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Hi there. I have just joined and am hoping for some good tips and support to get to a healthier me.


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    Welcome! Happy to have you here!
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    Hello! It is great to have you here. :)

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    Hi! I'm new to the group too!
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    Hello cannh63 and welcome to the group. I too am new here and feel so good about connecting with others who understand, who share their knowledge, and who offer support and encouragement. For me it was a little overwhelming but, I decided to take it slow and begin by just logging in my food & water everyday and now I have lost 7 pounds just by keeping track of my food and water intake. And then on March 1st, I will be adding 20 minutes of activity/workouts....and then build from there. Everyone is different and here I have found women with a lot of experience and success and that is encouraging. I wish you the very best.
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    @cannh63 Welcome!

    For me, I found success in taking it slow. Gradually changing my diet and adding bits of movement each day. Logging all of my food is also key. I'll admit when I started if I had an off day I would skip the logging so I wouldn't have to admit I ate an entire pint if ice cream or 6 beers or half a cake. ( I was a binge eater, and still am occasionally).

    I lost 90 pounds nearly 20 years ago, (it took 5 years) kept it off several years and am currently 25 pound heavier than my lowest weight.

    Its a constant effort. Some days are easy..some days not so much. Know that when you've gone off track, you can't give up, you need to get back on track the next meal or the next day.

    Good luck!
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    Hi! I just joined the group too!
  • Yogibearthetenth
    Hi! New here as well. Trying to be a healthier me and keep the me who likes to eat a lot in check! I've never really logged before and it's eye opening! All those small snacks add up. I think it will be a slow process, but hopefully I'll have company on this journey.

    Just had to do a log of shame after a very big and unhealthy lunch! Baby steps...

    Good luck everyone!
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    Welcome Blackburn23 and Yogibearthetenth!
    Just in logging my food I am learning so much about balance and my nutrition and what areas I need work in. I look forward to begin to add "logging in my exercise/training" which I will begin next Monday. I joined the March Challenge group.
    Thank the gods that we have the internet to have this opportunity to connect and to find recipes and the knowledge we need to make the changes we desire.
    And like you Yogi... I too wish everyone good luck!
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    Welcome everyone! I agree with taking a slow and steady approach which you can maintain, I lost 30lb in 2017 and then had cancer in 2018 so now am back to lose again! I am confident I can do it and am using what I learnt in 2017. MFP was really helpful for the accountability of recording everything you eat and drink. I just lost 5lb from tracking alone and barely any exercise.
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    I’m new as well. Newly Retired teacher who needs to lose 20 lbs to start with. From Wisconsin and would love a few buddies to inspire me. “ Inspire” I had to really search for that word 😂
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    Welcome tammyramlet3789! I too have my first goal as 20 pounds. I have nearly 10 pounds in 26 days just from logging my food and staying at my calorie intake. I wish you much success! Liz