Friday weigh-in thread, 1-7-2022

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Yo. How'd you do?


  • steve0mania
    steve0mania Posts: 2,224 Member
    I'm down a whopping 0.2 pounds! I guess, as they say, a loss is a loss!

    Nevertheless, I had a good week for myself. I'm committed to the 10 pound challenge, and I did not have any alcohol from M-Th. I also had air-popped popcorn as my only after-dinner snack. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but it's an improvement for me! I know if I stick with this general plan that I will ultimately lose weight (probably, I'll have to think about the snacking, but I believe that it's probably fine for now).

  • misterhub
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    I am down 3 pounds for this week. The value of tracking.
  • goldenfrisbee
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    Down 9

    All of the family staying with us for 10 days has gone home now. As soon as my routine was back in place, the weight fell off as fast as I put it on.

    SW 327
    CW 280
    GW 195
  • crewahl
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    I was up 0.4. It was a good week, with one day above the blue dot range. Not a LOT of points, but a surprising 3.5 gain followed it. That gain has mostly dissipated, and I also weighed in a day and a half earlier than usual due to travel plans.

    I also went to a different meeting to weigh in early. It was a reminder that a successful meeting is a good fit between the member, the attendees, and the meeting leader - and not all are created equal. I’ll find an alternative next time, whether a virtual meeting or just weighing in at home. My tolerance for “perky” appears to have eroded even lower than I thought it was. 🤯
  • Al_Howard
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    Today I'm even with last week.
    I'll go the route Saturday, on the Challenge.
  • imastar2
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    Down .04 lbs this week.

    Been sick since Monday with bad head cold and cough. No fever or other symptoms. Appetite was way down but prayed for that so with a cold eating is no fun. Had a huge meal New Years Day but that dissolved as the week went away.

    I'll be participating in the 10# challenge.
  • cakeman21k
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    down 1.4 for the week. Living in our RV for the last week and the next 3 weeks doing the snowbird thing in Fla, so I am weighing in using a differnt home scale than usual. I actually seem to do a little better when we are traveling in the RV, I guess the smaller fridge helps me keep the snacking down lol. I think I am also just a little more active because we do some more walking and touring so it all adds up. Anyway I now need to drop 8.6 on our 10 pound challenge
  • Jimb376mfp
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    Still below goal Weight on maintenance.
  • whathapnd
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    Despite having a decent week, I was up .8 for the week. I suspect my weigh-in last week (the first in several months) was artificially low.

    I commented in the 10 Pound Challenge thread that I popped into a WW studio today to get an official starting weight for that challenge. I still plan to use this space every week for accountability on my behaviors toward weight loss, but I'm not going to weigh weekly. I'll see how that goes and modify, if needed.