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Welcome 5% Challengers. Please use the countdown activities to plan and prepare yourself for a very successful 5% Challenge. Some of us find we are much more successful when we do these activities. It’s helps to identify goals and make plans. What do you want to achieve? What is your plan? Aim high!

Create your "big picture" aka “goals” you want to achieve in the 8 weeks of the 5% Challenges. Break these down into the smaller and smaller targets that you must hit to reach your goals. When you have your plan, start working on it to achieve these goals.

A SMART goal is smart because it is:
• Specific.
• Measurable.
• Achievable (but ambitious)
• Relevant (and realistic)
• Time-bound (or timely)

If you are a blogger please mention the 2023 Winter 5% Challenge and invite your friends to join. This will help us recruit new members.

Here is what I would usually include in my blog, with a link to our 5% Community page.

2023 Winter 5% Challenge Invitation! It is open now and you are welcome to join.

Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the 2023 Winter 5% Challenge! Team members will work towards losing 5% of their starting weight in 8 weeks by participating in team challenges that focus on motivation, exercise & healthy lifestyle habits. Members in maintenance are also welcome. Come JOIN us to write your own success story! Let’s have fun, make new friends and get in shape! Start date Saturday, January 7th 2023. If you blog please mention the new challenge and invite your friends!

Don't wait till you reach your goal to be proud of yourself.

Be proud of every step you take to reach that goal.

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The 5% Challenge Teams are very active teams. There are expectations of you as a member. You will record your daily exercise minutes and Living the Good Life points (Weekly Challenge themes) by Friday midnight each week. Also please record your weekly weigh-in by Saturday 11:59 PM (or your preferred day earlier in the week). When you join your team, your Team Leader and teammates are there to help you and answer your questions on how to do this. Start date Saturday, January 7th 2023.

Behind the scenes our Leaders are setting up the Winter Challenge. Your team invitation will be going out soon, in time for you get to know your leaders and teammates. On the FIRST DAY (January 7th) of the Challenge, please weigh in and note your weight so you have it ready to record on your team page. If you will be away, please post before you leave. And some members choose to post their weighs ins earlier in the week, the same day as their TOPS or WW International weigh in.

Please feel free to add your comments, plans, and suggestions for your teammates here. You may wish to blog your plans too. <em>252</em>


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    I lost 90 pounds and it’s been a battle to keep it off! But the 5% Challenges get me focused and moving in the right direction. When I join my 5% team, I feel the support and encouragement to do better and manage my lifestyle choices. I can focus on my eating and exercise to lose weight.

    During the last challenge on Sept 23rd I stopped eating during the night when I couldn't sleep. YAY!!! That was my most important goal.

    This challenge I want to lose 5% of my starting weight and reduce the carbs in my meals - stop eating bread for sure.

    I will work on my menu and exercises plans.
  • Dianedoessmiles1
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    I'm down a total of over 120 LBS! WOOHOO!!! I've been at this for many oh so many years. Most of the time I am at the weight I am now or a tiny bit more. I AM OKAY WITH THAT!! For the Winter 5% Challenge I want to maintain my weight, while getting slowly back into exercise as my body can tolerate it. Just to be healthier all the way around.

    Being on the 5% Challenge helps me from throwing in the towel and eating the fridge!! IMAGINE THAT eating the fridge!! Humor is my friend, which I've embraced fully.
  • JennieMaeK
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    This is my first 5% challenge. I'd like to lose 5% of my starting weight, so about 10 lbs. I want to focus on making sure I log my what I eat and staying within my calorie goal.

    I'm starting a 5k program next week, so fitness-wise, I'll be committed to following the program 3 days a week.
  • bookieNJ
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    I would like to lose 5 percent. Also get a better relationship back with food (dash diet)
  • energyseeker
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    I want to make water my go to beverage instead of caffeinated beverages. I will add more vegetables to my meals and less carbs. My goal is to lose 10# of belly fat in 8 weeks.
  • macrat12
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    I want to lose the last 11# and to achieve this I'll get 3-5 days of resistance training and 7 days of 45 min of cardio. I want tomorrow to achieve this by March 1st which is then1 year anniversary of joining my current team inside then1st Phorm app.
  • skaniski26
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    I want to focus on not eating between meals. I find myself reaching for something to put in my mouth even if I'm not hungry. I also want to focus on being more active.
  • hicim705
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    bookieNJ wrote: »
    I would like to lose 5 percent. Also get a better relationship back with food (dash diet)

    What is the Dash Diet?
  • hicim705
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    There are about 150 things that I can/should work on ~ but I know that is not realistic. This year, for some reason ~ I threw all caution to the wind and am at my heaviest weight ever (except for when I was pregnant almost 30 years ago). SO - I really need to use this 'restart' (1/1/23) to get back on track.

    1. I will concentrate on drinking more water consistently. I used to do that so well and have almost totally stopped drinking my water. During this challenge, I will concentrate on getting my water consumption back up to a better level ... goal will be to drink 6-8 glasses (8 oz. glasses) of water per day. I know that I should be at 8 glasses, but if I strive for 6/day to start, I think that is manageable and realistic, but will go for 8 whenever possible.

    2. I KNOW that sugars/starches are not good for anyone, especially me. I'm going to work on getting rid of the breads/pasta and strive to incorporate more fresh veggies into my meals. I like the idea of Keto (great tasting food without all the unhealthy carbs, but I don't necessarily agree with cutting out things like plain yogurt and fruits). I will go 'Keto-like' by trying to stay with berries for the most part but plan to incorporate plain yogurt and things like overnight oats to my morning routine to help with my higher cholesterol levels that my bloodwork has recently shown.

    3. I KNOW that tracking my food is **VERY** important in managing weight/healthy lifestyle. I've totally thrown all caution to the wind and have stopped doing this and I recognize that this has contributed to my downfall. In 2023, I plan to begin to track my foods once again and be more mindful of portions to be able to track most accurately. I don't typically track every cup of coffee/tea, but will track things like a soda (which I rarely, if ever, have). If I have a glass or two of wine every now and again, I won't worry about tracking that, but will track if there is some event, etc. where I've had a little more than that glass or two ~ that, however, happens very, VERY rarely.

    4. Snacking after dinner: Boy, do I need to get a handle on this one! I was doing well but that jar of peanut butter with a spoon will call my name at 830/9pm when I'm getting ready to go to bed. I don't keep ice cream in the house so as long as it is not around, it doesn't bother me. Snacking after dinner is something that I need to control!

    SO - besides exercise (at least 30 minutes/day for at least 3-4 days or more per week), the above are some of the things that I feel I should concentrate on for the beginning of 2023 and the 2023 Winter 5% Challenge.

    A shout out to Lynn, @kaliswalker for bringing back the pre-Challenge activities! I feel that if you read through them, really think about them and make a plan around the ideas presented here, your success in the Challenge and on your own personal healthy lifestyle journey will be realized!

    Heidi (hicim705), Captain
    2023 Winter 5% Challenge ~ 🔴🌡️RED HOTS🌡️🔴

    Overall Co-Leader, Seasonal 5% Challenges (hosted on MFP)
    Co-Leader, Seasonal 5% Challenges ~ Bloggers!!
  • MegLovesHistory
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    Hi there! During this challenge, I would love to lose 5%. I think it would be obtainable. I am about 265lbs, so 5% is about 13 pounds. I don't eat terribly usually, but what I severely need to work on is drinking more water, portion control, and exercising. I love to go walking, but I don't do it much (especially in the cold). I definitely drink more coffee/tea than water, which I know needs to change. And as soon as I don't measure portions of things they get out of control quickly!
  • lavalily
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    I've been on maintenance for about 15 years, but I feel like I need to lose another 5 pounds and develop a food program that fits my new lifestyle. Now that I'm retired, I find myself a bit more sedentary than I want to be. I still go to the gym, but I want to up my game there, too.
  • Lessennan
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    I want to get a grip on myself and lose 5% of my weight during the challenge, properly and realistically planning food, exercise, chores, me time, sleep and mumteruptions.
    Also control the stress factors I can and work round the ones I can’t
  • Retired_Sue
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    My main goal is to get back to my "happy place" weight range. I've managed during the past couple of challenges to get within 2-3 pounds but those numbers seem to disappear quickly. I may need to do some tweaking to my calorie range to get the results I need so I'll definitely be looking at that and also working on my mindset with journalling - something that I need to do more consistently. I need to be careful as well, to keep moving during the day and not do too much sitting.
    I'm content with my level of exercise - it is not the driving force behind weight loss anyway but more essential for maintaining fitness, having good mobility and balance as I age. Other factors, especially being consistent in achieving my calorie range are far more important. Losing my 5% should get me back to where I want to be - or very close.
  • cormierannie
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    I would like to lose 4 pounds during this challenge. I will continue to track my food, exercise, as i find this helps me to stay focused and to take really good care of myself. i will continue to be active every day, even if it is only for 20 minutes. i have a good level of exercise and i will continue to exercise every day.
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    Thank you leaders for all that you do. I want to kick some pesky the curb. I like these challenges to keep my focused. I hope to get on a team since I missed the sign-up. Don't know how that happened. Have a great night...
  • katiecondy1
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    Once I get this pesky knee taken care of..I want to work on increased fitness and stamina. The DASH diet is one I have looked at and am going to try to follow. Honest and complete tracking is essential to me..the scale is not my measure so much as "how do I feel and can I do what I want to do?"
    I want to reach the point of my answer being ..I feel great and yes indeed I can!!
  • mtngrl
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    During this 5% challenge I am going to commit to tracking honestly, do strength training 3X week and a minimum of 120 mins of cardio weekly.
  • WinterflowerSP
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    My goal during the challenge is to reach my actual weight goal. I'm planning to regularly exercise in sync with the BLC51 goals I have. I'm also committed to logging food/exercise on the MFP food tracker. I know this is a 5% challenge but that amount would put me past my goal this round. Fingers crossed that that will be an issue!! LOL
    I hope everyone finds success in reaching their goals. Jerri
  • cassique
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    Challenge Goals:

    Dry Goal: Cut down my boozy days: My goal is increase my dry days to 70%.
    Wet Goal: Meet my 70 oz of daily water goal 80% of the time.
    Food Goal: Keep track of what I am eating, how I am feeling before and after I eat (including hunger levels)--lower focus on calories.
    Movement goal: 20 minutes of fun cardio a day 5 days a week. 30 minutes of strength 2 days a week.

    Weight Goal: 5% goal: lose 8 pounds from starting weight.
  • SassieFit
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    Challenge Goals:

    - Release at least 5% and reach at least 180lbs
    - Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day
    - Track food intake daily
    - Stick to my WW points at least 80% of the time
    - Do not exceed my weekly points
    - At least 30 minutes of movement daily
    - 45 minutes of yoga at least once per week
    - 10PM Bedtime