💗💚💜🤗Ceriusly1 has surgery coming up 2/2/22 , Ladyluk1 hasn't been well

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Many of you realize how much time as OAL's we spend behind the scene working to help your journey be as successful as it can be. Some of our OALs are not seen "out in the front" because they do necessary work such as the team spreadsheets, others do more admin work etc. etc.

Most of you are at least a little familiar with Ceri (Ceriusly1), but may not be as aware of Ladyluk1 who is a spreadsheet GURU TO THE MAX!! Ask your CL and WL they'll tell you how much more our spreadsheets are now aligned and easier to use. Its also why @Hicim705 can now do the daily reports so each team knows how they are placing Sun thru Weds etc.

Both @Ceriusly1 and @Ladyluk1 have not been well. We think it'd be so encouraging for the 2022 Winter 5% Team to send them some well wishes if you'd like.


Ceri will have surgery next Weds 2/2/22. Without going into much details she may not be on today or tomorrow (on the 3rd or 4th) but will after that. It'll take time for her to fully recover. Let's wish her the BEST!! As we know even when not well and she's been THROUGH A LOT, Ceri is there for us.

Barb (Ladyluk1) has been ill for a few weeks, and despite that, though it's far from easy she's been here for all teams helping out with the spreadsheets for all of us. It can't be at all easy when you can barely stand up, sit up to do the work she's doing for us.

These are AMAZING WOMAN. Well ALL leaders, OAL's/ Leaders on each team, I can easily attest to are woman who are strong, caring, who give their all. We hear often how often you appreciate the work we do, and hey, we appreciate EACH and everyone of YOU!! Soon we'll be in week 4, we are wishing YOU the best too.


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    Dear Ceri and Barb, we've been thinking so much of the both of you. We want to wish you both the VERY BEST recoveries possible. Also to THANK YOU BOTH (AND ALL other leaders) for the strong, amazing work you both pour yourselves into.

    Virtual ns506v5fqvl7.png to you both. Please take care.
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    Ceri & Barb. . .
  • LindieMaeP
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    Wishing you both a speedy recovery!! All the best eh
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    Wishing you both a speedy recovery! Thx you for all that you do behind the scenes!
  • cormierannie
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    wishing Ceri and Barb a speedy recovery! thank you both for all that you do for the team.
  • koalajoe1
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    Ceri and Barb—-Sending healing thought to both of you! Thank you for all the work and support that you’ve been doing to help us through our Winter Challenge!

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    Barb, hope you feeling yourself soon. Ceri, your surgery is in my prayers. Thank you both for all you do to make things run better, easier, and as smoothly as possible.
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    Wishing both Ceri and Barb a very speedy recovery.
    Thank you both for ALL you do for the rest of us!
    Hugs <3
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    Wishing you both a speedy and full recovery ❤️‍🩹
  • Ceriusly1
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    Thank You, Everyone!! Your good wishes and prayers mean more than I have words to express! I have an ECHO tomorrow and surgery Wednesday. I'll be back as soon as I can after.
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    Ceri you are in my prayers today!!
    Hope you have a very speedy recovery.
    Barb, hope you are recovering and feeling better soon!
    Thank you both for ALL you do for us!
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    Get well Ceri and Barb! ❤ Thank you for all you do for this group.
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    @Ceriusly1 and @ladyluk1 Wishing you both a full and speedy recovery🙏🙏🙏


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    @ladyluk1 Thanks! I am so glad to see you are feeling better! Please do keep us posted!
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