Welcome All!

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I'd like to welcome you to the group! Here we can discuss all things DDR and how it has affected you in your fitness journey to a better body and a healthier you.

Post whatever you want. All I ask is that we keep supporting each other in our journey. This isn't the place to brag about how you can do a 19 footer song backwards and blindfolded. You can brag about your successes though! :smile:


  • Summerleahd
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    Hi! Seems nobody is posting lol. So I'll start! I fell in love with DDR when I was 15. I would play for hours and hours and hours. And I lost weight without even intending to!
  • Gotta say that the workout mode on DDR Universe 3 is a great way to at the very least estimate a number of cals to post into my journal. I just broke out the mats today and todays total was a whopping 1200 calories! Holy cow! That sounds like a high number, so i am slightly skeptical, but considering I was playing for a good 2.5-3 hours today, I am leaning more towards it being a pretty fair number. Good luck, fellow DDR peeps!
  • EnderNC
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    I play ddr (well, it's really in the groove) about once or twice a week at the local arcade. I've been playing for almost 7 years. I started playing in high school to get my feet faster for wrestling. The highest level I've ever beaten is 14, but I generally play between level 10-13. Out of curiosity one day, I recorded the number of steps for each song I played. By the time I was done, it was over 25,000 steps. So yes, I can say that DDR has definitely played a huge role in my weight loss and maintenance. One thing I've noticed more than the weight loss, however, is my heart rate. Being that ddr can be a very vigorous exercise, it's worked wonders for my heart health. My resting pulse rate is usually in the low to mid 40s. Has anyone else noticed increased heart health due to ddr?
  • brandillyn
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    When I first got DDR, for the entire summer I couldn't stop, I ended up losing 40 pounds. But I stopped playing for some silly reason and gained it all back, plus more. I'm trying to get back in the groove again.
  • aaronecobb
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    I hope ppl still post here if not i will bring it back. Hey everyone. Aaron from philadelphia. Pull yhose dance pads out and keep stepping