whats on your shopping list?

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So I've decided to give the paleo diet a try! :) Going to start on Monday and I think I'll be doing my shopping tomorrow!
So my question, whats on your shopping list? What are your staple items? We have a lot of processed foods at home so I'd like to start fresh, but I need ideas etc.

Thanks in advance:flowerforyou:


  • ironanimal
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    Fish, meat (unprocessed), fruit, vegetables (excluding potatoes), mixed nuts (excluding peanuts), large fruit yoghurts (a slight deviation that still works for the diet in my experience) and a large bar of dark chocolate that I eat a piece of when I have an especially strong sweet craving.

    There's plenty more you can add, but I keep my stock fairly basic and it's all food I actually enjoy (I was never a big fan of potatoes/rice/etc anyway).
  • jessylanne
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    On my shopping list: Eggs, meat (red and poultry) fish. Leafy vegetables, roots (carrots, turnips, beets...), apples, pears or berries in season. I keep bags of frozen spinach or green beans they are very convenient. Butter, coconut oil and milk. I also eat cheese, hard ones like old cheddar.
  • _itsB_
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    i do have a love for potatoes :( but il try my best to go without them for as long as i can! what about melon etc?
  • Frankenbarbie01
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    If you go to Robb Wolf.com which is a paleo website you can find printable shopping lists that are really helpful when you are just starting.
    Personally I always buy:
    wild salmon (I like fresh better but its more $$)
    some type of whitefish ( frozen tilapia loins from costco)
    Romain lettuce
    red tipped lettuce
    purple cabbage
    gr. onions
    and any other veggie you can put in a salad
    apples and frozen berries cause they are always available
    I DO NOT buy anything made with any type of grain including rice or sprouted grains, no potatoes with the exception of sweet potato once every week or so. I have reduced dairy to only a bit of cream in my coffee in the am (I'm no saint!! LOL) the web site is really good, so is Marks daily apple.com
    Good luck!!!
  • Bernadette_
    A pretty typical weeks shopping list (meals for all week, 2 Crossfitting adults):

    2 whole chickens
    6 lbs ground turkey
    3-4 lbs grassfed ground beef
    big tub of baby spinach from Costco
    big tub of mixed salad from Costco
    2 18 packs omega 3 eggs
    2 containers of berries
    2 lbs green beans
    3 lbs broccoli
    2 heads cauliflower
    2 cucumbers
    2 apples
    spices to refill my stash
    couple cans of coconut milk
    frozen mixed berries
    3 lbs sausage
    some red potatoes (for husband)
    a couple yams
    a few tomatoes

    In the pantry at home:
    coconut oil
    tons of spices
    assorted vinegars
    olive oil