200 lbs.

    And contestants on The Biggest Loser are NOT the people to be comparing yourself to. Those people are put on 1200 calorie/day diets, working out multiple hours per day. That's not a sustainable diet plan for anyone; they were basically starving themselves while overworking their bodies.

    Weight loss isn't a linear function. It's ups and downs and sometimes you'll lose a lot more in one week than you did the week before. It's a bunch of little factors that determine how the scale responds: food, alcohol, water intake, carb intake, sodium intake, exercise schedule, muscle recovery, dehydration, medical complications, stress, hormones, magic, injury, metabolism, whether you've had a haircut recently, time of day... As long as you are feeling okay, there is nothing wrong with continuing as you have been. Pay attention to your body, listen to it, and don't ignore signs of obsessive behavior. There's a thin line between discipline and obsession.

    kandi3570 wrote: »
    So I think I may have broken my plateau. I guess we will find out in the morning. I’ve been stuck since January 16th. So I went away last weekend and I ate what I wanted. I tried to make healthier choices specifically no fast food but I ate chips and salsa and chips and spinach artichoke dip. And I think it may have broken my plateau you know after I flushed the carb weight. 🤞

    Sounds like you gave your metabolism the boost it needed! Sometimes all the metabolism really wants is a refeed day. Looking forward to your update!

    I go up and down while doing diet and exercise that should have me losing. I am really thinking about adding calories. I would appreciate your scientific opinion.

    Well, if the exercise you're doing while your weight yo-yos is more resistance based, you're probably retaining water from your muscles recovering. Adding in more calories would help you support the muscles you're using and fuel your next workout. Which may lead to a slight increase in weight, but a decrease in bodyfat. If you're doing more cardio-based exercise, it may be time to increase the intensity with which you're exercising, because your body may not be working as hard as you think it is, leading to the up and down you're seeing.

    I don't know how many calories you're eating or how often you're exercising or how you feel while you're exercising, so this is purely speculative.
  • lennoncpa
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    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous weight: 134.0
    Today's weight: 134.0
    Weekly Steps: 48,617
  • BlueSkyNomad
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    Weigh In Day: Friday
    SW: 214.7
    PW: 209.4
    CW: 210.4
    LTD: 4.3

    6324 30 Jan
    9721 31 Jan
    4023 1 Feb
    4881 2 Feb
    7360 3 Feb
    7317 4 Feb
    11028 5 Feb
  • debbiewsharpe
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    Good morning all, wishing everyone a great weekend. It has rained here in NC all week and I am ready to see the SUN! All walking has been inside! I am still drinking lots of water (juice glass trick has really helped).

    While my coffee is brewing (about 10 minutes) I have been doing some arm exercises with 3 pound weights. I feel like a wimp but I do have 5 pound weights that I will move up to when I think I can. I also started doing standing push ups by leaning on the kitchen counter. If I am cooking something on the stove that needs to be watched I do squats. Trying to find whatever I can add to my daily routine and make a habit of it. I have found that I am definitely a creature of habit. <3 The habit tracker is really helping me to stay focused.
    KEEP ON KEEPING ON.................................................We can all do this!

    The swimming session sure sounds like a great way to exercise. The Mexican food could have been the culprit this week. You should drop that weight in the days ahead.

    @pacsnc6 – good job on the protein., that is also the area that I need to work on. Whatever works, stick with it!

    @lennoncpa – steady! I would love to see the same weight, been going up and down lately.

    @BlueSkyNomad – under your starting weight! I see you are also a walker, that is my favorite form of exercise.

    @minstrelofsarcasm – thanks for the advice! I have started doing more weight workouts. My only cardio is walking and I think my body is just used to it. I think I will try one of the YouTube walking videos that really ups the pace and gets lots of steps in a short amount of time. My heart rate averages 51 and even while exercising doesn’t go above 70-80. I will follow your advice and up the intensity this coming week.
  • debbiewsharpe
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    OK folks, the weekend is here. We can sit on the sofa and watch mindless TV or we can get up and follow our plan for activity (walk, ride a bike, exercise, whatever). Today is your day, make it a good one or not, the choice is yours. CHOOSE WISELY!!!!


  • kandi3570
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    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW. 180.2
    CW. 177.6
    Loss of 2.6 lbs

    Fri 22600
    Sat. 15558
    Sun. 10769
    Mon. 8336
    Tues. 10465
    Wed. 12627
    Thur. 13705
    Fri. 9150
  • brown6267
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    Maintenance weight 136.2

    Steps for week 37508
  • kandi3570
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    So I’m super excited. Me and my daughter joined the Y yesterday. We start Tuesday. She has to have a class on how to use the equipment before she can enter the area with the equipment. So we couldn’t use it yesterday. But I’ve really wanted to start toning and I used an old weight bench at my moms which was really only good for 3 exercises. And I’ve done some dumbbell work outs at home. But I will do so much better at the Y. And my daughter is excited to do this. Which is even better. She needs exercise it will be great for her mentally right now. She is back in school and I’ve seen a 180 in her personality since. I’m so thankful. I was honestly worried a few times when I had to yell to get her to get up and move around. I don’t think anyone sees how hard covid is on teenagers unless you live with one. But since returning to school she comes home with stories to tell me and she’s giggly. I have missed that. Yesterday at one point she was laying in the kitchen floor laughing uncontrollably. I don’t think I’ve seen that in a year. I’ve missed the chaos. I’ve missed the sound of a real laugh from her. I mean we were laughing because she fell down on ice in the parking lot at Walmart. All I saw out of the corner of my eye was all her red hair flying and she was on all 4s. I asked her if she was ok before I started laughing. I’m not a monster! Then in the chaos of laughing, tears running down my face in 20 degree weather. I tried to get in the wrong car parked 3 spaces up from mine. It looked like mine but different seat covers.

    So I’m excited to finally start toning. I’m not sure how it will affect my weight loss progress. I tend to gain muscle quickly. And I’m ok with that so as long as my clothes still fit and my measurements aren’t going up I’m not going to complain. I would like to lose another 10 pounds but that may not happen for awhile. We will see where this journey takes me. Maybe I’ll gain and still be content with that. But for now I’m leaving my goal at 168.
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    @minstrelofsarcasm Your exercise routines are amazing. That’s it. Amazing.
    @kandi3570 Congrats! Being stuck is a downer (I know…). Sometimes weight loss is weird.
    @debbiewsharpe Thanks for the kind words. And, if you figure out a way to share out blueberries…mmm.
    @rachelrjh 2 lbs a week would be too much for me. My calorie goals are around 1500 for a 1 lb loss…a two pound would take me down to 1250 and I’d be a monster. I’m not tall, I’m not super active. But not everyone is me. It’s only a problem if you’re starving yourself or doing stuff that’s harmful. If you can manage it, good for you. Don’t compare yourself to other people. That way leads to madness.

    And a big thumbs up to everyone who has managed a loss (or maintenance) this week! Well done, team!

    This week has not been awesome for me. I’m on the last leg of another round of steroids, which make me hungry and angry. Hangry, in fact. Hungry and mad that I’m hungry for no reason. And it messes with my ability to sleep (frequently awake at 2:30 am. 4:15 this morning). So I’m awake at weird hours and exhausted when I need to be awake. So hangry and TIRED. The first 5 days or so were okay. The last three have been rough. Thursday I gave in and didn’t bother logging after about 3…logging was taking too much snack time. Seriously. Thursday I ate ALL the foods. It’s amazing there is anything other than condiments left in my fridge. To be honest, it’s amazing the condiments survived the carnage. Yesterday was better. I stayed in calories. When I got to the ravenous point, I cut up celery and ate it slooowwwllyy. And then got baby carrots. Both require lots of crunching and chewing. That helps. This will be the plan for a few days. When the snack monster wakes up…the celery and carrots come out.

    The point of the steroids was to see if we could get my gimp ear back to normal function. It may have helped a little but not as much as I’d hoped. It didn’t help with the constant ringing. But I didn’t expect it to. So. No surprise there.

    I’m officially on vacation this week. We’d planned to hang out and take long walks. But it looks like the temperature is going to be in or near the single digits and they are predicting snow... Well planned. I wouldn’t ordinarily plan a week of vacation during the winter (except for holiday stuff) but the husband is feeling run down and needs a break. This is the week that works. When I get back to work, I have several big, time consuming, deadline projects. Yay.

    As we’ve seen, my weight is up. I’m not happy about that and it doesn’t make sense (not counting Thurs, which was not that significant). I have some other health related things going on that could impact this. Maybe that’s the deal. Well. And steroids. I have to get more activity in and walking in really cold doesn’t do it for me. I’ve been doing silly dances any time I run the microwave. 2 minutes to heat lunch? Dance. 1 minute 30 for a cup of tea? Dance. I’m not logging it. I’m not counting it. I feel ridiculous. But it is something. I’ve tried Ashley’s 10 jumping jacks before bathroom breaks (maybe after is a better plan?) but I don’t love them. And I’m prone to injuring myself (how would I explain a sprained ankle from doing jumping jacks or from a microwave dance party? It sounds ridiculous…). Maybe I should wear shoes.

    I have the day to myself. I have 3 objectives: start making a dent on the disaster that is my office, pick up a few groceries, make Homespun Pot Pie (Moosewood recipe, very time consuming, huge and yummy). Make that 4…move.
  • Zumba_Luvah
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    Week 1
    Pw- 156.1
    Cw- 158.2

    TOM time. I usually gain 2 or 3 pounds during that time of the month.
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    Weight-in day:Saturday
    Previous weight:166.4
    Current weight:169.1
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    So sorry I’m late!!!! I got on the scale but I just got caught up...

    Weigh In Day: Friday’s
    HW (Highest Weight): 155
    PW (Previous Weight): 148.1 (January 29)
    CW (Current Weight): 148.3
  • podperson1
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    Hi all,

    @debbiewsharpe - I'm really loving your habit building, those 5-10min slotted in are def going to add up! I'm a total wuss with weights as well, only like the smaller ones. Though I did read somewhere that more often with smaller ones is better for toning rather than actual bulking up. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable on here will be able to correct/confirm. I do find mixing up the cardio helps me (as well as makes it more interesting), I try to fit in walks when the weather isn't too bad, a couple of dance-based classes, and some yoga/pilates focused ones for variety - of course, that's when I'm on plan which hasn't been happening the past few weeks :D

    @kandi3570 - woot, great loss! Am sure will be moving even more when you start the new exercise plan. I'm glad to hear your daughter is feeling a bit more herself, I totally agree that people underestimate how much lockdown can effect teenagers mentally. It's hard enough for us to be isolated from friends, family members, normal routines etc. but for teenagers it must be even harder and they don't have many of the built up coping mechanisms adults have developed.

    @melaniedscott - hangry is just the worst! I know steroids can effect your metabolism in terms of fat burning so very likely they're behind the weight gain :( Hopefully once you've finished the course it will balance out. I do love your microwave dances - I do weird exercises in the kitchen while I'm waiting for things to cook/boil etc. and am pretty convinced I must look ridiculous :D Try and enjoy your time off x

    Had a bit of a rubbish day yesterday, had a few drinks in the early evening and then just couldn't seem to stop eating - not even bothered counting the calories as I know it will just depress me too much! My sleep pattern is totally screwed this week as well, which is not helping. I can't seem to sleep at all, am exhausted all day, and then when I try and go to bed early same thing happens - and then I end up catching a nap in the day cause I'm so tired, which prob doesn't help *sighs* Ah well, today is a new day and all that.
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    ~~ Happy Weekend! ~~

    Looks like February is off to a great start, even if we're not losing the way we want to. Checking in is important. Accountability is important. Consistency... well, that's the most important when it comes to reaching our goals. So if you've been consistently weighing in with us, and taking that moment to reflect on your journey from the past week, you're making progress, even if the scale doesn't agree.

    In every sports movie ever, they say to give 110%. While giving 110% effort of your physical capacity is mathematically impossible, I think that's not exactly what they mean. We can only ever achieve what we believe we can. Our bodies are capable of far more than we realize. So maybe, just maybe, what every stereotypical underdog coach means is to believe you can do 10% more than you originally expect, to push yourself just that little bit more to become a champion.

    And that's been your motivational speech for the week.

    Now onto business...
    ~ Weigh Days! ~

    We are still waiting on weigh-ins from:
    @lemonaid7 - Monday
    @Freeglerock - Friday
    @1theresamcvean - Friday
    @hope002 - Friday
    @aknroberts - Friday
    @justmeagain275x - Friday
    @kos33 - Saturday
    @dbrinkmeyer - Saturday
    @Kksloves - ???

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    PW 167.2
    CW 171
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