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  • debbiewsharpe
    debbiewsharpe Posts: 415 Member
    @callsitlikeiseeit - I hope that your back starts to feel better soon. So good that your husband is helpful. Try to rest and recover. Prayers for you. <3

    @ljdanny - good to see the loss, big or small they all ad up. I sure hope that your feet get better soon. I am glad that you can substitute riding for your walking. Rest this weekend! :)

  • lennoncpa
    lennoncpa Posts: 777 Member
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous weight: 134.0
    Today's weight: 134.4
    Weekly Steps: 56,695
  • sleepymom5
    sleepymom5 Posts: 2,449 Member
    Check in for past two days-
    Water-64 oz each day
    Exercise-Pt/Strength and stretching-both days
    30 min step video-Wednesday.

    One day at a time right? I have to do better. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

    @ljdanny I will keep your son in my prayers. I am sending some hugs for you too. I hope things get better for him soon. He really has had a tough couple of years with his health. I am glad to see with everything going on you are still making a plan and sticking to it. You should be proud. Sorry to hear about your feet, is it plantar fasciitis? If it is, resting really does help it so even though it is frustrating, it will work. Hope you feel better soon. How is your neck? Did the surgery help?
    @kandi3570 How nice that you and your daughter are working out together! :) I sometimes feel sore 2-3 days after, especially on leg day Lol!
    @debbiewsharpe Sounds like you are doing well. It is nice when the hubs joins in with healthy eating no matter what the reason is.
    @mxlaw90 You can do this! I need to do better this coming week too.
    @pacsnc6 Great job! I hope you are well. I am pretty sure you had some appointments or test in January. I hope everything went smoothly.
    @minstrelofsarcasm Nice loss this week! Amazing about your spin classes-I like when I am finished but am intimidated to start them so I haven't done many. Doesn't really make sense Lol! Glad that you got your prescription and are already feeling an improvement.
    @tryingagain5 How awesome that you are off night shift! Is it for good? I am sure your body will get into a routine soon with the sleep.
    @callsitlikeiseeit I am sorry to hear about your back. You are being smart resting and taking care of yourself. Feel better soon xo
    @lennoncpa Not a bad weigh in. That is basically maintaining. Love to always see your consistency with your workouts. I need to get into a routine like you are in. xo
  • pacsnc6
    pacsnc6 Posts: 948 Member
    @sleepymom5 Yes my last scan was in January and showed another 50% reduction in the size of the tumor so total down about 80%. My he,t treatment is in two weeks then I that no another scan a couple weeks later I am still feeling great but have more joint pain.
  • BlueSkyNomad
    BlueSkyNomad Posts: 41 Member
    Weigh In Day: Friday
    SW: 214.7
    PW: 210.4
    CW: 210.1
    LTD: 4.6


    11104 6 Feb
    11087 7 Feb
    6301 8 Feb
    5632 9 Feb
    7207 10 Feb
    5024 11 Feb
    13127 12 Feb
  • lennoncpa
    lennoncpa Posts: 777 Member
    @sleepymom5 thanks for the kind words. I hope you are doing well. You seem to be very consistent with logging your information on My Fitness Pal!
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Thanks! I'm happy to be on days too. It's supposed to be permanent.

    I'm sure my body will adjust to the different sleep schedule soon.
  • kandi3570
    kandi3570 Posts: 238 Member
    @mxlaw90 that’s barely a gain. Especially at Tom. I know the goal is to lose but I consider that a win.
    @callsitlikeiseeit I hope you’re feeling better and back to yourself soon.
    @ljdanny I hope you get some answers for your feet. I wouldn’t like having my exercise cut either.
    @pacsnc6 congrats on the milestone.
    @sleepymom5 I’m glad you’re back. We have missed you around here.

    Our second workout went well. I don’t feel it, yet anyway. I’ve made a new rule. We aren’t leaving the house until after we’ve eaten dinner. I had to run errands for work and ended up leaving early to do it. And of course I wasn’t hungry it wasn’t my typical time to eat. By the time I was finished and had done my shopping I was starving and I ended up at Wendy’s. I did well considering but I’m not doing it again. I haven’t worked this hard for this long to get stuck in a rut of fast food.
  • debbiewsharpe
    debbiewsharpe Posts: 415 Member
    @lennoncpa – good steps and the weight is just up slightly from last week. Looks like a good week to me. :)

    @sleepymom5 – great on the water and exercise. You are getting back into you routine.

    @pacsnc6 – good to hear of the reduction in size of the tumor! I hope that your joint pain eases up for you and so very to hear that you are feeling great.

    @BlueSkyNomad - good weigh in and awesome step totals.

    @kandi3570 - I like your new rule, we do have better control at home rather than fast food. I have found that Wendy’s chili is a good choice when out and about or a grilled chicken sandwich without the mayo. I find it helpful to keep a couple of healthy snacks in my truck, it avoids stopping for fast food. Congrats on the second workout, you will find your routine soon.
  • brown6267
    brown6267 Posts: 476 Member
    Maintenance weight 136.2

    Steps for the week 26803
  • kandi3570
    kandi3570 Posts: 238 Member
    Weigh in day Saturday
    Pw. 177.6
    CW 175.6
    Loss 2 lbs
    Total loss 93.0 lbs

    Sat. 3130
    Sun. 12361
    Mon. 17467
    Tues. 14273
    Wed. 15822
    Thu. 11248
    Fri. 15729
  • Zumba_Luvah
    Zumba_Luvah Posts: 323 Member
    Week 2
    Pw- 158.2
    Cw- 160.3

    I really just can't seem to get back in control of my food.
  • podperson1
    podperson1 Posts: 180 Member
    Weigh in
    username - podperson1
    week - 2
    PW - 184.6
    CW - 185.2

    Been a rubbish week
  • sleepymom5
    sleepymom5 Posts: 2,449 Member
    Check in for Friday
    Food-not logged, over, bad choices, off plan...
    Water-my one good thing

    Not the best two days. Yesterday I went to a doctor's appointment that was at a hospital. It is always a pain to park, get to the office etc. Well...I was two weeks early so it was all for nothing :s I came home, took a nap and then we went out with our daughter to dinner.
    I ate and drank way too much but it was good. I am off to a late start today but plan to have a better check in tomorrow. Have a great day (what is left of it ;) ) everyone! xo

    @pacsnc6 Sorry that you are having joint pain but everything else sounds good. :) xo
    @BlueSkyNomad Nice loss and great steps this week!
    @lennoncpa I am consistent on checking in but I need to get back to it with everything else. I was getting there but will have to get to that point again.
    @tryingagain5 Hopefully your body adjusts soon and you can get into a good routine with everything else too. That is what I am trying to do now. One day at a time... :)
    @kandi3570 Thank you! I missed you too :) I think your errands/fast food was a good learning experience. Now you know to be sure to eat before. It also sounds like you made good choices at Wendy's since you said you did well. I think when these situations arise, it is good if we learn from them and plan for the next time. You did great! Awesome steps! Nice loss this week and your overall loss is astounding! You look amazing too xo
    @Debbiewsharpe I started the week off strong and fizzled out. But-at least it was better than it has been. I am taking it slow and not beating myself up. Thank you for your support, you are a great friend :)
    @Zumba_Luvah You and me both! Let's do better this week. I know you can do it, I have seen you in the past! You got this!!
    @podperson1 I am in the same boat. I started off good and then....Let's have a better week this week. xo
  • hope002
    hope002 Posts: 1,068 Member
    PW 187.8
    CW 188.3
  • minstrelofsarcasm
    minstrelofsarcasm Posts: 1,373 Member
    ~~ Happy Saturday, Everybody! ~~

    We are missing a few check-ins from some of you, so I would like to take this moment to remind you that missing two weigh-ins in a row results in being dropped from the team. So, if there is a week you can't provide an update, please let us know so we can excuse you and you can get off the hook scot-free.

    Here's the current list of all the weigh-ins we have not yet seen from Team Weight No More (clearly, some of you are going to be weighing in today, but I might as well keep you on the list):
    @jedaschultz - Monday
    @Freeglerock - Friday
    @bumpbreakcar - Friday
    @1theresamcvean - Friday
    @aknroberts - Friday
    @justmeagain275x - Friday
    @kirsten11872 - Saturday
    @kos33 - Saturday
    @dbrinkmeyer - Saturday
    @Kksloves- Saturday

    Maybe I missed a post from you (and I'll check in a little bit) so let me know where I'm slacking.
  • Zumba_Luvah
    Zumba_Luvah Posts: 323 Member

    Thanks. I know I can do it. I just gotta focus and remember how much better I feel when I don't overeat
  • kirsten11872
    kirsten11872 Posts: 519 Member
    Weigh-in day:Saturday
    Previous weight:169.1
    Current weight:171.1
  • kandi3570
    kandi3570 Posts: 238 Member
    Thank you @sleepymom5. I’m sorry you didn’t have a great day yesterday but the drinks and food was probably well deserved I’m glad you enjoyed yourself if not what do we do this for? You o live better so don’t feel too guilty about it.
    @Zumba_Luvah you know how. You will get back to it. Sometimes hunger is a cue for something else maybe make sure you get your eater and take a multivitamin. It might help.

    NSV ladies!!! 2 workouts and the pair of 10s in my closet that I couldn’t zip last week fit me. I’m so excited. My daughter laughs at me and tells me I have no but now. 😂. Kids. And yes they are tight but I got them on and zipped. And you can bet I’m wearing them for the rest of the day.
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