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    Safe travels @RangerRickL!

    Exercise: Yes
    Calories: no (still in weight loss zone over 5 weeks but not by much)
    Tracked: Yes

    Tomorrow is a day filled with doc apts and my second dose. I’m probably not going to be on plan food wise but I am hitting the gym before my shot so at least I’ll have the exercise part down.

    I really need to refocus for May. April was a great testament to how much this group plays a part in my head staying in the game and how easily I let a day go off plan calorie wise if I’ve already gone past three pass days and I don’t really have anything to “lose”. I’m going to own May.
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    Yes x 3
  • SusanElle813
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    Yes for all 3
  • Impala007
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    Calories:Y 2209/1800+955 exercise
    Exercise:Y 19m ride with my son

    8 or 9 pass days this month but I’m still here in the game. Progress made and have every intention of continuing the positive trend in May.
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    I took a me day and didn’t log. I did internet to go to Jiu Jitsu class in the evening but as we got closer I just couldn’t deal with people so skipped it which meant no exercise but it was good to just relax and go to sleep super early. Although the break up was from my side it still was hard on my emotions so this day was needed. Friday will be a more constructive kind of me day and then I’ll hit May running. So ready to get back into the routines I know work for me.
  • calvin20874
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    April 29

    Exercise: 40 minutes stationary bike, 55 minutes weight training, 50 minutes stretching and PT exercises

    Tracking: yes
    Calories: under

    Pass days: 0
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    April 29
    37-day streak
    13,699 steps!
  • BobWw2017
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    April 29

    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?

    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?

    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?

    Too many pass days for me this month. Just a couple bad stretches that got out of hand. Still a good month overall and looking forward to May. Congratulations to all that will achieve their goals for this month.

  • TXRebelle
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes. Walked 2.11 miles; strength training
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes.
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes.
  • Crosbinium
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    Exercise- No
    Calories- under
    Tracked - yes
    Forgot to set my alarm and woke up five mins before I had to leave for work. Talk about mad scramble which meant I left my lunch bag at home in the fridge🤦‍♀️

    So I had 3 pass days that were in my control and 3 that were not (vaccine side effects). All pass days were from not being able to get my exercise in. I tracked daily this month and have lost 5 lbs this month.

    Some things I earned is that I really benefit from portion control over avoiding foods. I love ice cream. The 100 cals mini I cream sandwiches and ice cream cups are perfect for me. If I am active in the morning, I am less hungry. I really have an issue with stress eating and exercise regulates me. When I am regulated I can make better food choices.

    Next month has the added challenge of the end of the school year which can’t come fast enough, my birthday and our 24th anniversary.
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    Congratulations to everyone in the Winners Circle! You are all rock stars!

    I on the other hand....lol. I've spent the last couple days analyzing April - how it unraveled for me as the month went on. I was on a roll before vacation - did fine during vacation - but coming back I just couldn't quite get back on track and slowly disintegrated to full-on binge eating. Unbelievably, I just checked my weight April 2 - and I'm still about 2.5 pounds lighter! So it just proves to look at the long term instead of week to week or day to day. Still, this is an issue I need to address and solve. The problems:
    1. I have some kind of mental block that once I went over the 3 pass days, I completely threw in the towel and lost the ambition to hold it to 4 pass days, or 5 pass days.
    2. Eating at maintenance is one thing - bingeing is another - and the two are not compatible.
    3. Been "lazy" in the morning. Waking up early so I have time to walk or run and then deciding to sit and stare out the window drinking coffee instead. This is not a recipe for success.

    I've been listening to advice, did some reading, and here's my game plan:
    1. I'm going to "pretend" that Friday is May 1. Because otherwise I'll use it as an excuse to binge "one more day." So - yep - Friday is May 1 and I'm starting a new pass count.
    2. Some advice I heard is that until the bingeing is under control, weight loss will never be permanent, and that bingeing is the issue that has to be resolved before a calorie deficit should begin. I honestly don't have my brain quite wrapped around this yet - although I do completely agree that for me, binge eating is what will always trip me up. I feel like keeping the pass days at 3 or under really helps control binges, however, as evidenced by what happened this month, once I go over the 3 days, I can't throw caution to the wind and start bingeing just because I'm past 3 days anyway. I'm going to change my weight loss to .5 lbs/week instead of 1 lbs/week and focus on what's causing the bingeing and how to stop the vicious cycle.
    3. I did listen to a talk about strength training and it was FASCINATING. They talked about how strength correlates to being healthy. He was saying that women in particular have bought into a "tone" philosophy when they should be thinking "strong". I'm not summarizing it very well - but I'm pretty fired up about it! I have weights in the basement and realize that I have been kidding myself the last 6 years when I'm "working out". I don't even break a sweat for goodness sake and have not increased the weight of the dumbbells in all that time! No wonder I can feel my strength (especially upper body) getting worse and worse. So I bought a book, I'm making a plan, and going to commit to a 9 month strength plan.

    Sorry for the long post - but I have been tossing these things over and over in my brain the past several days. These are issues that I know I have to accept, address, and win over. So - this is just the next step in that process.

    @biketheworld I totally get all the things you talk about. One thing I have come to realize is that food binging is always going to be with us if we have that tendency. I now accept that it is going to happen occasionally and it is not something within my control. To me realizing that helped to make sure that 1 day did not turn into 2 turn into a week etc... One thing in maintenance which helps me is actually EATING more and EATING more after dinner within the budget I give myself. It's much easier for me not to binge when I am pretty stuffed after dinner. I weigh the consequences of eating 200 more cals per day properly vs going off the rails and having 2000 too many and it's a no brainer. So sometimes EATING more is the answer which it sounds like you are heading that direction. As far as the all or nothing mentality. I use 2 goblets of marbles. 1 is for good days and one is for "bad". I have several goblets of good days full of marbles and actually had to restart the whole thing this year. The goblet with bad marbles currently has 1 in it. So perspective may be why your weight is still down.

    hope this helps. I am sure you will find a "system" that works for you. Just be kind to yourself! Look at how far you have come and don't let a single crack bring down the entire building. We all have cracks.

  • SModa61
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    Start weight, April 1, 2021: 124.6
    April 1, 2021 – 124.6 (+1.4)
    March 1, 2021 – 123.2 (-3.0)
    February 1, 2021 - 126.2 (-5.8); Tanita BF scale at 6 am 126.5 and 26%BF
    January 1, 2021 – 132 (-3.6)
    December 1, 2020 – 135.6 (-5.2)
    November 6, 2020 – 140.8 (-7.0)
    October 2, 2020 – 147.8 (-5.2)
    September 14, 2020 – 153.0
    Thoughts and Goals for April:
    April has arrived and I am sitting here reflecting back on this month. It is the first month since September that I have closed the month with an “up”. That said, an up had to come at some point since at some point one is no longer trying/needing to lose weight, and I had passed my original goal back in January, I believe. The up on its own would be fine, but the habits, or lack thereof, that crept into my March are the concern. So, for the month of April, I will be focusing on returning to preplanning/pre-tracking as much as is possible and to not just thrown in the day it does not go as planned. I know that I know how to re-group and I need to make sure I find the time and energy for that. I want to up my cardio. Yes, I am “group walking” every day which burns calories, but honestly, I could walk at that pace for hours and hours without effort. I need to push myself, here and there, again. I will also be trying to maintain the social aspect of the group walks as well, so juggling all those time commitments will take a little focus. Lastly, I need to return to adding back exercises. I have not planked in a month, and rarely done exercises other than walking, running, or biking. So I need to figure out how to include bodyweight or dumbbell workouts. Here’s to April.

    Wishing everyone a great month!
    April History
    Date: 4/1
    Weight: 124.6
    Exercised?: Yes, 0:54:43 group walk at 17’10” pace for 3.18 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 1 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2184

    *** so not the way to start a new month. Did not respond well to another curve ball thrown at me. Going to pre-track tomorrow. It will be a belated 60th birthday dinner for my husband since his mother will have arrived and be able to join us for the dinner.

    Date: 4/2
    Weight: 125.6
    Exercised?: Yes, 0:21:02 Apple Fitness Spinning; 0:32:29 Indoor cycling to Youtube CV19 news
    Calories?: Yes, 1411/1590 + 314 exercise (net 493)
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 2 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2340

    *** This is the way I like to handle my day! And this included dining out. :)

    Date: 4/3
    Weight: 123.2
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:22:53 group walk at 16’30” pace for 4.92 miles, 10 min Apple Fitness core
    Calories?: Yes, 1855/1590 + 312 exercise (net 47 )
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 3 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2079

    Date: 4/4
    Weight: 122.2
    Exercised?: Yes, 0:31:10 Apple Fitness Spinning
    Calories?: Yes, 1746/1590 + 197 exercise (net 41 )
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 4 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2052

    *** Sitting here as I write this, I have to wonder if posting my thoughts here this morning helped me to frame and get through the day. This morning, I did actually expect today to be a pass day, despite the slight optimism I expressed in my post. Ten minutes later, I decided to track a tentative day – carrot cake, stuffed shells and all. When I got done, I saw that even with every food included I could meet my calorie goals for the day. Portion control was the key. The plan was 90% accurate and the other 10% was adjusted on the fly. When I added something, I took something else away (sorry salad :P ). I enjoyed Easter with no pass today. The success feels good!

    Date: 4/5
    Weight: 122.4
    Exercised?: Yes, 0:39:22 walk with MIL at 22’53” pace for 1.72 miles; 0:20:03 indoor cycle
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: No, 4 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 1679

    *** Finished yesterday with “success feels good” and had a total crash day after my entertaining was over. Ate badly and slept a ton. :( Most interesting thing though is looking at the difference in TDEE.

    Date: 4/6
    Weight: 123.6
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:52:51 group walk at 17’22” pace for 6.49 miles; 0:33:31 late night 5K run at 10’22” pace for 3.23 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 1732/1590 + 724 exercise ( net 582 )
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 5 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2657

    *** Interesting how 4/5 was sandwiched between two strong days. Glad I “test drove” running a 5K again. Good to see I can do it.

    Date: 4/7
    Weight: 123.0
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:22:26 group walk at 17’01” pace for 4.84 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 1738/1590 + 302 exercise ( net 154 )
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 6 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2019

    *** kitchen close and posting is timely. :)

    Date: 4/8
    Weight: 123.0
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:23:34 group walk at 17’03” pace for 5.06 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 1954/1590 + 416 exercise ( net 52 )
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 7 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2207

    *** basic day, nothing special

    Date: 4/9
    Weight: 122.6
    Exercised?: Yes, 0:28:33 solo walk at 14’40” pace for 1.94 miles; 1:11:41 group walk at 15’44” pace for 4.55 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 1940/1590 + 409 exercise ( net 59 )
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 8 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: updated the following day – see spoiler

    *** Had an interesting moment today that I hope will help me to understand the benefit of what was accomplished these 6 months. Today, I got home from a short grocery shopping including two bottles of wine to bring to friends on Sunday. I hate using the elevator at the building so I take the two flights to our condo. I carried all the groceries at once, from the car, through the parking and up the two flights. Not hard, but I could feel the difference. As an experiment, I walked directly to the scale when I got in our unit to see how high a combined weight I now was. I was still almost 9 lbs less that what I weighed in September, and almost 24 lbs less than my high in 2001. Hopefully experiments like this will help me keep focus, and keep my maintenance going. Yo-yo-ing has been my tendancy.

    Date: 4/10
    Weight: 124.0
    Exercised?: Yes, 0:30:07 run at 98’42” pace for 3.10 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 9 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2054

    *** what a difference a day makes. So interesting seeing yesterday’s comment in light of how today went. Day started well by entering another 5K race and did well. Then guests failed to show on time and failed to communicate and threw off the days good intensions. Had been pre-tracked but that all got thrown away as the day evolved and I could not rapidly re-group.

    Date: 4/11
    Weight: 124.4
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:47:12 group walk at 16’28” pace for 6.51 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 10 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2077

    *** today, I faced dinner at a friend’s house and since cooking is not her strength, there was no way I could impose on her by asking what she was preparing. So I decided (wrongly) to just forfeit the day. Spent the day working on sealing 500 square feet of tile grout.

    Date: 4/12
    Weight: 126.4
    Exercised?: No
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: No, 10 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 1699

    *** Woke up to torrential rain. First rain here in months. Of course, this is the day after we spent the day applying grout sealant that could not get wet for 72 hours. So not only is the sealant wet, but apparently rain plus brand new screens creates some sort of black mud which is covering my no longer sealed grout. The day went to heck. No daily walk and, while spending the day re-cleaning tile and grout, made no others efforts that day.

    Date: 4/13
    Weight: 127.2
    Exercised?: yes, 1:21:30 group walk at 16’44” pace for 4.87 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 11 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2163

    *** Should have pulled this day together but the spiral was forming

    Date: 4/14
    Weight: DNW
    Exercised?: No
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: No, 11 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 1644

    *** Did not weigh. This has been very very rare since September and is a red flag of issues coming. Started the day driving to Key West for a “fun” half day sail and ended up motion sick. We then got out second COVID vaccine, and by this time my stomach is just rotting itself. Did an early dinner (poorly selected), drove the hour+ home and headed straight to bed. It was not even 6 PM.

    Date: 4/15
    Weight: DNW
    Exercised?: No
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: No, 11 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 1487

    *** Yesterday, as another day fell apart, I realized the 15th is the halfway point and I can re-group for my last half month. Nope, day after COVID vaccine struck. Only time out of bed was to walk the cats which I never count as exercise. Ate lots of pretzels, soup and other miscellany. BUT, I felt better than my husband did…… really interesting seeing a true Base TDEE!

    Date: 4/16
    Weight: DNW
    Exercised?: Yes, 0:24:14 Solo walk at 14’38” pace for 1.65 miles; 1:22:34 group walk at 16” 02” pace for 5.15 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 12 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2084

    *** No excuse today, just did not happen.

    Date: 4/17
    Weight: 126.6
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:43:21 mixed solo/group walk at 15’18” pace for 6.75 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 1553/1590 + 481 exercise (net 518)
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 13 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2360

    *** A good day! :) And even posted on the actual day!

    Date: 4/18
    Weight: 125.0
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:27:02 group walk at 16’39” pace for 5.22 miles; 0:19:20 solo walk at 14’36” pace for 1.32 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 1886/1590 + 418 exercise (net 122)
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 14 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2127

    *** Good day #2. Posted on the proper day again, and have pre-tracked much of tomorrow.

    Date: 4/19
    Weight: 124.4
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:43:01 group walk at 15’16” pace for 6.70 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 2051/1590 + 481 exercise (net 20)
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 15 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2137

    *** less good but good enough

    Date: 4/20
    Weight: 125.6
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:18:28 group walk at 16’07” pace for 4.86 miles; 31 min Apple Fitness spin class
    Calories?: Yes, 1968/1590 + 567 exercise (net 189)
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 16 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2268

    *** Interesting to see the temporary impact of pasta on the scale

    Date: 4/21
    Weight: DNW
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:17:55 group walk at 15’50” pace for 4.92 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 17 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2102

    *** Trying to work through the kitchen shelves, fridge and freezer before heading back north next week is not helping me make the best choices.

    Date: 4/22
    Weight: 126.0
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:47:12 group walk at 16’28” for 6.51 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 2065/1590 + 481 exercise (net 6)
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 18 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2020

    *** Not proud of middle of the day bad choices, BUT I sat down, tracked it all and saw I could make my numbers – but barely. Consequently the rest of the day went well.

    Date: 4/23
    Weight: 125.8
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:24:39 group walk at 17’24” pace for 4.86 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 19 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2182

    Date: 4/24
    Weight: 125.6
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:26:42 group walk at 17’20” pace for 5.02 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 20 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 1874

    Date: 4/25
    Weight: 127.2
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:22:35 group walk at 16’46” for 4.92 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 21 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 1962

    Date: 4/26
    Weight: 126.8
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:25:18 group walk at 16’30” for 5:17 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 1764/1590 + 309 (net 135)
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 22 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2050

    *** For March and April, I have struggled with the planning, tracking and meeting calorie goal aspect of my days. These past days, trying to empty the fridge and freezer before heading back north has further encouraged me to make spontaneous bad choices. Fortunately, the exercise habit that UAC has gifted me continues to hold strong. Few days left to April. Two will be still packing, then next begins our drive north, and my final day is spent visiting my MIL before heading off for the remaining 1400 miles.

    Date: 4/27
    Weight: 125.8
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:20:43 group walk at 16’53 for 4.78 miles
    Calories?: No
    Tracked?: No
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 23 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2197

    Date: 4/28
    Weight: DNW
    Exercised?: Yes, 1:19:46 group walk at 16’34” for 4.81
    Calories?: Yes, 1581/1590 + 290 exercise (net 299)
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 24 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2290

    *** Today was solid. So much easier to stay on track when busy (so not bored), while also not stressed.
    Date: 4/29
    Weight: 124.4
    Exercised?: Yes, 0:56:12 group walk at 17’07 pace for 3.28 miles
    Calories?: Yes, 1703/1590 + 198 exercise (net 85)
    Tracked?: Yes
    Rings Closed?: Yes, 25 of 30
    Apple Watch TDEE: 2077

    *** early morning with packing and cleaning to close down Florida condo, then 4 hour drive and time at MIL’s. Handled the day well

    Passes remaining: -10
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    Finally internet is working at my MIL's house. Got yesterday's post up and going through the comment. Many are well timed for me as I need to face how I am re-grouping once home (sunday evening). Good news, bad news is I will no longer have the morning group walks. That's bad because I will not longer have the volumn of exercise or that socializing, but the good news it not having that free up more time as I need time to add in more strenuous exercise.

    @donna25trinity and @biketheworld can you share info on the videos and talks you referenced?

    @maltedtea I love your list. I need to form an intension list myself.

    @LazyBlondeChef I'll check out that book or other similar

    @crosbinium congrats on your 5 lb loss this month!!

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