attendance down or up?

CakeFit21 Posts: 2,521 Member
So I just got back from my 6:15 am class. I would say about half of the people showed up. I was pretty shocked. I thought everyone would be there. There did seem to be an extra class, but in our class and the other class that is scheduled, not everyone was there.

Just wondering, was everyone's like this today? Was it normal attendance? Above average?


  • Breally
    Breally Posts: 10
    I didn't go so I guess that would answer your question then? Great job on going, Xfit is a beast!
  • rachmaree
    rachmaree Posts: 782 Member
    I didn't like todays WOD so ı did it at the other gym I go to, so no idea about todays attendence! I was planning to go both weekend days, but was ill and in bed instead.
  • Bernadette_
    I think a lot of folks may have had today off. At our box the 6a was dead but the 9:30a was packed (with a lot of 6a people)
  • Shizzman
    Shizzman Posts: 527 Member
    Today there was only one was rather packed. Some of the folks I didn't know were just folks that hit the morning WoD...not resolution folks....
  • Sbiscotti
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    I coach the 6 am class M-F. No one there both yesterday and today. Yesterday only half of us were at competition team practice. I'm guessing a lot of people are still out of town....or slackers :P
  • zenJes
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    lol urm we had over 25 people at crossfit yesterday at the 10am class and boxing was just as busy on monday!!