Crock Pot Beef recipes

rmhenson Posts: 2 Member
Between work and a senior in color guard I'm home at like 9pm exhausted and not wanting to do anything. Crock pot is SO easy with the throw away liners. My husband doesn't eat chicken so we eat a lot of beef. Needing something different/new/exciting. Thanks.


  • Bubba_Furley
    Bubba_Furley Posts: 31 Member
    I really like shredded beef for tacos or burrito bowls.
  • justtodayjen333
    justtodayjen333 Posts: 142 Member
    I love to cook a roast beef in the crock pot. So easy and falls apart. On the bottom, I put onions, halved potatoes, and carrots. Beef Roast. Onion Soup mix. Cook on low all day. Delicious. I like to cook chicken in the crock pot with salsa -- I wonder if you could do so with beef? I also love a good hamburger soup -- I will eat soup any time.
  • lks2gab
    lks2gab Posts: 45 Member
    Mississippi pot roast. Easy, just a few ingredients and it's delish.
  • mrsgirwin1
    mrsgirwin1 Posts: 3 Member
    Beef and broccoli. Cubed steak cut into bite size pieces with carrots and onions with some beef broth, garlic and ginger. When I get home from work I add frozen broccoli. I serve it with noodles for the family, and I serve mine over cauliflower rice. We add low sodium soy sauce to the noodles/rice.