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So what exercises does everyone do?

A few months ago, I started running, but it was so uncomfortable that I had to move down to walking. I'm thinking about investing in a bicycle, but I'd have to get an infant buggy or something too.


  • Regmama
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    Can't bike with a baby who's under 1 (too much bouncing on their little necks).
  • raisingbabyk
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    I just walk or do dvd's at home. When I walk i usually use the Ergo carrier, but will occasionally use the stroller.
  • LysieMae
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    I've been using my ergo too. Man, I love that thing. :happy: I can't use the stroller on the roads by our house, they're too rough.
  • LauraLouFace
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    I absolutely LOVE my Wii - I've had so much success with Wii Active, Zumba Fitness, and The Biggest Loser Challenge. It's the best way to work out with a LO, you can do it while they sleep or play (if they are not super fussy). Mine was unfortunately super fussy, so I didn't get to start working out regularly until he was able to party in his Jumparoo for at least 20 minutes :P Now that he is crawling/cruising the furniture - and my legs - I let him play while I work out and a lot of times he "helps" by trying to climb all over me anytime an exercise calls for me to get down on the floor. I will tell you, trying to do planks or leg lifts with a wobbly baby hanging on makes for a great (and awkward) workout! Also, I burn calories laughing :P
  • I just got Wii Zumba and the clear from the Doc for me to start working out! My C-section took what seems like FOREVER to heal! I know it's normal and I went throug it with my first baby too, but jeeeez... I was so ready to start working out right away. I'm a few months away from 30 and the weight is starting to catch up with me and I just felt this need to get it off fast!
  • Summerleahd
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    I'm doing c25k, ripped in 30, and killer buns and thighs
  • CudyBug
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    I don't have the go ahead to work out yet but I was using my exercise bike before getting pregnant wtih great results so I will be doing that again when I can.

    Snow shoveling is a great workout too. I did alot of that last winter.
  • I have a wii too and i love it! I have the wii dance 2 and i love the yoga!
  • I'm still having a hard time with working out. I had a horrible 3rd degree tear, so anything with lunges, squats etc is PAINFUL!!! I can't even walk for too long before the pain sets in! So, any suggestions LOL? I'm almost 3 months Post partum, and have been told that it could take up to 6 months until I feel normal again.. oh joy!
    I have been doing weights and such to build muscle and try to get more fat burning in there, but the cardio is more difficult. Any ideas?
  • This might sound silly, but I worked in a Physical Therapy office that had a hand/arm bike that our patients used a lot and it really is a good cardio workout too. Maybe you could find a gym with one of those?
  • KFontaine679
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    I joined a gym this past week and have been using the treadmill and elliptical. I am slowly getting back into running (although pushing 60+ pounds of kid, plus the weight of the stroller is tough!) and will also be starting KettleWorx to assist with toning. I'd also like to get back into hot yoga.

    While I'm not able to participate this time around, after having my first child I joined Stroller Strides (www.strollerstrides.com) and it was amazing! I met so many other moms who have become great friends and got a great workout in at the same time. I highly suggest checking it out.
  • kelelliott
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    yes you can bike with a baby...you just have them in their infant car seat and strap that into a bike trailer for children. my baby just loved it!

    i found it hard to stick to any one exercise, treadmill, bike, stationary bike, gazelled, workout dvds and so on...so i am on the jillian michaels 30 day challenge to turn my fat into muscle, and let me tell you...you feel the difference after day one, except for the ol milk jugs a bouncing and just bout hitting your chin-lol!