Week one weigh in.......

xxPeppaxx Posts: 142 Member
Down 4 lbswoop woop!!!!

Starting weight was 197
Current weight 193

Challenge Goal weight 187


  • catbrand
    catbrand Posts: 227 Member
    Well done xxPeppaxx, Nice loss!

    Start weight 199.2
    Current weight 199.2

    Total loss... erm 0lbs lol

    I started 30DS a couple of days ago and last time I tried doing it I didn't lose weight for the 10 days I was doing it, had to quit because of an unrelated inury though. Probably DOMS or something.
  • amh1974
    amh1974 Posts: 79 Member
    I'm down 3.4 lbs!

    Start weight was 132.8
    Today 1/8 129.4

    I'm happy I only hope to keep the momentum going! Thanks for all of the support and encouragement from everyone!

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  • maura1416
    maura1416 Posts: 3 Member
    I'm in the 130's ! What!

    Today's weight 139.2
  • HeatherR930
    HeatherR930 Posts: 214 Member
    Starting weight: 159
    Today's weight: 157.2
    Total loss of 1.8 lbs

    I was stuck at 159 for over 2 weeks, so I'm happy to see a loss! MFP says I can only lose 1.6 per week, so I'm glad when it's a little more! :)
  • jennifermcornett
    jennifermcornett Posts: 159 Member
    Starting weight 150
    Today's weight 145.2
    :) Down 4.8!!
  • jennifermcornett
    jennifermcornett Posts: 159 Member
    Starting weight 150
    Today's weight 145.2
    :) Down 4.8!!

    Yes, I know that's higher than it's supposed to be, but it will level off. I know how to lose in a healthy way, but this was my first week back, and I think my body responded in excess.
  • xxPeppaxx
    xxPeppaxx Posts: 142 Member
    Congrats to everyone that was on plan...loss or not...doing what we are supposed to do EVENTUALLY catches up...here's to another great week of planning, logging and activity!!
  • mrspetrosian
    mrspetrosian Posts: 22 Member
    My weigh in day is on Thursdays so I will check back in and let you know...I refuse to weigh myself until it has been a week and I started 1/5. :)
  • Nactasha
    Nactasha Posts: 19 Member
    SW 204
    CW 199

    I had lot of bad habits over the holidays that I had to drop so I had a significant drop this week.
  • ddamore
    ddamore Posts: 36 Member
    Last week weigh in: 148
    This week weigh in: 147

    Aunt flow should be here in the next day or so and I usually tack on 2lbs when she's around. By Friday of last week I was 145.6 so i'm hoping that is why I didn't maintain the loss but 1lb is still good, definately wont get me to my goal by February though. I got the new jillian michaels elliptical SD card this weekend though so the change in work out should help out!
  • soozship
    soozship Posts: 38 Member
    Start weight: 251.1
    Current weight: 250.0

    That's 1.1 lost.... Only 8.9 to go!
  • Makethefatcry12
    Makethefatcry12 Posts: 133 Member
    Starting weight:143.7

    Today's weight: 141.1

    Challenge goal weight: 133

    Down 2.6 pounds for week 1!
  • pitawingnut
    pitawingnut Posts: 8 Member
    Starting weight:: 250
    Current weight:: 246
    Challenge Goal Weight: 240

    Lost 4 lbs! Yippee!!
  • futureflaka
    futureflaka Posts: 72 Member
    YAAAY ME!!!

    SW: 137.3
    W1: 134.5
    GW: 130.0
  • trolkeeper
    trolkeeper Posts: 127 Member
    Ya'll got this
  • klb16
    klb16 Posts: 8 Member
    SW: 143
    W1: 139.2
    CGW: 133

    Down 4 pounds on first weigh in :) YAY!!
  • katonaroof
    katonaroof Posts: 181 Member
    SW: 180.6
    W1: 177.2
    CGW: 170

    Down 3.4 pounds in first weigh in.

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  • Turtle1104
    Turtle1104 Posts: 19 Member
    SW: 145
    W1: 143.6

    Lost 1.4

    Slow and steady
  • xxPeppaxx
    xxPeppaxx Posts: 142 Member
    wooo hooo your guys ROCK
  • starting weight: 182.2

    wk 1 weigh in: 179.0