Dexcom G6

judyvalentine10 Posts: 48 Member
Hi Everyone.
I'm trying out the Dexcom G6 system. It's a free offer, and I couldn't pass up the chance. I want to see two things.
1) how it tracks my numbers
2) if I get a rash from the adhesive. I'm allergic to most adhesives, depending on where I put it. If I've had bandages somewhere before, I'm okay, but a new spot, a rash.
Anyway, so far it has given me at least 5 low warnings. When I check with a finger stick, it's a little low, but not nearly as low as the Dexcom says.
Just wondering if anyone here has experience with this.



  • 2t9nty
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    I have not tried anything like this but I have always been curious.
  • judyvalentine10
    judyvalentine10 Posts: 48 Member
    Well, it was an interesting experiment. It was easy to use. The readings were not always what I expected and I had to double check with a finger prick. But, it was mostly pretty accurate. But, I did get a rash from the adhesive. And, I was shocked by how much plastic it used in the applicator. Also, all the print media in the box. So, rash, finger pricks to verify some readings. It did send a warning when my number were too low or high.
    Then, the big deciding factor. Very expensive. My insurance and the government insurance for seniors will not cover the cost for Type 2's. It's only covered for Type 1's. So, I'll just continue on the way I always have.
  • 2t9nty
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    At least now you know...
  • monkeyprincess08
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    I did a trial of the dexcom a couple of month ago. I had to prick my finger still a couple of times the first day to calibrate it. But other than that it was fairly accurate. I like being able to see the trends and that it wasn’t visible like the freestyle Libre. I have more issues with rash from the freestyle too than I did the dexcom and I used the company Skin Grip for adhesive help.