Killer Buns and thighs

Anyone else have this one? I don't have a problem with my butt, but I do with my thighs. Probably one of the last places I notice weight loss from.


  • SexyCook
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    YES...I just completed a challenge with over 15 other ladies and we enjoyed the DVD....I loss over 5-7 inches in my thighs and I have a very huge problem with my butt...and this truely lifted that...some people it took inches off...but with me it added...Just the way I like it...Feel free to check out my results..

    Anyone else have this one? I don't have a problem with my butt, but I do with my thighs. Probably one of the last places I notice weight loss from.
  • Hourglass25
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    I have been thinking on starting it myself, I have heard pretty good things about it. Sexycook's before and after is fantastic!!! makes me want to stop thinking about and just doing it.
  • Summerleahd
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    I'm on level two. And I love it! It's an amazing workout. I noticed a difference in the first 5 days of doing it
  • Jade_Butterfly
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    Just got this video. . I have done it once. . I was sore for 3 days. . she definitely knows what she is doing!
  • mestupscout
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    I just did level 1, day 1 and I can't believe that I got thru it! I had to modify a bit. I have a torn ACL and most jumping just isn't going to happen. I can't wait to see the results. She certainly does kick your butt!!!
  • ktgk
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    I just got this. I didn't get too sore, but I did notice that I had pretty weak knees afterward. I also noticed that it worked muscles that I don't usually get to--kind of in the saddle bags, I guess. I'm not doing it three days a week as recommended, though, because I'm just working it into my usual rotation of NMTZ, BFBM, 30DS, RI30, 6W6P, and YM. My thing is to do 20 minutes on the elliptical and then pick out one of the dvds (depending on which part of my body is most sore on any given day).
  • NovemberJune
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    this will probably be one i try in the future.... ;)
  • wildestian
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    I'm going to start this one today :)
  • MJ7910
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    i have a group going for this one. come on over and join if you're interested in starting soon. i will be starting on Sunday! :)
  • ShannonBas
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    Was curious about this DVD... but hearing good things about it, I may just go get this one to add to my JM workout library. :wink: hahaha!
  • katieuk
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    Hi, I am a massive fan of all JM DVD's

    I have done BFBM, NMTZ, 30DS.

    I am currently doing RI30 and I am on week 2.

    Once I have finished this DVD my plan was to buy either Extreme Shred and Shed or KB&T.

    You guys that are doing KB&T and have noticed great results - Do you just do it by week as JM advises? How many times a week do you do it? Do you just do this or do you do it alongside other cardio style type workouts?

    Sorry for all the questions but before I decide which to buy I would like to understand how to best use KB&T for best results.

    Thanks in advance xx