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    @sleepymom5 Pimento cheese isn't very hard, really, or time consuming. Just shred cheese, blend with cream cheese and a little mayo. Add diced pimentos, garlic & onion powder and a little minced jalapeno (if you want) and blend some more. Also...on the glucosamine topic: don't expect immediate, obvious results. The first 3 months, I didn't think it was making an impact. And I quit taking it. THEN I noticed. Very subtle.

    @podperson1 Girl scout cookies are fun, yummy, and for a good cause. I'm with Ashley...I could easily eat an entire sleeve of thin mints in a sitting. But I ration myself...one serving only (150 cal). I buy a bunch and 'hide' then in the spare room and we spread them out. I think it was October last year before they were gone. And...I think there is something similar to pimento cheese over there called cheeky cheese but it may be a specialy regional kind of thing.
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    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    Week: 4
    PW (Previous Weight): 189.1
    CW (Current Weight): 189.6
    Steps 5468 boo :(

    Came back to the cold weather so no going outside every day :( I didn't do my daily cardio tape which I had planned. Have to do it early enough while DH is sleeping. (I like privacy during my workout.) Today I did get it done. Still completed my daily yoga (15 mins)

    You'd think at some point the extra muscle I've been building is going to start picking up some of the calories. Now that I am back home I had 3 sessions left with my trainer. She killed me on Thursday. She noticed that I worked out while I was gone so she kept adding weight to my routine. A little sore still, but in a good way.

    Weight training good, cardio not.

    Here's what I am struggling with. I have more work that needs to be done than a human can do in a day. What's driving me is the 500K loss in annual revenue. If I don't turn something around soon I will lose staff. I have about 3 months of reserves to keep it going. I just need to frame for myself that if I don't workout first thing, I won't have the stamina to achieve the goals. It has to become a must. I'll be accountable on doing and logging it. Feel free to chastise me if I don't. (Not that I'm giving YOU extra work.)

    Health and strength are my priority. My first grandchild will arrive in August. I'll be a first time grandmother at 57. Here's the thing, I have SIX children. They are just now starting to have kids. I want to be active in their lives.

    I'm sorry team. I will try harder next week. The weather forecast shows tolerable outdoor weather so steps are back on.
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    Maintenance weight 136.0

    Weekly steps 38559
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    edited February 2021
    @kandi3570 Sorry you've had such a rough week! Kudos on the progress for quitting smoking!

    @pacsnc6 Glad you are figuring out the right dosage and getting that sorted. Joint pain is the pits! Hoping you get the results you want/need!

    @sleepymom5 Forgot to say it earlier...glad you guys could get the vaccine, hope Jim's feeling better soon!

    [I'm editing to add this...
    @dbrinkmeyer Don't be so hard on yourself! You are working it and under a lot of stress. Here is the thing with stress--it releases a hormone in the body called cortisol. High levels of cortisol can slow weightloss. Make sure to take care of yourself and do de-stressing, too. Congrats on becoming a g-ma! ]

    I took yesterday off with my husband and we hung out, took a long walk. He decided he was in the mood for a hamburger so we walk to a burger joint (~2.5 miles both ways), had burgers and walked back. It was good we did the walk to counterbalance all those calories! It was a new place called Fat Shack (what a name!) and while the food was fine, we probably won't go back. For a burger, it was a bit pricy and nothing amazing, and most of their menu was a bit horrifying.

    I made phad thai for dinner and that was nice. Had a new jar of tamarind, which is disappointing, the jar I had was pulp, I think, and this is concentrate and it is NOT the same thing. The flavor is...wrong. Anyway, tried a new recipe for the sauce, which I think would be awesome with proper tam...Instead of frying the tofu in oil, I used one of my nonstick skillets and it worked really well.

    Today I'm going walking with a friend. Last time we walked at the place we're going, we lost track of time and walked nearly 7.5 miles! Probably NOT doing that today.

    Have a terrific day, everyone!
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    Week 4
    Pw- 160
    Cw- 162.6
  • sleepymom5
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    Check in for Friday
    Food-logged and under
    Water-80 oz
    Exercise-30 min walking tape. Pt and stretching

    I had a very good day yesterday. I am planning to have another today! I have to stop this back and forth if I want to get this weight off. Jim and I are feeling better after the vaccine. I was feeling better about a day after, Jim's symptoms were worse and lasted longer. I heard if you had a severe case of covid that the side effects are worse. For those who are new, Jim had a very severe case and was on a ventilator for 13 days last March-April so we were expecting him to get side effects. I was just exhausted for a day and had a sore arm so not too bad.

    Hope everyone enjoys their last days of February!

    @lennoncpa I struggle with the eating too. This has to be your most stressful time of year. Have you ever been successful with weight loss during tax season before? If so, do you remember what you did? Maybe make a plan that isn't too restrictive during this time. Even if it is to be sure to eat healthy meals. I am not sure if you end up skipping meals because you are so busy. That could lead to more snacking and overeating when you get home. Also, instead of losing, maybe plan to maintain during this time. You can do this :)
    @podperson1. I am sure one day won't set you back. You have doing well so keep it up :) Thanks for the information on your experience with low carb. I am thinking maybe the low carb treats aren't for me. I am just trying to watch my carbs, not do a low carb or keto diet. I am not one to get digestive issues so I don't think it is worth it for me.
    @kandi3570 Sounds like you still had a good week even though it was hectic. Hope you can take the weekend to recharge and rest. Thanks for the information about the low carb. I am looking for a little sweet something that is low carb so I think I am going to give those fiber one brownies a try.
    @melaniedscott Sounds like a nice day yesterday. What a great idea to walk to the restaurant and a pretty impressive walk too! Enjoy the walk with your friend today too xo
    @dbrinkmeyer Maybe the early workouts will help clear your head so you can find a solution to your problem. Sometimes when you are working out and eating right, other things in your life also fall into place. I am becoming a first time grandmother in June! I am in a similar situation with 5 children of my own so that is lighting a fire under me to get in better shape.
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    @melaniedscott thank you, you're right I need to frame it that the workout will combat the stress. I have a hard time doing something for myself just because I want to :) You've inspired me to look into tamarind paste. I've never used it. My "pad thai" is made with shiritaki noodles. Makes it feel like cheating. We're having this tonight.

    @sleepymom5 You're right. Congrats on becoming grandma, too. I want to be able to crawl on the ground and put hot wheels tracks together with my grandsons. So scary that even the vaccine is bringing back remnants from his severe illness. Good job on Friday.
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    Weigh In Day: Friday’s
    HW (Highest Weight): 155
    PW (Previous Weight): 149.2 (Feb 19)
    CW (Current Weight): 149.5

    Sorry, last night was my ten year anniversary so we took the day off and partied at home, since that’s all we really can do... I forgot all my responsibilities 🤷🏻‍♀️😅
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    @bumpbreakcar Happy Anniversary!
    @minstrelofsarcasm I will be back in the challenge for March. Staring weight 202.4 and weigh in day Friday. Thank you
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    edited February 2021
    Weigh In Day: Friday
    SW: 214.7
    PW: 211
    CW: 211
    LTD: 3.7


    4907 20 Feb
    6085 21 Feb
    5415 22 Feb
    6923 23 Feb
    10184 24 Feb
    5517 25 Feb
    8447 26 Feb

    @minstrelofsarcasm Can you please change my weigh in day to Saturday? Thank you 😊

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    Your March Team Chat is open! Please finish up the February weigh-ins here, and go to March for introductions and to get the new month going!
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    I'm ready to be back on track and forget about all of the other things that I let interfere with my success. I know I will thank myself this summer when it's hot outside.
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    PW 188.3
    CW 191.8

    Water weight from too any carbs :open_mouth:
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    Weigh-in day:Saturday
    Previous weight:172.0
    Current weight: 170.9
  • kos33
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    PW 170
    CW 172
  • annliz23
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    Pw 123 lbs
    CW 126 lbs 🐖🐖🐖🐷

    Sun 7,905
    Mon 13,612
    Tue 13,589
    Wed 13,077
    Th 13,168
    Fri 14,387
    Sat 3,704
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    Debbie Sharpe

    MFP starting weight - 173
    Last week – 127.6
    2/28 Current weight – 127.4

    Sunday – 16,787
    Monday –12,997
    Tuesday –12,928
    Wednesday –12,337
    Thursday –17,228
    Friday –15,977
    Saturday –15,365

    Well, it has been another windy rainy week and all of my walking has been inside! It just shows that if you are determined you can find a way. We had our second Covid shot this week. My mind is a bit more at ease but wow did my body react this time. The day after I had chills fever of 100.3 all afternoon and evening and had no energy. I was fine all morning but by lunch I was getting sick. All my steps were in the morning Wednesday. I still felt a bit weak both Thursday and Friday but yesterday back to normal. My husband was sick with both of his shots and just stayed in bed all day with headache and extreme weakness. I do hope and pray that the shots work. We are waiting 14 days and then we plan to go to a restaurant for the first time in a year! Not much else going on – still getting my water in, lifting light weights, walking, using habit tracker and trying to stay caught up here on WNM but I did fall behind this week on commenting. I have been reading but have not commented since Wednesday. This week will be a good week I will KEEP ON KEEPING ON…………………….

    I will see y'all on the March page and try to stay in touch during March!

  • sleepymom5
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    Check in for Saturday
    Food-logged and under
    Water-64 oz
    Exercise-30 min treadmill, PT, strength and stretching

    Another good day! I need to keep it going through the week instead of starting the week off well and then going down the drain.

    I am so happy to see February go...to be honest, I was happy to see January go too. This year has been awful so far but I am feeling better than I was in the beginning of the month.

    I will see you all over in the March thread :)

    @RoseyandReady Great attitude! Yes, your summer self will thank you if you put in the work now. I am with you! Let's have a great March!
    @kirsten11872 Great way to end the month with a loss!
    @kos33 No worries, new week, new month You got this!
    @annliz23 Omg! You had me Lol with those emojis! I will say the same as I said above to Koss-new week and new month-Let's do this
    @debbiewsharpe I am not looking forward to the second shot lol! I am glad that the vaccines and side effects are behind you now. I love your motivational posts.
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