kitchen tools.

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what are your most used=must haves? here are mine.
  • chef knife - german or japanese
  • good end grain cutting board. i've had mine 40 years
  • gas bbq with infrared burner. i know there will be some weber purist which i can totally relate. i want a wood burner which are expensive.
  • instantpot or similar
  • sous vide stick with proper container for the bath
  • vacuum sealer
  • the new anova precision oven. this thing is really amazing. i've been a chef for 40 years and it does the job of $30k commercial ovens
  • stainless steel saute pans
  • cast iron skillet.
  • measuring tools, spoons, cups, scale
  • and the most overlooked, imho, a substantial hood/exhaust. buy the most cfm's you can afford.
i know there's probably something i'm missing. i have a good blender and stand mixer but i could probably do without. i don't have a food processor. i have hands with thumbs which makes my dog jealous.


  • murphtang88
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    • A good knife/set of knives and a knife sharpener
    • Kitchen scales
    • Soup maker - this sounds so lazy, but I work from home and it's super convenient
    • Slow cooker

    also, I laughed at your comment about thumbs making your dog jealous. My cat is also jealous of my thumbs lol
  • cbihatt
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    I dislike cooking, but I am trying to do more of it this year. My most used tools:

    1. Scale and measuring cups/spoons
    2. Slow cooker
    3. Apple wedger/corer
    4. Pyrex glass dishes for cooking and storing leftovers
    5. Sharp knife and cutting board
    6. Vegetable peeler
    7. Nordicware baking sheet

    My stove/oven doesn’t even have an exhaust hood. LOL!
  • jude4359
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    Anova sous vide
    Tefal cook4me
    Air fryer
    I’ve been looking at the new Anova precision oven ........
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    Something I love that I don't see mentioned is my fish spatula. It makes for neater, more intact fish. :)
  • carakirkey
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    I have no fancy tools like a sous vide or air fryer, but rely on my Cast iron pan, chef knife, and crock pot. And a micro planer/grater is a great tool for a small portion of grated cheese.
  • xelsoo
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    All of the above are basically mine, especially the german/japanese knife, cutting board and measuring tools. I'd say a peeler and grater are really useful depending on the textures you want for a particular dish, a blender or stand mixer and a cast iron pot such as Le Creuset ones.
    I need to look into buying nice stainless steel pans. Plus about time I buy a new oven, I'll look at the Anova one several of you mentioned!
  • jkgillia
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    I swear by All-Clad copper core pans, Le Creuset dutch oven, large selection of Wustof knives, and my most recent favorite- Instant Pot.

    Sadly, I don't seem to use either my kitchen aid stand mixer (for more than a decorative item) or my Anova sous vide. I nearly burned my house down with my 100 year old cast iron skillet- so she is only decoration now. What kinds of reasonably healthy recipes ya'll got for me to use those appliances?
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    Just bought new cutting board, knife set and tongs!!!
  • ldaltonbishop
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    Not yet mentioned:

    Silicon spatula

    Coffee/spice grinder

    Rice cooker/steamer

    Cheese wire

  • rbk2620
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    Good knifes are a must!
    Good frying pan that has an oven safe handle to finish in the oven.
    Zyllis chopper
    Salad spinner
    ...I guess I could go on and on, lol