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Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?


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    Happy Saturday!!

    I have learned that each day of the month is important! In effect, they all count. Just as each calorie or step does.

    SO, what are YOUR DREAMS?

    What did you want to do when you “grew up”?
    What were your interests in 6th to 8th grade? Did you lose sight of them? Why not begin now?!!

    What will you do to maximize the use of these next 8️⃣ days to make your dreams come true?

    Consider this:
    Spending just 10 minutes a day on something you love will total 1-1/2 work weeks a year from now. (More than many of us get as vacation days.)

    30 minutes daily = a month of work days yearly

    An hour a day: 2 work months

    What are your dreams?

    A hobby
    a novel
    a physical goal

    social gatherings/make new friends/see old friends

    learn a new skill for a new type of job
    learn a new language for a dream vacation
    flower arranging

    — the possibilities are endless!

    What can you do TODAY to get closer to achieving what makes your heart sing?

    What will you accomplish in the next 8 days!! Every day counts!! Let us know what lights you up!!

    WHY this topic?
    Creating the life we always dreamed of becomes part of our Big Why! Motivates us to practice habits & track the things that help us to be healthy — so we have the energy & the health to do what we always dreamed of!!


  • TerriRichardson112
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    ✅ - Exercise 20+ Minutes
    ✅ - Calories within budget
    ✅ - Tracked everything

    1️⃣ Pass Days Remaining
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    @MadisonMolly2017 and @terririchardson112 wat a beautiful profound topic. Love ur poem to bits and also love how u and dh hve chosen to live ur life!!! Hubby and i are hving daily conversations about this as we were both in high pressure stressfull careers that made us so unhappy! I since extended my maternity leave and he quit his job a few weeks ago so we are now living off our savings until he does some soul searching to discover wat he wants to do next. I still hve 8 mths before i go back to work so i will then also hve decisions to make. Doing something u dislike is soul crushing and im so intrigued to hear how others stay happy, content and fufilled in life. Mine atm are weekly massages, a good tv show or podcast, making my bub laugh, drives around our beautiful beach suburb and actively meeting new friends as all my friends live 2.5 hours away. Xo
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    Not today but LOTS of exercise. Back to normal on the 27th
  • WhatMeRunning
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    Normally Saturdays would be a rest day for recovery but considering how my overall workout load has shifted downward with no running I don't think a total rest day is required or wise right now. I took a nice, long, leisurely walk this morning observing the change from sights and sounds of night time on the trails to those of morning before the kids got up.

    July 24

    ✅ - Exercise 20+ Minutes (99 minutes)
    ✅ - Calories within budget (680 under, ate back 78 exercise calories)
    ✅ - Tracked every detail I consumed (yes)

    0 Pass Days Used

    Personal Challenges Met: 19/24 days (2nd, 4th, 5th, 11th, 15th)
    ✅ - Net Carbs 30g or less (21g)
    ✅ - Protein 180g or more (189g)
    ✅ - 5+ Fruits/Veggies (5)
    ✅ - Workouts Completed (1)
    • Walk - 99 minutes (5.12 miles)

    Great topic! I'm not sure I have a good reply though. 😜
  • donna25trinity
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    Yes yes and yes. My tummy has been playing up at night bloated etc so i am trying to eat slower and chew more to see if that makes a difference. Happy bday @Mshawski hope u hve a nice day filled with fun and love. Xox
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    @donna25trinity - I hope you both find something that makes your hearts sing.
    @WhatMeRunning - mindful walking is a good way to go. I hope it aids your recovery.
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  • WhatMeRunning
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    Dreams growing up
    I was blessed to grow up to do what I always wanted to be when I grew up, quite fringe geek for 6th-8th graders in the early 80s, making computers work for people. From hardware, networking, software and databases to get the task done, I've done a great deal of it. I'm still in that field, but things are not quite as satisfying as they once were. At this point I suppose I basically just compose data streams together for folks as a living. I still prefer building new things from scratch, but I'm not a visionary with the next great tech idea in my mind, so I'm not making anything. It's all been done at this point, it seems!

    left blank for now. Lots going on and not sure how to prepare any more than just getting to each new day and new challenges.
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    It didn’t save I can’t do it all again… all three done a busy day
  • clutterqueen
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    Good thought provoking post, Maddie! Not sure I have an answer though.

  • alligatorob
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    Yes, yes, and yes, though exercise was limited.

    Heading off for a few days of vacation in the morning, driving to Oregon. Not sure how I will do there, but will try. I am way over on pass days already, so no WC, no matter what.
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    Pass day #2, yes, yes, over on calories
  • JTreasures
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    Yes x 3
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    Hey All,
    I guess I asked a big question…

    I decided I wanted to become really adept/facile at drawing botanicals with an original style in ink over time.

    My husband & I are developing a gardening joint hobby & I realized that gives me an excellent place to practice different plants/leaves/flowers over time!

    I drew parts of our 25-30 year jade plant this evening with three different types of pens. Not great, but I’ll get there. More than half the battle is really seeing it.

    I am going to spend 10 minutes a day drawing plants in my yard this week.

    Ex: 11,922 steps✅✅
    Food under✅
    Tracked: all✅
    Arm exercises💪🏻

    Screens off 10 (1/2 hr late)
    In bed 11✅
    Lights out by 12✅

    Freggies 5✅
    🌱 drawing ✅

    Pass Days remaining 0️⃣
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    Yesterday I was in emotional pit. The whole day on the sofa. All 3 x no. But today I did already Epic Hiit ☺️ Now go to the basement - sorting out and packing.... Transportation company comes on Tuesday to estimate our belongings and costs.