Friday weigh-in thread, 2-18-2022

steve0mania Posts: 2,234 Member
Yo. How'd you do?


  • steve0mania
    steve0mania Posts: 2,234 Member
    edited February 18
    I'm down 1 pound. Still maintaining. More in the 10 pound challenge.

  • imastar2
    imastar2 Posts: 4,826 Member
    Up .4 from last week. Was down 3.2 lbs yesterday. Ate late supper chili last night which didn't help. Anyway another day.
  • Al_Howard
    Al_Howard Posts: 5,509 Member
    Was up 0.4 since last week. ONLY 0.2# from having to pay WW. More in the 10# Challenge.
  • misterhub
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  • whathapnd
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    My calorie deficit for the week was 3250 versus 3500. I didn't exercise like I'd planned.

    More in 10 Pound Challenge.
  • crewahl
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    It was a good Valentine's Day. I made reasonable choices (not on plan, but reasonable for me), and it included red velvet cake. I was fine with all of that, but what I regret is that I didn’t get back on track after that meal until Thursday. As a result, I’m up 4.0 pounds.