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    Wow, another great topic today! @znaoiec I envy you some of the places you’ve hiked!
    I just finished an evening hike in Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains.
    As a family growing up, we hiked through the woods, camped, played tennis, rode bikes etc. We’ve done all of that during different phases with our own kids but hiking is the big thing these days.

    @donna25trinity Congrats on getting so close to your goal! You’re going to make it this time for sure!
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    @snowshoe072 I’m so glad you got to have a belated birthday celebration with your sister! Well done on making a great choice having a salad! You know, birthday cake does freeze. You can slice it and double ziploc individual slices and it will be good for 3 months.
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    @seilidhe - your progress picture was amazing. Your face is so much thinner!

    @donna25trinity - sooooo close! You’re going to make it!

    Sunday: 4
    Monday: 1 (not a typo)
    Tuesday: 8
    Wednesday: 8
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    @Jana_2020 Well done getting back on track after a short hiatus! If I’m off track one day, it’s not terribly difficult getting back on, but if I am off track 2 or more days, it’s a bear getting back on track! Or maybe I should say, I become a bear!
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    @donna25trinity Congratulations!!!
  • RangerRickL
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    @znaoiec Thanks for your excellent post. We raised our 4 kids to love the outdoors. Long distance multiple day bike trips and horseback riding and camping in the western United States. Now, Rose and I love to hike in the Arizona desert (usually November through April).
    @donna25trinity Congratulations!! You have been very committed to your family and goals!!
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    30 min walk, 30 min weights and lots of playing with bub.
    Under by 50 and all tracked.
    I am down to 58.5 kgs yayyyy my goal is 58 kgs so very close now. Ive been at 58 once before but cldnt stay there but i am determined that once i get there this time i will stay there!!

    Hubby, bub and i do a walk around the block. We hve water ocean views and also end up at the golf course so its very pretty and really nice family time! Night team! Xox

    58.5 kg feel good, right. :) The same I was today in the morning :)
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    I’m so impressed with the way you meet all your challenges, and those walks are so fast! I really appreciate the way you find time to comment on other’s achievements.

    @TwistedSassette you are doing really well in your first month. Congratulations on the freggies!
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    @mshawski you need to listen to your body and rest when it calls for it. 200 calories is nothing to worry about.

    @Jana_2020 well done resisting temptation. Partners and friends offering kindnesses and treats have to be handled carefully. It’s a negotiation between showing your appreciation of the thought while explaining why you don’t want it this time.
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    July 21

    Yes to all questions.
    Pass days: over.

    Goodnight / good morning to you all 💛💜