what was your spark name?



  • amynegrete1
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    My Sparkname was AmyNegrete. I didn't post much but gained inspiration from reading the many other posts. Glad to see some folks I recognize here.
  • Simply_jae
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  • promoterdreams2lose
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    My name is Kelly-Rene’e Mooney & on Sparkpeople I am WINGSDREAMS. I joined SP in 2010. I am a part of Emerald Gems (Biggest Loser)Challenges & hoping this group will be able to continue as it has inspired & motivated so many! Sparkpeople is changing platforms effective August 2021. I made a profile under WINGSDREAMS on Spark360/Spark America. They say they will slowly be adding features on their new platform. Will it be like Sparkpeople? We will see. I’ve been a member of MyFitnessPal since 2010 as well. Glad MFP is still here & hoping that they may add some more free features as well! Please feel free to add me here on MyFitnessPal! I’d love to follow your journeys to a healthier lifestyle!🙂
  • ambudman
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    I was AMBUDMAN
  • MeadsbayElizabeth
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  • Cheryl4808Spark
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    I was Cheryl4808.
  • makingthyme
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  • oldskool56
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    My screen name was oldskool556 on SP here oldskool56 Spark People feel free to add :) the more the merrier
    CSEGUIN2 Posts: 5,516 Member
    My name on Sparks was CSEGUIN2
  • Caramel_Apple
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  • hjahangiri
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  • pages66
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    Pages66, I’m was on the Teddy Bear team.
  • mamarston
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  • Tktmta
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    I was Tktmta
  • YoungAtHeart105
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    I was Young-at-Heart on Spark
  • Kayde53
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    My name was the same Kayde53.
  • ba_coy
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    ba_coy, same as it is here
  • Moonbear7
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    Mine was the same as my name is here: Moonbear7
  • JPismefromSP
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    ANACORAZON is my Sparkname. Here I added my age. Some of my teams
    -Walker Runners Joggers in 5% Challenges
    -Prism Panthers in Biggest Loser Challenges
    -Living Low Carb
    -South Beach
    -Yoga Lovers
    -Smart Carbing

    I like that you included teams you belonged to.
  • oldskool56
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