Phone Apps

Does anyone else use a C25k phone app? I use the one by Bluefin Software. It times everything for you and plays alerts when it's time to start running or walking. It's nice to not have to focus on a stopwatch all the time.


  • Savemyshannon
    Savemyshannon Posts: 334 Member
    I use the C25k app, too, it really helps! If I stare at the clock, time becomes excruciatingly slow, so this really allows me to focus on the music or on the TV and sort of "zone out" while I wait for the next notification to change paces.
  • Summerleahd
    Summerleahd Posts: 314 Member
    I use the bluefin one too. Love it! I don't think I could do it with out app, too much work the other way. This way I can focus on running
  • bobbi29
    bobbi29 Posts: 137 Member
    I use C25k app and Runkeeper. In runkeeper I plug in the workout.