Weight Gain, 3 years Post Op

Hello all! I was sleeved in April of 2016. I’m approaching my 3 year surgiversary. In total, I lost 80 pounds. My lowest weight was 145. I’m 5’4. I maintained for two years. I started eating around my sleeve about 6 months ago. By Christmas, I had gained 25 pounds back. I’ve already lost 5 of those 25. The sleeve still works. Looking forward to getting back to my goal weight. For those that have gained after hitting your low, how did you drop what you gained? I’m planning on tracking all food, eating protein first, then veggie, and exercising. Hopefully it works!


  • ladybug2659
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    I totally get it. I am 2 1/2 years out. during this shelter in place I gained 10 lbs. Last week, I started back on 800 calories to 1200 calories per day and increased my activity. 2 lbs down. The sleeve still works, I went to Internet for the gastric sleeve reset diet. It’s about the same progression as after surgery. I have 30 lbs to go to my ideal weight. I have to monitor myself like a hawk.....it’s the carbs I crave.
  • I came in to say good job to both of you for catching yourselves and getting back to your goals. I've been searching all over to find nuanced/challenge stories about surgery. It seems like the vast majority of information I find is all "success" stories. It's important for me to see the reality - that it's possible to have success initially, but you have to maintain the new habits. Thank you both for sharing.
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    I’m a bit over two years out. Hit my low about a year ago and then gained about ten pounds back. Rather than trying to lose those ten pounds, I am instead just shooting to maintain this slightly higher weight since it is where my scale seems to want to settle. Rather than battling against my body, I plan to work with it. My surgeon is pleased about where I am and says as long as I stay here, I’m good. He says it is natural for bariatric patients to hit a very low weight then rebound a few pounds.