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Weigh In Mon 29th Mar - Sun 4th Apr 🐣

tinkerbellang83tinkerbellang83 Member, Premium Posts: 8,843 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,843 Member
Please check you are posting in the correct week.

If you are new, please check out Page 1 of the Intro/FAQ thread

Feel free to drop into the General Chat thread for chat weight loss and general stuff.

And for newbs you can find the monthly progress reports here showing month to month weight variance and your progress from start weight to goal (where info has been given in your posts).


  • prehistoricmoongoddessprehistoricmoongoddess Member Posts: 987 Member Member Posts: 987 Member
    SW 174.0lbs as at 19 Aug 2020
    GW 126.0lbs

    LW 141.6lbs
    CW 139.6lbs

    A great week. I set myself a challenge to get in to the 130s
  • MegansMom2011MegansMom2011 Member Posts: 340 Member Member Posts: 340 Member
    Y1 SW 194 lbs 2/12/17
    Y2 SW 179 lbs 1/4/18
    Y3 SW 150 lbs 1/1/19
    Y4 SW 156.8lbs 1/1/20
    Y5 SW 146.4lbs 1/1/21
    GW 125 lbs
    LW 143.2 lbs 3/26/21
    CW 147.4 lbs 4/2/21 (+4.2 lbs)

    Total weight loss: -46.6 lbs!

    Since 1/1/2020:
    My highest recorded weight was: 164.4lbs
    My lowest recorded weight was: 142.8 lbs (new!)
    My goal weight for 1/1/2022 is 125lbs

    This was a very stressful week at work (being furloughed and then not being furloughed, but being reassigned), and I binged all week long because of the stress. Not good. But I'm facing it and keeping myself accountable. Hiding it won't erase the reality. Let's make this the best month!!!
  • chris_in_calchris_in_cal Member Posts: 718 Member Member Posts: 718 Member
    Let's make this the best month!!!

    Okay......... let's
  • Dante_80Dante_80 Member Posts: 192 Member Member Posts: 192 Member
    Good progress this week. Managed to pass the 60kg overall loss milestone too!

    Age: 40
    Height: 167cm - 5'6''
    SW: 177.8 kg - 392 lb - 63,8 ΒΜΙ (May 2020)
    GW: 69 kg - 153 lb - 24,9 ΒΜΙ

    LW: 117.9 kg - 259.9 lb - 42,3 ΒΜΙ
    CW: 117.0 kg - 257.9 lb - 42,0 ΒΜΙ
    Variance: -0.9 kg / -2.0 lb / -0.76% TBW

    OL: 60.8 kg - 134.0 lb - 21.8 BMI

    Weight remaining for:
    Obese class II: 5.7 kg - 12.6 lb
    Obese class I: 19.7 kg - 43.4 lb
    Overweight: 33.6 kg - 74.1 lb
    Normal: 47.6 kg - 104.8 lb
  • tinkerbellang83tinkerbellang83 Member, Premium Posts: 8,843 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,843 Member
    SW: 267.8lbs as at 20th October 2020 (highest weight)
    GW: 200lbs
    LW: 264.3lbs
    CW: 263.2lbs
    Variance -0.9lbs
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