Peoples location & Introduce yourself :) Welcome to the group



  • AnneKelsall
    AnneKelsall Posts: 3 Member
    Hi All
    I live in Doncaster, but originally from Clevedon N Somerset.
    Looking to offer & receive support. My priority is not to loose weight quickly but rather a healthy long term life style change - not a quick fix. I have had Conselling for Binge Eating Disorder, so I need to avoid Yo- yo dieting.
    Anne- 54 😊
  • Lessennan
    Lessennan Posts: 1,387 Member
  • chocolate30
    chocolate30 Posts: 36 Member
    I am from Manchester
  • ais500
    ais500 Posts: 32 Member
    London, feel free to connect.
  • PeteTheGaymer21
    PeteTheGaymer21 Posts: 15 Member
    Hi guys and gals. Lincoln based, 50 something, happily married gay guy and dog dad back on here with a reboot. Heading towards 70lb lost, with a 100lb target. Feel free to add
  • bogdweller71
    bogdweller71 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, I'm from Lincolnshire. 50 yo trying to loose a bit of weight as part of my plan to generally increase my fitness. Feel free to add me.
  • _SoundWave_
    _SoundWave_ Posts: 233 Member
    Hey Glasgow here ! Been using this place for YEARS so need some fresh blood around. I've got 70lbs to lose before November 🙏🏼
  • ammadaci
    ammadaci Posts: 1 Member
    Hey all, Coventry here :smile:
  • m1chg
    m1chg Posts: 7 Member
    Hi everyone
    I'm in Cleethorpes, North EastLincolnshire. I've used this app on and off for a few years now. Did really well and got down to a sensible weight then maintained for a good 5 years or so but have piled the weight back plus some extra after having a hip replacement 2 years ago. Just need to get cracking again and get it all off again.
    Looking for friends on this journey as all my original ones are now inactive 😀
    Mich x
  • Flame_Grilled
    Flame_Grilled Posts: 30 Member
    Hi, I’m from near Surrey/Hampshire border local biggest town is Camberley.

    I’ve been in and around here for a number of years but only started to dabble in the community boards so this is fairly new to me. By all means add me. I’m here for a journey and to have a laugh along route
  • mum2pickle
    mum2pickle Posts: 8 Member
    Hi, I am Judith and I'm in Kent - Grand to see you.
  • LardArseBird
    LardArseBird Posts: 5 Member
    Sue from Essex here. Hello all. I've just joined so looking for friends to share the road with. :blush:
  • kiyawow
    kiyawow Posts: 38 Member
    Hi all.
    Logging in from sunny Southampton if anyone fancies a buddy locally.
  • Von66mfp1
    Von66mfp1 Posts: 17 Member

    I'm from Staffordshire moorlands
  • Hotcurrymonster
    Hotcurrymonster Posts: 3 Member
    Hello, I'm from London.
  • franfurniss
    franfurniss Posts: 2 Member
    High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire! 👋
  • FatladNeil
    FatladNeil Posts: 44 Member
    Neil, 52 from Stourbridge 👋 need more friends!!
  • scatterby
    scatterby Posts: 14 Member
    Hi - Sally from Worcestershire 👋🏻
  • Stasi14
    Stasi14 Posts: 21 Member
    Hi I am new to this group. I am leaving is Guildford
  • mitchpixx
    mitchpixx Posts: 8 Member
    Hi, I'm in Hadleigh, Suffolk