How are you guys doing?

Feel free to express yourself in here!!

I'll try to start :# Hi! my name is Mari, im from Panama (little caribbean country in central america - thats why my english isnt the best, sorry), im in my early 20s, I just got back in keto after a really long time. I left the diet for reasons i don't even remember now (yeah :| ) The pandemia and laziness took the worst in me, and now that life is all back in track, i really struggled with my new daily agenda, going to the hospital (for my med student practices), then doing classes until night, super sedentary!! I would only eat trash food cause it was fast to make or cheap to buy. I realized that if i keep that lifestyle i wouldn't be the doctor in the hospital, i would be the pacient.

So now im trying to make myself healthier! This is just a little part of my journey, but i hope everyone can open up and share a little part of theirs. Good luck to everyone and hope your journey even tho can be hard can be achieved!


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    My name is chrissy . I started this lifestyle changes back in April 2020. I have lost 21.4 lbs on my own. I'm here to track everything for my dr to see sense I recently got told I had low sugars.. . I still want to lose weight and hit all my goals ....
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    You got this boss
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    My name is chrissy . I started this lifestyle changes back in April 2020. I have lost 21.4 lbs on my own. I'm here to track everything for my dr to see sense I recently got told I had low sugars.. . I still want to lose weight and hit all my goals ....

    Hi Chrissy! Hope you are doing great today! Wow thats amazing 21lbs! You sure are a fighter! Hope your sugar status gets better and can controle it!

    I know you can keep does goals up! dont worry, dont forget to see how much you have done till this day, dont worry about how much is left!

    Good luck, hope we can hear more of you in the future! Thanks for sharing!
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    Good Morning.... im still struggling with headaches and low sugar . I'm trying to get it all under control .... I had a hysterectomy couple months ago so thing it's all hormone related .... but sugar runs in my family on both sides.... all I can do is push and keep trying
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    Hi Mari!! You are beautiful!!

    I’m Emmy from New York, in America :)

    I need to get a LOT of help and support!!

    The pandemic really, really scared me. I started working from home and was afraid to go out. I don't know how to cook and I ordered delivery from restaurants every night.

    I was already pretty lazy before the pandemic but normally I would get exercise from walking during my commute or walking around stores... but then for 16 months I didn't even get that.

    There were a lot of days I barely got out of bed or off the couch.

    I watched 6-12 hours of TV per day.

    I felt super stressed and food was a big coping mechanism and source of comfort for me!!

    I felt tired all the time and my productivity dropped but my work was super understanding because they knew everybody was under a lot of stress. They didn't check in on us a lot. I definitely started to feel lazy and I got used to taking a lot of naps.

    My body changed a lot during te pandemic. Especially my belly. My waistline grew a lot.

    Now, they are making us go back to the office and expecting more productivity. For the past few months I have been really struggling to adjust because I still feel scared and feel weird about going outside without a mask.

    I am 5'5" and was a healthy 160 pounds at the start of the pandemic. In July when I started going back to work I weighed 242 pounds. 

    Since then I have tried to lose weight but nothing has worked. I’m getting close to 260 and I’m scared because the weight won’t stop!! :(

    I am noticing changes like not being able to walk as far without feeling out of breath. The first time back at work I felt faint and dizzy when I was going up the stairs, and had to stop to catch my breath. It was really embarrassing and scary. But I hadn't really done stairs in SO long so I guess my body was not ready for that. Now I feel afraid to do the stairs too much so I walk to the other end of the hall to use the elevator even though it takes longer.

    I work on a computer so I sit all day long. Even though all I do is sit, I feel exhausted. I am always tired and after lunch time all I want to do is lie down. I have pillows to make my office chair more comfortable but I miss laying on my bed when I worked from home!! My muscles feel sore all the time even though I'm not even using them much.

    I feel so overwhelmed I just want to quit. My friend said I should get a gym membership. But if I'm struggling this tired out walking around the office I don't feel like I can handle the gym.

    I'm not an athletic girl - I've always been more of of the “couch potato” type girl and a curvy and thick and larger size girl. I'm apple shape so I've always had extra fat around my belly, but I used to carry my weight better and I could hide the belly fat with spanx and high waisted pants. But now my fat is just really noticeable and I can't hide it.

    I have gone up sizes. I did a lot of online shopping when I was staying home but I can't fit into most of it comfortable anymore. I have rolls on my arms and back now. I am trying to accept my self and I am okay with how my legs, butt, and arms look... but my belly area is a big insecurity for me.

    I have no clue where to start to get in shape again. I need something EASY because "just hit the gym" is not really do-able for me.

    Here are before/after pics from pre-pandemic and then from when I started going to work again (wore the teal dress to work on my first day).

    PLEASE be kind and give me lots of encouragement and support!!!