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  • podperson1
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    Weigh in
    username - podperson1
    week - 4
    PW - 186.2
    CW - 183.4

    Will take that :)
  • pacsnc6
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    week 4
    pw 159.8
    cw 159.6
  • melaniedscott
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    @podperson1 & @pacsnc6 Great losses!
    @gottagetthisdown & @KellieLou412 4 Welcome to the team!
    @jedaschultz & @annliz23 Nice maintain!
    @sleepymom5 The meatball making (and eating) sounds like fun. Having supportive, loving family is awesome. I have two recipes, one complicated with broth and cheese and chopping stuff and the other is really just my meatloaf recipe. Line a pan with foil, add more broth to the bottom, add meatballs and bake for...(shrugs) some time. Yum! Glad your fall wasn't serious. They can be--I broke three bones in one of my feet a couple years ago slipping on ice! Good to hear you're okay!

    So...it's official, I have to go back to the office March 8. Did a dry run of getting ready for work this am...up at 5:30, ready to go by 6:30. Shower, dressed, breakfast, coffee, meds. Did not manage it. Got up. Showered, dressed. Nothing else. Will try next week. Have tomorrow off...Yay! Three day weekend! I've managed to get at least one walk in every day since Monday. Must keep this up. It has been chilly but feels okay as it is not -12 anymore. No complaints here.
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    February Week Four

    Weigh In Day: Thursdays
    PW (Previous Weight): 167.6 (February 18th)
    CW (Current Weight): 169.8 (February 25th)
    LTD (Loss to Date): 64.2 lbs

    Not exactly how I wanted to end the month, but I know I am gaining muscle (and eating a lot of Girl Scout cookies), so I suppose I can't complain too much. There's also water weight and stress to blame, if I need more scapegoats.


    I bought Girl Scout cookies and I don't regret it. Nothing like Thin Mints to soothe a stressed heart. The only issue is that I could eat an entire sleeve of them in one sitting, and had to exercise the deepest fathoms of my self control to save myself from committing such a crime against my skinny jeans.

    But seriously. I haven't been the best and haven't been the worst this past week. I've made quite a few protein mug cakes and cookies, consumed several bags of spinach, drank a bottle (3) of wine... I mean, I could do worse.


    Have I been overdoing it? Absolutely. Peer pressure is a (ahem) heckuva drug. But the good/bad news is I recently discovered one of the instructors at the spin studio doesn't like me very much, so I'm going to give them a bit of space and not attend their class as regularly as I usually do. No saying whether I'll replace that class with a different one, but for now, that's one less class for next week.

    Current Schedule:
    • Spin Class: Friday AM, Sunday AM, Tuesday AM, Thursday AM (Optional: Saturday AM)
    • Resistance Training: Thursday PM, Sunday AM, Monday AM, Tuesday PM (Optional: Wednesday AM)


    I made a blog post yesterday regarding how my mental health has been faring lately. Seeing the sunshine start to appear again has made a significant difference, and recognizing the sources of my stress has helped to counteract them.

    Also, I received a compliment from one of the coaches leading my resistance training, and I'm always amazed by how much a single comment can make a difference. Am I still in a weird funk? For sure. But it's a smidge less funky right now, and I'll take what I can get.
  • kandi3570
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    I haven’t been on here much lately even to creeper read, I also haven’t kept up my habit tracker. I am eating more calories which I need to work on. But overall I think I’m doing well. I will definitely be at least showing up to read more and I’ll try to catch up my habit tracker. I do think that helps me stay more focused. I probably really have gained a few pounds. There have been a few instances with chocolate. Entire bags of nuts and visiting a friend with a snack cupboard! 😂 If I gain a few pounds I’ll get it back off. I’m still eating healthy in general and I’m exercising more. If I don’t I slide! No exercise equals significantly more food. So I’m going to take up running. I mean I’m pretty far from it but I’m going to start building my endurance. Because a little jog does wonders for my mental health right now. So my first actual effort was 3/4 of a mile in 9 minutes running for 1 to 1.5 minutes and walking for 1.5 minutes. I’m going to build on that for now. Today I’m going to try for 1.25 miles in 15 minutes. We’ll see how long my knees hold up on the treadmill though. I may have to go to the track to run. It’s also gym day which I am definitely going to. Yesterday was gym day but I was at the eye drs for so long I didn’t make it. And today I have 2 friends showing up to either pick stuff up or drop it off, so I’m going to have to coordinate and plan my time well.
    @sleepymom5 loved the video! SNL is great.
    @pacsnc6 nice loss!
    @tryingagain5 you’ve done incredibly well this month that slight gain is a blip. Next week will be better!!
    @rachelrjh im glad you didn’t give up. That’s half of the battle is not being discouraged and trudging onward!!!! You’ll get there, sometimes it just takes longer than we like. Just don’t ever give up! 😁
  • sleepymom5
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    Check in for Wednesday
    Exercise-30 min walking video, PT and strength

    Not good with food yesterday. Today I am exhausted. I am guessing it may be from the vaccine. I am pushing myself but not really getting anything done. Jim feels achy and feverish. It isn't supposed to last long.

    Has anyone ever been on a keto diet? I got some low carb/keto bakery items and I swear I get heart burn and diarrhea from them. I did read that is a possibility but just wondering if anyone has had that problem in the past. When I did keto, I didn't do the higher fat part so I had the opposite problem.

    Well...enjoy whatever is left of today everyone :)

    @minstrelofsarcasm I wasn't thinking you were like that. I just thought it was a funny take on the spin classes :)
    @jedaschultz What a busy week! Good luck with everything! Sending hugs!
    @podperson1 Nice loss and what a great NSV! You have turned things around so I am not surprised that you are starting to see some changes.
    @kirsten11872 I found out in the fall I also have arthritis in my knees. I am still trying to figure it all out. I have been ok with normal activity but am much more conscious of how my knee feels. If it starts feeling stiff, I rest it and I am usually fine a day or so after. I haven't had a bad flare since the late fall. Did your doctor recommend the Glucosamine? I was thinking of taking that.
    @lennoncpa Thank you! I am a proud Mama!
    @melaniedscott When was the last time going to the office. Good idea to try a dry run before you go, I am not sure if I would have thought of trying that lol! I don't think my body has ever experienced cold like you get! I am sure your warmer temps are probably colder than my cold ones! Hope spring is here soon!
    @kandi3570 I will be glad to see you checking in more. The most important part is of course your "real life" and doing what you need to there. I am sure you will turn things around but I agree, I don't think you went off the rails.
    @mxlaw90 Hope things settle down a bit for you. :)
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    Had another Keytruda treatment today. Since the pain in my joints has worsened on the higher dose, we decided to drop back to the lower 200 mg dose starting today. I will need to return every three weeks again for treatments, but if it doesn't cause as much pain, I'm all for it. The next scan will be in April and I'm expecting good results again, any shrinkage in tumor size will be good.
    My weight is down a pound in three weeks according to the weigh ins at the hospital but they aren't as accurate as at home. A loss is a loss so I'll take it for sure.
  • tryingagain5
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    We can be bookends.😉 In October I found out I have arthritis in my right knee. I went to physical therapy for 6 weeks and that helped a lot. Not really pain anymore, more just discomfort now and then. Then I managed to twist wrong and hurt my back and right hip. My chiropractor took xrays and found arthritis starting in both areas.

    Still dealing with the pain in those areas, I think partly because it hurts to move certain ways, so I tend not to. I know I should because that would probably help. I've been working with my trainer at the gym and he's been having me do exercises to try and help with the tightness in those areas.
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    edited February 2021
    sleepymom5 wrote: »
    @melaniedscott When was the last time going to the office. Good idea to try a dry run before you go, I am not sure if I would have thought of trying that lol! I don't think my body has ever experienced cold like you get! I am sure your warmer temps are probably colder than my cold ones! Hope spring is here soon!
    Last I was in the office was...early November? I went remote middle of last March through early July but our agency head was really antsy to get back in the office. Most staff were back early June, I was allowed an extra month because of my asthma. Then a bunch of other depts in our building were not following protocols and, probably some of our staff, a bunch of staff were sick and bunches had to quarantine (most not in my area) and they decided it wasn't worth it and sent us back home. We almost lost a staff member to covid; haven't heard how her recovery went. So...I actually like working remote. My old job I worked remote 3 days a week for 9 years, so being in an office was an adjustment...

    You'd asked Kirsten about glucosamine...my unsolicited 2 cents, as I've taken it for 7? years. A long time. I take it because my body doesn't produce enough collegen--so my connective tissue doesn't do a good job of stabalizing my joints, so my joints dislocate a lot. While it doesn't stop the joint pain entirely, it helps a lot. I added collegen to the mix a year or so ago and that helps too...a lot fewer dislocations. I have fewer bad days, I'll say that. I don't know if it would help arthritis...
  • melaniedscott
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    I have a confession: I like pimento cheese. Not the homemade stuff Southerners talk about (Debbie, I'm looking at you), the stuff sold by Kraft in tiny jelly jars for ridoculous prices. A couple weeks before we went to remote work the first time, I bought a jar with a plan to take stuffed celery to work (pimento cheese, peanut butter and cream cheese) but I didn't do it. So it sat it the cupboard. If I open it, I eat it.

    A couple weeks ago I opened it. I behaved...I had just enough for my celery. I turned my back. The jar was more than half empty. My husband had hoovered it up. A couple days passed...I had a tiny bit with celery and then my husband made a sandwich with the rest. Sigh.

    I decided, if he was going to eat it that way, I could try the homemade kind. My aunt had made some years ago for my grandmother that wasn't bad (back when both of them were still alive)...I could do better than that. And I did. It isn't half bad.

    I had to sub in roasted pepper for pimento, as I couldn't find pimento. If I do it again, I might think about peppadew peppers. They might give it a little kick, more flavor I may or may not have used enough shredded cheese. But I'm happy with the result.
  • RoseyandReady
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    I missed posting my weigh-in on Sunday, still 166.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    todays weight: 208.9

    month in review: 5.9 pounds lost (based on my trending app) and 5.25 inches lost. Not bad considering half the month I couldn't work out due to injury or power outages and I was eating at maintenance many many days. LOL I will call February a WIN!

    Been a busy week on the farm with a baby born and scrambling to find it some friends. We also bought a horse. cause... why not. LOL

    no one ever said we were mentally stable. :P
  • sleepymom5
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    Check in for Thursday
    Not logged but not bad
    Water-64 oz
    Exercise-30 min walking video, PT, stretching and strength

    Feeling better today but Jim still has chills and aches. I did force myself to exercise and I am glad I did. I also had a big salad for dinner. I just wanted carbs all day so I fought that.

    @pacsnc6 Hope the lower dose helped with the joint pain. Sending hugs!
    @melaniedscott Good luck with returning to the office. It would be nice if you had the option to continue working remote. Thank you for the information on the glucosamine, I think I will give it a try. I can't believe you made pimento cheese! I would think that would be hard.
    @callsitlikeiseeit You had a great month and an eventful week with a new baby and a new horse! Congrats!!
  • lennoncpa
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    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous weight: 135.0
    Today's weight: 136.5
    Weekly Steps: 64,601

    Omg I am so frustrated with myself. I keep going up each week! I had an eating party by myself last night so it’s not at all a surprise. Just can’t seem to get into the right frame of mine. I know I would feel better about myself if I would eat right. Why can’t I stop myself?????
  • ljdanny
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    Week 4
    Cw 191.8
  • podperson1
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    Hi all,

    @kirsten11872 - glad to see you back, reading everyone's posts def helps me with the motivation as well x

    @melaniedscott - I'm with you, I much prefer working from home! My work have been super keen to get everyone back into the office as well so have compromised with them and I go in one day a week and work the rest from home. It does at least mean I speak to people other than my flatmate I suppose lol! Confession time - I had to google what pimento cheese even was :D guess we don't really have it this side of the pond.

    @minstrelofsarcasm - speaking of not having things over here, I'm always so grateful we don't have Girl Scout cookies - adorable children bringing treats right to your door would be just too much temptation for me :D Glad you're feeling a little better headwise x

    @kandi3570 - sounds like you're in a positive mindset and I always think that's half the battle

    @sleepymom5 - I've done low carb/keto on occasion and I do find it can sometimes give me an upset stomach, especially the first couple of days. Some people have told me it was prob because I was concentrating too much on the protein side and not enough on the fat, but I'm not an expert by any means. Glad you're feeling a bit better after the jab.

    @callsitlikeiseeit - great loss for the month, especially considering what you've been dealing with :) Yay, for a horse (seems like a fab idea to me, but no one would really vouch for my mental state either lol), is it the one in your new profile pic, cause if so they're just gorgeous <3

    @lennoncpa - *hugs* have def done the solo eating parties! Just try and take it one day at a time, you can do this x

    Not the best day yesterday, had a few drinks and alcohol always makes me crave carbs *sighs*. Still it's only one day so back on plan today and hopefully won't have mucked me up too much.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    podperson1 wrote: »

    @callsitlikeiseeit - great loss for the month, especially considering what you've been dealing with :) Yay, for a horse (seems like a fab idea to me, but no one would really vouch for my mental state either lol), is it the one in your new profile pic, cause if so they're just gorgeous <3

    Yes, it is :)
  • kandi3570
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    Kandi 3570
    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW 179.6
    CW 179.8
    Gain 0.2 lbs
    Steps 77,212
  • kandi3570
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    @sleepymom5 yes I have gastric intestinal issues if I have too much “sugar alcohol”. whatever that is. I do pretty well with fiber one brownies so maybe the fiber balances it out. 🤷‍♀️

    @pacsnc6 i think I do have a good attitude. Sometimes I’m too easy on myself. Sugar cravings are pretty par for the course of quitting smoking, so I’m going with the flow and trying to make sure I don’t go too overboard. I can gain a little and I’m ok with that someday I will take it back off.

    I didn’t get as many steps as I would have liked this week. Nor did I run as much as I would have liked. It was a very busy week. I think I need a day to get myself back on track. I did run when I had a moment and I do think it’s great exercise. My knees and ankles do not like it on the treadmill at least. So I’m going to try out the track at the y and the one at the football field. We’ll see how my joints do there. I feel great overall I’m just worn out mentally from this hectic crazy week.
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