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Defining fasting day

natalie412 Posts: 1,039 Member
I'm on my second week of 5:2 and it occurred to me I would really prefer to have my fasting day last from 6pm to 6pm, or something like that. Does anyone do that?


  • KateNkognito
    KateNkognito Posts: 1,561 Member
    On my fasting days I do 7 pm or so until the next day at 5 pm or so and then I don't have anything else until the next morning at 7 am -ish. I hope this helps.
  • mamainthekitchen
    mamainthekitchen Posts: 929 Member
    Hi Natalie, I think you can do pretty much what works for you!! 18:6 or 14:8.... 12:12 each day, or 5:2 refers to 5 days regular eating and 2 at lower calorie - usually 500-600 cals no more on those two days. You choose when you want to start and end, some people like doing both kinds of fasting at same time, I find it too difficult and prefer the 5:2 method, good luck!
  • natalie412
    natalie412 Posts: 1,039 Member
    I already decided to make it a normal day - I end up eating only 500 cal for much longer than 24 hours. Like today was the day after my fasting day and I didn’t end up eating until 2 pm. I’m rarely hungry in the morning anyway. I’m on my second week, and I like this. Only logging twice a week is a bonus!