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    I agree with Marisa - her and I were on holidays at almost the same time so I have recent experience with this as well (although I don't have kids).

    My biggest advice is to balance your desire to try food as part of your vacation with just trying it just for the sake of it. So like you said - decide if the treat is worth it.

    I also make sure my calories are set to maintenance for vacations. Trying to lose weight out of my routine is next to impossible!

    I also make sure I continue to track everything (even if I know I've gone over) so I have good data on how much I truly overate (and I'm not making it into more of a disaster than it actually was).

    Have fun! The steps you'll get walking around NYC are going to be super helpful.
  • Thanks @bookieNJ. I do know that you can get whatever food you want in NYC, and so it probably seems like worrying what I am going to eat there is absurd. The whole problem is that I will be with family and not always able to get what I want vs. what they want due to time constraints because of supervising children and trying to enjoy the rest of our vacation.

    @enlightenme3 thanks for sharing your experience! That sounds like a great experience. Some of the things will not be possible because of kids, but I think overall I will be getting more exercise than usual and that will help.

    @ashleycarole86 thanks for the advice. Tracking is probably good advice but I think I am going to give up on that for the time I am there. With managing the kids and trying to spend time with my parents and trying to have fun... all just too much. But you're right that I will need to remember that not everything has to be an awesome foodie experience. With the kids, probably most of the meals really won't be.
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    @Caroline_slowandsteady -I get it! I end up splitting food or avoid fries or whatever to do the best I can. Have a great trip!
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    Just want to share the post of the lady whose blog I personally followed for a long time. She made me lough and cry so many times
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    I am awed by the dedication of all the MOMs and caretakers in this group!
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    Thanks @Winner_in_Life! That was awesome
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    I DO miss having the variety of so many options of routes just outside the front door, and also the aerobic push of such a large change in elevation over such a short distance. I am finding the local terrain sooooo unchallenging.
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    @BMcC9 Where did you say you were in the UK? Was it Winchester or am I misremembering that?
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    Hoping to be back in the next day or two to finish out the month. Finally feeling better after what? 2 weeks? Lots of OJ, oranges liquids, and lots of sleep. All I wanted to do is sleep. Still blowing snot/coughing up yuck, but sore throat is gone, " run over by a truck," body ache is gone.

    I am glad that you are now on the mend Bill. Continue to take good care of yourself. @Bill70sStrong
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    Does anyone follow a low-carb plan, or have you done so in the past?

    I was having a look through my food diary and noticed the foods I eat are really carb-heavy. I’m going to work on reducing my carb intake but I’m just wondering if anyone eats low-carb and if so, what has your experience been with regards to weight loss and overall well-being? Any tips or advice for someone who is keen to try eating low-carb is welcome. Thanks 😊
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    I started trying low carb last Fall after finding out my blood sugars were almost at diabetic level. I had previosuly avoided trying it due to concerns about whether it would be healthy in the long term, but it has been an exceptional good experience for me. When I do eat carbs I make sure they are ¨slow carbs¨(low on the glycemic index.) My last blood work came back with all my insulin and glucose related measures in the normal range--- I am not even pre-diabetic anymore and my triglycerides and cholesterol also decreased. Most of my 50 pound weight loss has also occurred since switching to low carb in September. It has also worked great for my husband, who has lost about 40 pounds in that time frame without any tracking or dieting, just eating a little closer to what I am doing. He just avoids potatoes, refined flours, ultraprocessed seed oils, and sugars.

    What we have both noticed is the lower carb we go, the less hunger is an issue. It is amazing how much easier it is to diet when you are not really hungry!

    However, for health reasons I do not try to take it all the way down to keto level and am gradually experimenting with whether I can do as well adding back in a bit more legumes and complex carbs to have greater diversity of fiber/plants in my diet. The thing to watch out with low carb dieting is that you are still getting the amount of fiber and resistant starch that you need, otherwise, low carb tends to stop working because the lack of food for your gut microbiome will change your metabolism and they will also not be able to provide some of the vitamins that your gut bacteria make and you will not absorb nutrients as well. So instead of super low carb, I try to eat between 100 - 150 grams of carbs and get at least 30 (hopefully 40) grams of fiber per day-- which is usually considered a liberalized low carb diet.

    Personally, what I find easiest is a liberalized low carb, keto fusion type diet, combined with time restricted eating, as described here https://parade.com/1044659/nicolepajer/dubrow-keto-fusion-diet/ The advantage of doing it is that it is very effective against hunger and has many of the positives of a keto diet, but you still can eat a lot of the things you normally might during supper and the hours that are most likely to include eating at restaurants or other social eating. The ability to eat things in the late afternoon or evening that people on strict keto diets would avoid at all times, make this much easier to stick to without feeling deprived.
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    @kodakslim At home I tend to eat lower carb preferring protein with vegetables and/or salad. When I add grains they are small portions. In the past I ate low carb (paleo/whole30) and lost a lot of weight quickly but that restrictive a diet isn't for me. The thing is I was eating far less calories. At restaurants I eat whatever sounds good the majority of the time.

    I personally don't think it matters what you eat for weight loss. Many people say they lose weight when they switch their way of eating (paleo, low fat, vegan, whatever) but I believe it is because they pay more attention to what they're putting in their mouth and cut out the more unhealthy caloric foods.
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    Recipe Share- Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread. I made this recipe today and it's yummy. I put it in my oatmeal this morning. It would be yummy on apples, or on toast.
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    I don't know what happened to my determination and motivation. I've had more pass days than not. This lazy girl needs to SNAP OUT OF IT and get back at what I need to do - and KNOW that I can - to preserve and improve my health and happiness. Yes, I have been lazy - it's a choice - Words of wisdom are welcome!
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    @BMcC9 Where did you say you were in the UK? Was it Winchester or am I misremembering that?

    Yes, Winchester UK (sorting out a house on the top of St Giles Hill - south-facing towards St. Catherine's Hill)
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    Thank you @ideas2. I really appreciate your advice. Especially 'You might start by looking at why the pass days happened and what habits would have prevented them.' I know what I'm doing that's sabotaging my best intentions. Am going to work on better habits.