Easing back into running...in February!

Hi All - Looking forward to dusting off my running shoes and easing back into running without killing myself. Start running again in February when there's 18 inches of snow on the ground - why not? I miss that mental lift and relief I get from running regularly. Not looking forward to starting from square one again, but C25K makes it so much easier to get back on the horse. Hope to post here regularly for updates and accountability.



  • GummiMundi
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    Good for you! :)
    I had to temporarily suspend my runs for the time being, because where I live gyms are closed and we're in a somewhat strict lockdown. Sooo... that means that, when I resume running, I will be starting over C25K too. :) Not a big deal, the first weeks are fun too.

    Best wishes!
  • rickc74
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    How are you progressing? After some stumbles, I'm back up to running over a half hour at a time, and loving it. The sweat and the way I feel at the end of the run is just so good.
  • Just_Ceci
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    I was just getting back into running a few weeks ago. Running on the indoor track at the gym and stubbed my toe. Pretty sure I cracked a rib when I hit the floor. It is still sore, but I think I'm past the point where I will injure it more by doing stuff. I registered for a 5k that was supposed to have been two weeks ago, but was postponed until tomorrow. I may end up walking most of it.
  • Just_Ceci
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    I finished the 5k this morning with more running than walking and only minimal rib pain. It's time for new running shoes.
  • CStellaGo
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    Good afternoon!!! I start Week 4 today. Little apprehensive big jump in time this week. However I keep reminding myself I am in competition with no one.
  • degan2011
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    I am also starting week 4 of my 5k trainer today!