Calorie counting or IF

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Which one is better to lose weight?
Or do both?


  • AnnPT77
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    IF will help with weight loss if it helps you control calories. If having (mostly) inviolable rules about when to eat causes you to have a deficit without counting**, then you wouldn't need to count. Some people do both.

    Which works best is likely to be very individual.

    ** For example, some find they're less likely to overeat when they have fewer but bigger meals
  • UncleMac
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    I've been reading up on IF, particularly in combination with keto diet... I've started minimizing sugars... not going full keto... and restricting my hours of eating (current 10/14 daily). I've lost a couple of pounds as well as body composition changes (more muscle, less fat) so it seems to be working.

    I'm working toward doing 24 hr fasting once per week and keeping track of results methodically.
  • Dmunyan2693
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    I like fasting, it's a challenge for me. As I type this I am 33 hours into my fast. I believe fasting is great for your health.
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    You loose weight by eating fewer calories then you burn up - If fasting helps with that - go for it