Any Over-50 Vegans here? :-)



  • DinahCakes
    DinahCakes Posts: 64 Member
    Vegan 10 years, lacto-ovo vegetarian for 21 years prior to going vegan. 56 years old.
  • ntfrenk
    ntfrenk Posts: 4 Member
    *waves* 57, whole food plant based no oil. :)
  • jstevemfp
    jstevemfp Posts: 11 Member
    I'm 60 and vegan. Was vegetarian till 4 years ago when I transitioned to full vegan. I still use some honey though, so I'm not a "strict" vegan (when the vegan term means no honey). But I do not consume animal based meat, eggs, or dairy. I went vegan for ethical reasons, but have tried to become more whole-foods, plant-based in approach to food choices. Mainly I have made it my guiding principle to consume foods on the least or minimally processed end of the spectrum.
  • ashleaftattoo
    ashleaftattoo Posts: 6 Member
    62 and vegan for about 10 years, and WFPB, mostly, for the past 2. I do like sugar. And wine.
  • mermaidnj
    mermaidnj Posts: 166 Member
    I am sending friend requests looking to support and be of support .. it would also be great to have a few veggie friends to walk along the way with.. Long time veggie 46 years plus .. currant status vegan recovering potato chip veggie..
  • jstevemfp
    jstevemfp Posts: 11 Member
    I'm 60 y.o. I've been vegan for 3+ years and vegetarian for a few years before than. I'm vegan for the animals and the environment and have also found it to be very beneficial to my health.

    I am in a social circle with many WFPB friends so have that influence. But I have my issues with sugar and also oil, both of which I don't want to give up (though I have cut back). So vegan for the animals and trying to be more WFPB for my health. Also, since last February 2020, I'm gluten-free as making that change greatly improved my gut health and I've been able to stop all GI meds (PPIs, H2 blockers, etc.) since last July 2020.
  • jstevemfp
    jstevemfp Posts: 11 Member
    oops I relied twice. Can't seem to delete. sorry for posting twice.
  • smosl
    smosl Posts: 2 Member
    Yes, I'm 66, and have been vegan since 2012
  • Porkus5
    Porkus5 Posts: 22 Member
    52 here. Vegetarian for 45 years. Vegan for 19.
  • SaladSammich
    SaladSammich Posts: 1 Member
    50 here (51 in June). Vegetarian since 1986 and Vegan since 2000!
  • jude4359
    jude4359 Posts: 2 Member
    62 this year :)
  • jfp420
    jfp420 Posts: 288 Member
    Hello ! I just turned 50 and have been a vegetarian for 12 years. I am now almost vegan - will slip and eat eggs or cheese if I'm out of my home and there are no alternatives. Hoping to get back onto MFP regularly for accountability. Working from home has led me to make unwise food choices (stress eating and snacking all day) and the reduced activity doesn't help. Gained back all the weight I lost plus a little extra and am so ready to change.
  • pussnboots686
    pussnboots686 Posts: 10 Member
    I'm 56 and just getting into being a vegetarian. I am hoping to learn the correct way to go about it this time. About 8 years ago I was vegan for almost a year and caught colds on a regular basis. I wasn't getting the right nutrients at the time. I am hoping to gain better insight this time by doing a lot more research and by learning from you all
  • chublet25
    chublet25 Posts: 833 Member
    65, and going to be celebrating 30 years of being a vegan on July 3rd, 2021! So happy to see more vegans on here!
  • SarahxCheesecake
    SarahxCheesecake Posts: 169 Member
    Me me me. Diary is public or hook up as friends 😃
  • VeginOut
    VeginOut Posts: 2 Member
    Me! New to the plant based lifestyle. Almost a month and see no reason to ever go back! Trying to follow Engine2/Forks Over Knives plan. Not sure I agree with the no oil part but so far, I really don't miss it. I missed dairy at first but now I'm ok.
  • stasiabstnactrs
    stasiabstnactrs Posts: 5 Member
    Hi! 51 this year. Have been a vegan for 2 years now. I became a vegan for ethical reasons at first and of course realize it is also extremely healthy. I have decided to try eating primarily raw vegan give or take a meal or two. Looking forward to sharing with everyone. :)
  • VeryVeggieVegan
    VeryVeggieVegan Posts: 2 Member
    Hello! 55, ethical vegan, vegan junk food expert :) New member, glad to find this group!
  • susmannie
    susmannie Posts: 43 Member
    Hello. 64, mostly vegan for a couple of years. Like to try new vegan recipes.
  • JVittitoe
    JVittitoe Posts: 8 Member
    edited August 2021
    I am 61, whole food plant based. I still eat an occsional slice of pizza. Recently on a long road trip I had some animal products. I have been logging in again for about 38 days. Boy is it ever eye opening. I do not eat as healthy as I thought. "Occasional junk foods" are really almost daily occurances. I plan to look at some of the folks who said there food diary was open to read. Thank you everyone.