A food addict just starting the road to recovery

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Hello. My name is Amz and I'm a food addict. It took me a long time to understand this and realize I'm not a person who can eat in moderation without mindful effort. I have been successful in weight loss in the past, but my emotional eating habit has worsened substantially over the last two years. I do not have people in my life to talk to about my compulsive eating or struggles I'll have on my weight loss journey so tonight I decided to join a few groups to see if I can find what I'm lacking online - a group of understanding individuals to mutually share encouragement and support.


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    I am also a Food Addict. Nice to meet you. Friend me if you wish.
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    welcome and friend me the struggle is hard but it need not be lonely
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    I am also a food addict. Mainly sweets an soda 😐. It has gone out of control over the past two years an my weight was going up again.
    You are welcome to friend me an we can support one another.
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    I too am a food addict. I'm also a closet eater. In front of people I eat like a perfectly healthy person but behind closed doors I am out of control. Stress eating over the past year has made me gain 35 pounds. So I'm here to try to get things under control.
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    It is my drug of choice..
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    Food addict here! Not proud, but it is the truth. Trying to recognize the stress in my life and how to move forward.
  • I'm also a good addict have been since my teenage years (35 years). It's time to finally make the change. I just joined an need all the help I can get.
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    Food addiction is more common than some may think. For me, there is an emotional component to it, and this needs to be addressed and healed before I can change my food habits. When the emotions are acknowledged and seen, then the healing can begin.
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    As a child of a food addict, I was a co-dependent eater. I ate my mom's feelings with her when she was sad, and I got rewarded with special attention for doing it. Over the years, I became a closet eater. I can't handle eating wheat, rice, or potatoes, because they all make me crave more and keep on eating. And the reason I came looking for this group is that right now soft pretzels are calling to me. I haven't had a soft pretzel in months, but suddenly out of nowhere I can almost taste them, and I know wheat makes my blood sugar spike so that I feel like I must eat more and more. I know I would cave in if I had any pretzels in the house. I came looking for this group because I know I needed to talk to somebody who could understand.
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    @elizabethwinchell I was the same with air heads. I don't know why but I can't have just one. It is the only food that I do not allow myself to eat and have not for a few years. I have found that sometimes I just crave them out of nowhere and I wish I had an answer on how not to eat them. I treat myself like a child and try to distract myself. I eat other foods that I love that are "better" to eat or if its sugar I am craving specifically I try to reach for my skinny cow ice creams which help with the cravings.
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    It is a struggle not to to binge every day.. I do not have much of a sweet tooth but a bag of chips is not safe for long.. I'm about ten days back in on logging and and off trigger foods stripped the house of temptations currently living alone so the only ones to suffer are guests..

    I have been trying to make my own meals and stick to a regular meal times it helps some with the binges if I don't get too hungry.. still hard at times like now when feelings of loneliness ,grief and fear grab hold and my brain wants me to squelch them..
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    i eat to feel better the stress of winter covid my kids husband just life is so stressful
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    I think I might be a food addict, I honestly hadn't thought about it until seeing your post. I just thought "I'm an emotional eater", I'm looking into FA now. Thank you all for sharing.