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    @MaltedTea and @Chinkiri Thank you two for being here too!!
  • RangerRickL
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    Wow!! I appreciate all of you who have shared your NSVs. You are an inspiration to me.
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    Yes x 3
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    Yes, yes and yes.

    However it was a sad day, had to put down our dog today. She gave us 12 good years, am missing her tonight.

    @alligatorob Im so sorry for the loss of your sweet dog. 🌷
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    May 15
    🌼 Tracked all to the gram
    🌸 calories under!
    🌺 exercise 12,200 steps 1:42hr (AM & PM walks)

    No sugar ⬆️
    Sodium ✔️
    Sat Fat ✔️
    Protein ⬇️
    Fiber ✔️
    🎨 ✔️
  • SummerSkier
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    My NSV’s:

    🌸 The last two days I tried an experiment. I always write my food intake in sticky notes & then enter them into my phone after I eat.
    These past two days, I wrote them & tucked them into my pocket. Tonight, JUST NOW, I entered them all.

    I’m under both days!!! This is a HUGE DEAL!!!!
    I didn’t count calories. I didn’t use set meal times. Amazing. Simply amazing. I listened to my body. I used what I’ve learned over the years.

    I might just be able to eat like a normal person. Time will tell. But today, at this moment, the holy grail, the goal I never dared dream of, might just be within reach.

    It’s been a multi-year journey of experimentation, honest reflection, daily exercise, careful tracking of macro & micro nutrients, mindful eating, daily weigh-ins, and the development of an art practice that fills me up where before I used food & eating out.

    As I said, fingers crossed. I’m going to try it the next two days and see! ❤️

    this is huge. I think you might just have found a good way for folks to transition from logging to intuitive eating with this method if they want. Congratulations!
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    jan110144 wrote: »
    Pass day no 2

    Horse show going ok?
  • Crosbinium
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    NSV - I feel better! Less knee pain, less back pain and more energy! Also clothes are fitting better.

    Today - yes x 3
    Lots of outdoor time today. Outdoor cleanup in the am and then friends over for a few beers and dinner in the afternoon.
    I did a good job fitting in some celebration foods and still staying on target with calories.
    Hubby and I split a piece of the birthday cake they brought for me so I could enjoy it without going overboard.

    Thanks for the input on eating out. The Buffalo tenders are grilled chicken tenderloins basted with Buffalo wing sauce. All the flavor of wings but way less fat.
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    @Crosbinium - Happy Birthday! 🎈🎂🎉🎊